Top 11 Hammock Mosquito Nets for Hiking And Camping in 2021

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Nothing compares to outdoor camping. Fresh air, the natural energy that flows through you, is indeed an extraordinary experience when it comes to sleeping outdoors.

However, nobody likes resting on a hard and rocky surface, but if you use a tent, what else should you do?

Sleep in the trees? Exactly.

The hammock is a fantastic way to sleep comfortably without disturbing the natural world around you. Relaxing in a hammock has many advantages, among which it is not necessary to sleep on the rough and uneven ground.

When it comes to the hammock, you want to get a model that is great and features a lot.

The hammock mosquito nets are specially designed to ensure comfortable sleep during the night without having to wake up with a reddened and itchy face.

If you're new to hammocking, here is a compiled list of the best models to choose from as well as tips and suggestions to find the best hammock bug nets for you.


Top 3 Recommendations

To save some time for you, before I get into detailed reviews of all the best hammock bug nets, here’s a comparison chart of the top three models available on the market.

Why You Need a Hammock Mosquito Net?
best hammock bug nets
  • Good for Your Back: One of the main rules of camping is not to pack too much. Traditionally, this means a tent, a sleeping bag, clothes, toiletries, a kitchen, etc. Some tents may be bulky and awkward to install. Not with hammocks, as it allows you to rest your back without any pains whatsoever.
  • Versatile: You may think that if you use a net with a backpack, you will also enjoy all the features of a tent. But this is not true. The best-camping hammocks are equipped with mosquito nets, towels and even tools for your business.
  • It Is Good for a Sound Night’s Sleep: If you do not feel comfy sleeping on the floor, you like the feeling of being suspended in the air. A hammock will make you forget to find the perfect place to install your tent. There are no branches or roots that dig backward or to the sides.
  • It's More Than a Place to Sleep: With hammocks of backpackers, you can also take a chair or spend time with friends. It is also a good place to read a book or rest after the tiredness of walking or climbing. You do not have to use the hammocks only when you want to sleep. At home, place it in the yard when you have a barbecue or use it at home in winter.

Top 11 Best Hammock Mosquito Net in 2021

Cushy Camper Premium Hammock Mosquito Net - Incredible Quality Material

The ultimate winner from the catalog is this beautiful Cushy Camper hammock. We love it since it contains dual vertical openings - on both sides; therefore, the entry is quick and easy, so that you don't have to circle it.

Moreover, the mesh is super fine and comfortable to your skin, and you will love every moment you spend there lying while reading your favorite book, listening to music, daydreaming, or simply watching the stars.

Furthermore, the material that makes the net breathable without any feeling of claustrophobia is polyester. Thus, the Cushy Camper hammock net is visible and does not cause pressure. Moreover, the polyester allows the air to flow and circulate; therefore, you won't have to worry whether you will breathe slowly.

The dimension is also significant: 11 x 4.75 feet, so you will find it extremely large. Besides, it comes with a carrying bag, and you can take it with you on various adventures. However, another big plus is the fact that it resists mosquitos and other flying pests that might ruin your day.

Finally, the installation is rapid and easy; attach aluminum pincers to appropriate spots and hang it. Moreover, the producer guarantees maximum strength and durability due to material that makes it so perfect and resisting adverse conditions.

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Minor design flaws

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net - Best Insect Protection

Our next-to-the-top product is, of course, Wise Owl Outfitters hammock bug net. We love it because it is spacious, provides enough room for everyone, and offers you the perfect landscape. Plus, the netting is not so thick; thus, you can see through it very clearly, and you can also lie diagonally for ultimate pleasure.

Moreover, its zippers are very flexible, so that you can quickly zip or unzip them in a few seconds. Concerning the rope, there's no shortage since it's 30 ft long, one of the longest, and the length of the ridgeline is 11 x 4.5 feet. So, our product is enormous, which is excellent, right?

