The Best Tree Swing for Exciting Moments Outdoors

Do you need the best tree swing with good design, safety, and durability? Here it is. We recommend the list of products which can meet these requirements.

The best tree swing must be made from high-end materials for excellent durability and maximum safety to protect the lives of your kids.

Is this in your mind now? If yes, the good news is that we can provide you with essential information to pick the best one as desired. Also, we recommend the top 6 products with the best design, durability, and safety.


3 Best Tree Swings Available

We drew this table to show you three best tree swings with their outstanding features and customer ratings.

You can find out the vital information effortlessly in case you are too busy to read the whole article:

Editor's Choices
Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing - 40 Inch Diameter, Fully Assembled, 600 lb Weight Capacity, Easy...*
Price not available
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Easy to install
Best Selling
Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug 'n Secure Grow With Me Swing - Blue*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
2-in-1 tree swing

Are Tree Swings Safe?

Generally, the majority of tree swings available on the market have passed the safety test before launching. Or at least all products on our list meet the safety requirements.

However, the following factors can affect the safety of your kid:

best tree swing straps
  • Don’t choose a tree that is too weak to mount your swing into. In this case, when a branch of the tree breaks, your kid will fall.
  • Don’t let your children use the swing in the wrong way.
  • Each model has a limited maximum weight. If you let people who exceed this limitation sit on the swing, it may break.

Top 6 Best Tree Swings On The Market Today

Based on our experiences in the past and referred to the feedback of other users, we picked up the top 6 following products as follows:

Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing – The Easiest To Install Model

When buying Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing, you get the product that is fully assembled. Thus, after unboxing, you just need to follow the simple instructions to mount this spider web swing to a tree or your swing set. It will be ready in a matter of minutes for your kids to play.

If you want to hang the swing on a swing set, the package includes two carabiners. But, to mount it to a tree, you need to purchase a strap hanging kit separately.

Apart from quick and easy installation, this model also has other outstanding features:

  • The wide surface of the 40-inch diameter and 600 lb. weight capacity allows four kids or two adults to sit on at the same time.
  • The thick rope is very durable, so you don't have to worry that there will be unexpected accidents, causing danger for your kids.
  • When buying this product, you will have an automatic one-year warranty. This shows that the company and the manufacturer are very confident about the quality of their products. Remember to register on the Internet to have a free two-year warranty.
  • Adjustable height
  • Well made
  • A bit pricey

Verdict: We strongly recommend this tree swing for first-time users because it's very easy to start from installing to using.

Royal Oak Giant 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing – The Best Design

As you can see, the design of Royal Oak Giant 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing is unique. It comes with a set of 8 removable flags, creating an impressive look to attract children.

It's effortless to install this beautiful swing even for first-time users. Moreover, when buying this product, there are enough essential tools as well as step-by-step picture instructions to follow.

After installing, you can hang the model to something that has a pole or horizontal branch in minutes with a hanging kit.

However, this kit is separately sold, so you need to spend an extra amount of money when buying it.

This is a portable swing, so you can even take it with you for camping.

It's not difficult to find a proper height for the swing because there are adjustable ropes with a range of two ft.

Although the manufacturer focuses on the design, they still guarantee the maximum safety and quality of their product. This swing is made from the most durable materials: 600D Oxford polyester and commercial grade steel for the frame.

  • Weather-resistant
  • 2-month warranty
  • Fine to set up indoors
  • Good customer service
  • Faded over time

Verdict: The best design of the Royal Oak Giant 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing suits people who love beauty and simplicity. It is also a high-durable product.

Little Tikes Tree Swing - The Best Swing for a Baby

Although this is the best swing for a baby, when she or he grows more, you can still use it.


Let's discover its great features:

The easy-in hinged T-bar allows you to rotate down and up quickly to keep your baby in place. Meanwhile, the stay-put shoulder straps also play an essential role in protecting your baby securely from falling.

When your little angel grows more, it's effortless to remove the T-bar and straps to use the swing as normal.

This is also a safe solution for babies that cannot stay in one place since the ropes on the backward will keep them from swinging upside down.

Although this product is very convenient, the limitation of the maximum weight is only 50 lbs.

  • Easy adjustment
  • Easy to hang
  • Short ropes

Verdict: This 2-in-1 tree swing suits people who need a long-term investment for their baby.

Swinging Monkey Giant Mat Platform Tree Swing – The Best Durability

Swinging Monkey Giant Mat Platform Tree Swing is the best product in terms of durability in this list.

This tree swing is made from the strongest and safest lead-free material. Thus, you can use it for a long time, even under poor weather. Moreover, its durability is approved by CPSIA.

Its 400 lbs. load rating allows the swing to put up with the total weight of multiple kids at the same time. Also, the combination of the 900D Oxford fabric and the heavy-duty steel frame provides users with maximum safety.

If you haven’t set your mind at rest about the quality of the product, the good news is that the Swinging Monkey Products Company comes with an exclusive 12-month quality guaranteed warranty for any manufacturer defect.

It's straightforward to install this model thanks to the clear instructions for hassle-free assembly.

The cover may fade on the sun over time, unfortunately.

  • Large enough for 3-4 people
  • Amazing customer service
  • Not good straps

Verdict: If you want to buy a tree swing for several children to play together at the same time, this best durable model can meet your requirements.

SUMMERSDREAM Disk Seat Tree Swing – The Cheapest Model

SUMMERSDREAM Disk Seat Tree Swing is the cheapest tree swing on this list because of its simple design. However, don't let the price fool you since it still meets the safety requirements.