Considering the weight, our winner is ultra-lightweight and can adjust to any possible hammock, plus the double one. Besides, the bag is a waterproof one, so our Wise Owl Outfitters hammock net is perfect for your trips, campings, hiking, backpacking, backyard, garden, or any other adventure you take! Sounds impressive, right?

Finally, the producer guarantees 100% mosquito, bugs, and insect protection. This way, you can enjoy spending your spare time and relaxation time outside, with no flying pests nearby. Plus, the manufacturer offers a great warranty as well; thus, you will have 100% satisfaction for the best quality our hammock has to offer!

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • /

pys Hammock Bug Net - Best For Ventilation

The third-place goes to our pys Hammock Bug Net. This net is pretty high because of its dimensions. Namely, it has a perfect size, with 12" x 14.4". Thus, you won't have the feeling of limitation, and it provides enough room for you and your company.

Furthermore, the pys hammock net provides 100% protection of bugs, insects, mosquitoes, or any other flying pests that can ruin your relaxing and free time. Thus, it offers 360 degree-cover, plus ventilation. That way, you can enjoy your little vacation outside as much as possible, which is an excellent choice!

Concerning its zipper, it has a vertical one, easily accessible; you can quickly zip or unzip it; it's up to you. Our pys hammock net has a 12" mosquito net and a ridgeline, so you can place it in your backyard or garden and tie it up for trees.

Moreover, it's fantastic weight is approximately 600 grams, so it's portable, and you can carry it wherever you go. Thus, you can pack it in your backup equipment that comes together with the hammock netting. Therefore, the installation is quick and easy; you'll need less than five minutes. Great feature, right?

Finally, you'll get a manufacturer's warranty that will guarantee your satisfaction; otherwise, you can get your money back any time if something eventually goes wrong, but we don't think that will be the case.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Minor design flaws

Sunyear Single & Double Camping Hammock with Net - Best For Camping

Our next product is a perfect choice if you love camping because you can sleep there if you like, it provides enough room for stretching since it has two set-up hammock straps which you can quickly install.

The dimensions are 32 x 20 loops, which are highly adjustable. Plus, it also has two steel and heavy-duty carabiners in a D shape. Besides, you will get two net ropes as well, so there is no need for you to install the net with any additional tools. The package includes all you need! Thus, the net is a fantastic choice for everyone!

Our Sunyear mosquito net will 100% protect you from all flying pests that can ruin your day out, which means a comfortable and safe journey or trip. Moreover, the net comes in a carrying bag, so that you can carry it with you wherever you go! Sounds fantastic, do you agree?

A further reason why you won't regret choosing this Sunyear product is its design. Namely, the materials that make this net so perfect are 210T parachute nylon and the very durable bug net.

Our choice is perfect for your travels, trips, campings, hiking, backpacking, etc. and all other adventures you take on, no matter if you have a company or you go alone.

Finally, the producer offers you a lifetime warranty, which means that if you are not eventually satisfied, you will get your money back. However, we can assure you it will not be the case since the high-quality net will answer even your greatest demands and needs.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy installation
  • Minor design flaws

Wecamture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net - Easy-Access Net

It’s finally time you enjoy your camping trip in the summer as you should! With no mosquito bites and no flies interrupting your peaceful sleep. With the Wecampture, this is possible. Wonder how? We invite you to stick around and find out everything you need to know about this mosquito net for a hammock.

For starters, the Wecamture net is made from polyester fiber which is super-lightweight but highly effective for insect protection. Once you pack this bad boy up, you won’t even know it’s there because it will take up minimal space and weight.

The net material is 11 feet long and 4.6 feet wide while offering 360-degree protection against bug bites.

What’s best about this Wecamture mosquito net is that it’s designed to fit all hammocks. So whether you have a backyard on a camping hammock, it will fit perfectly and offer optimal coverage.

In addition, it offers a fast and easy setup! There is no tricky installation you should worry about since you can turn your hammock into a "tent" in seconds! All you should do is hang the ridgeline and attach the net using speed clips. Easy as that!