This product is made from highly refined materials with sturdy weather-resistant capacity. Thus, that means it will last you for a long time even with regular use and in severe weather conditions.

In spite of small size, its smooth nylon rope makes sure that your kid can enjoy wonderful experiences on the swing as safely and comfortably as possible.

This simple design is effortless to install, especially, its adjustable seat and seven-foot-long nylon rope, which will allow you to set it up in any environment.

If you weren’t sure about the quality of the product, the company provides you with a 100% money-back guarantee. In case you don't like it for any reason, the company and manufacturer will replace it with a new model or give you back the money.

Finally, in spite of a simple design, this product comes with a lot of eye-catching colors such as red, blue, green, lime, orange, and yellow for your kids to choose.

You have to buy separately a tree swing hanging kit or an existing hook to install this tree swing. It costs you an extra amount of money.

  • Good service
  • Great performance
  • No instruction

Verdict: Are you looking for a cheap tree swing with a simple and useful design? If yes, you should invest in this product.

Sorbus Saucer Swing Surf – The Widest Surface

Sorbus Saucer Swing Surf has a wide oval shape. It has a sturdy design and a padded frame. So, you can enjoy it lying or swinging with your friends at the same time.

Its mat seat is wide, offering the maximum comfort and sturdy rides, whether you use it outside or inside.

You can use this swing inside your house because on the top of ropes there are steel rings that allow you to connect it to the adjustable suspension rope. Thus, you can mount it into a tree, a swing set, or even a beam.

Other outstanding features include:

  • The rainbow color frame plus colorful flags catch your children's attention.
  • It is made from high-end materials for the maximum safety, for example, the heavy-duty (PP) polypropylene and oxford fabric seat, polyethylene rope, and steel tube frame.

It's a little hard to keep this swing in place.

  • Multi-color design
  • Safe installation
  • Clear instructions
  • Easy to remove and hang
  • Not good service

Verdict: Sorbus Saucer Swing Surf is perfect for people who are looking for a product with a wide surface.

How Wide Are the Swings?

It is a hard question because this feature depends on each typical model.

We will give you specific numbers based on our recommended products:

best tree swing rope

The spider web tree swing (41 x 40 x 3.1 inches) and the giant oval platform swing (40.6 x 16.4 x 3.6 inches) are the widest models. While the former one allows several kids even a few adults to sit on, it's fine to lay on the latter because of its unique design.

The disk seat swing (10.3 x 8.7 x 2.4 inches) and the baby swing (16.3 x 16 17 inches) are the smallest models. There is only one person who can play on these types of models at the same time since their sizes are small.

How Do You Secure A Swing To A Tree?

Here are some tips to secure a swing to a tree:

best tree swing for toddler
  • Choose a durable tree branch
  • Replace the ropes every couple of years
  • Over time, the tree will grow over the end, so you should move the model to new eye bolts.
  • Ensure that the hardware, carabiners, and rope can withstand the maximum weight.
  • Knots must be securely tied to prevent unraveling.

How Do You Set Up A Tree Swing?

A tree swing can only bring a lot of enjoyable moments for your kids if you know how to set it up properly. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

Select a Sturdy Branch of the Tree

best tree swing for baby

Typically, oaks are a perfect choice because their branches are very sturdy. Please avoid using evergreens and fruit trees since it's likely for them to be split.

Make sure that you choose an over-8-inch horizontal branch, and it isn't over 20 feet off the ground.

The chosen branch must be healthy. Thus, check it if there is any sign of splitting, disease, or infestation. Especially, don't use a branch with narrow connections to the main trunk and dead branch.

How to Attach a Tree Swing

best tree swings reviews

There are two main ways to apply:

1. Eyebolts

  • Drill a vertical hole in the branch at a proper position carefully.
  • Insert a 1/2'' diameter or a bigger corrosion-resistant eye bolt.
  • Secure the swing to the tree by using nuts and washers.


Though this way removes friction on the bark, it will damage your tree because it grows around the bolts for a permanent installation.

2. Rope

You can tie the rope into the tree branch to attach the model. However, you have to keep the tree bark from cutting.

Remember to use a running bowline or a slip knot to loosen the swing when not in use. And apply a piece of rubber tubing or a rope sleeve to minimize friction.

“Fly” With The Best Tree Swing And Enjoy Your Summer!

For us, Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing is what we are looking for since this long-term investment can bring a lot of fun, and it’s a secure solution.

Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing - 40 Inch Diameter, Fully Assembled, 600 lb Weight Capacity, Easy...*
  • COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED for instant fun. Encourages outdoor, electronics-free play! Provides hours of entertainment for both kids and adults.
  • EXTRA LARGE 40 INCH DIAMETER fits four children or two adults and 600 lb weight capacity allows multiple people to swing and play at the same time!
  • DURABLE, EXTRA THICK ROPE ensures this tree swing will last you and your kids for years.
  • QUICK & EASY TO INSTALL - Comes fully assembled and includes simple instructions so you can attach this spider web swing to your tree or swing set in minutes! Includes 2 closed hook fasteners for hanging on swing set. Tree installation requires strap hanging kit, not included.
  • DESIGNED FOR RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY: Not intended for commercial grade use. REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - Play Platoon stands behind all of its products 100%. The Spider Web Tree Swing comes with an automatic 1 year warranty. Register online for a FREE TWO YEAR WARRANTY.

How about you? Have you chosen the best tree swing for your playground? Which brand name do you think is the best among our recommendations?

Please let us know your ideas by leaving your comment below. Also, don’t hesitate to recommend any good product to add to this listThanks for reading our article!

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