It even includes a helpful diagonal zipper, so you have quick access to the hammock. Its spacious design won’t make you feel claustrophobic, which is the most important thing!

  • Affordable price
  • Spacious and roomy design
  • Dual end zipper
  • Polyester fabric
  • Easy to put on
  • The zipper is often faulty
  • Some report holes in the net after unpacking

ENO Guardian Bug Net - Travel-friendly

Our next top product is this beautiful ENO Guardian Bug Net. It's one of our top products because it provides 360-degree cover for ultimate flying pests protection. The size is also significant, and that is 950", so it's very spacious and provides enough room for everyone to spend their relaxing time outside, without insects and mosquitos.

Moreover, the ENO Guardian hammock net is not excessive; it weighs around 450 grams and has three millimeters ridgeline, so you can carry it in a carrying bag and hang it wherever you want. The dimensions are very spacious as well, and they are 9.4 x 4.3". Thus, it is cozy for more than one person.

If you choose this ENO Guardian hammock net, you will get a travel-friendly product that you can use on your campings, trips, shorter and longer travels, hiking, backyard, garden, and wherever you want to take it with you.

Finally, what you should consider vital if you choose this hammock net is that it may reduce a possible waste if you use every material available, so both the fabric and color might vary from what you can see on the picture.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • /

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock – The Hammock with A Net That Can Be Enjoyed As a Parachute Nylon Hammock

If you don't like being bitten by insects and hiding from bugs while camping, then this hammock is a great choice. It is designed with a unique two-way zipper system, so you can quickly seal yourself in your hammock, and stretch in it comfortably.

The Grand Trunk mosquito hammock lets you sleep well at night without having to worry about those tiny creatures.

When laid out the hammock net covers 10'6" x 5'. It is large and gives enough room for several people.

The Grand Trunk hammock is made from parachute nylon; it is durable, water resistant and doesn't rip easily.

Setting it up is really simple. The full package comes with a net suspension kit, carabiners, and a starter rope kit. It practically arrives ready for you to hang it.

This hammock comes with multiple tie-outs, and a unique design that allows flipping the netting-side-down, so you can enjoy this product as a parachute nylon hammock.

The Grand Trunk mosquito hammock is a large, rugged, bug repelling hammock with a net. The zipper system and the high protection it confers against insects and pests makes it an excellent choice.

However, some users complain that tears to this hammock are challenging to mend.

  • Made from parachute nylon
  • The product comes ready to hang
  • Large and roomy
  • Tears are difficult to mend

Oak Creek Lost Valley Camping Hammock - Easy Installation

Then we have the individual Oak Creek Lost Valley outdoor single hammock.

This is one of the best, most reliable and most versatile hammocks on this list, and I would certainly recommend this model to any serious backpacker or camper.

This particular model fits almost anyone and is highly qualified both for its strength and comfort.

This specific model is made of high-quality breathable nylon, one of the most durable materials on this list.

The Lost Valley is qualified to support up to 500 pounds, which means that you can sleep comfortably, and this is useful for long trips in a backpack.

This model is super light and easy to carry and is equipped with its suspension system and a high-quality carrying bag. The mosquito net is held with a rope for shock and offers ample space during sleep.

It comes with a carrying case which makes it easy for movement; the mosquito net is supported with a shock cord and has a stainless steel carabiner included in its package.

Each of its straps supports up to 400 pounds, so the level of safety Is of a high degree.

  • Lightweight design
  • Super strong nylon
  • Excellent suspension system included
  • Mosquito net supported by a shock cord.
  • Nine feet in length to accommodate all campers
  • No problem on the return policy
  • The mesh screen is not as good as other models, which means that some errors can still be overcome

Foxelli XL Hammock Net- Fits All Hammocks

Next up, we have to take a quick look at the Foxelli hammock net! It’s super affordable but what’s more important, an excellent shield against those pesky mosquitoes. It allows you to stay as protected as possible during your outdoor adventure without itchy marks getting in the way.

This Foxelli XL hammock net offers 360-degree protection, meaning it will cover every bit of the hammock, leaving no spots behind! In addition, it has a breathable mesh design that won’t make you feel claustrophobic as it has optimal ventilation for a comfortable sleep.

Plus, it’s super spacious as it measures out in 12’ x 4.4’, offering a bigger size than other competing brands we have reviewed. What’s best about it is that you can use it with all types of hammocks and rain flies as it’s compatible with every single design.

As this Foxelli XL hammock net weighs only 16 oz, it will be a great addition to your next camping trip! It’s super lightweight and easy to pack up. You can take it along when you are backpacking, hammocking, hiking, or any other outdoor adventure! Plus, it includes a sack bag where you can safely take it along.

What’s best about this Foxelli XL hammock net is that it is excellent for beginners! It comes with an essential installation kit so that you can hang it up in just a few minutes. Plus, you will receive an extra-long ridgeline of 25 feet along with the dual-side zipper.

  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Includes a sack bag
  • Spacious design
  • Some report the heavy-weight

BOBOLINE Double & Single Camping Hammock with Bug Net – The Budget Friendly Hammock That Comes With A Mosquito Net

This BOBOLINE hammock with a net is an excellent choice for those looking for quality for an affordable price.

It's not expensive and does the same job as some higher priced products on this list. Despite being relatively cheap, it comes with a surprisingly big net.

Covering 55 x 106 inches, this BOBOLINE hammock with a net ensures you are adequately protected from all sorts of critters and bugs. Its large size also lets you use the net for both single and double hammocks. You will not find any hammock brand or model which this net cannot cover.

It is lightweight and compact and packs smaller than most of the other products on this review list. Weighing 38 oz, this is a great choice when you pack like a lightweight backpacker or a hiker.

That being said, this BOBOLINE hammock net provides extra room for comfort. Plus, its high-quality, specially designed bug net fabric does a good job keeping you safe from insects. Breathable woven 210T parachute nylon materials ensure it is weather resistant and does not retain moisture.

The BOBOLINE hammock with mosquito net has a carrying capacity of 660 lbs. So, feel free and bring anyone you want with you!

Overall, if you are searching for a product that integrates hammock and mosquito net into one design at a lower price, this is an excellent choice.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Carrying capacity of 660 lbs
  • Its breathable woven parachute nylon materials
  • 100% lifetime warranty
  • No significant cons

Roman Ventures Hammock Bug Net - ​Extra Spacious

Our next hammock is the compact and ultralight camping hammock of Roman Ventures hammock mosquito net.

Although the name says Ultralight, this particular model is highly qualified in both its strength and durability, which means it must contain almost all campers. This Roman Ventures hammock has been tested to support up to 400 pounds.

The net itself is made of durable 210 ripstop nylon and has a triple stitched pattern which helps maintain its strength after repeated use.

This model is also available with its suspension system, which is also highly valued for durability and does not break under pressure.

Since this is an ultra-light design, this Roman Ventures hammock weighs only 16.7 ounces, making it one of the lightest and most reliable options available.

The actual size of the net is 108 inches long (nine feet) wide by 53 inches (4.5 feet). Finally, to make this a mosquito net, it is an anti-insect net to keep it nice and safe at night.

This Roman Ventures hammock mosquito net comes with a manual to make the configuration/setup easier.

And, the hammock is easy to use, it also comes with a six-month guarantor for use so if within the six month of use and it gets faulty or does not serve its purpose, it can be returned for a change.

It also comes with a reading lamp hook so you can leisurely hang your lamp.

  • Super light
  • Highly resistant
  • Charge up to 400 pounds.
  • Suspension system included.
  • Hanging a reading light
  • The included straps may not be long enough, which means you should buy more

How To Choose The Best Hammock Mosquito Net?

Although a hammock may seem a rather simplistic device, this does not mean that all models are the same.

When selecting the right hammock mosquito net, it is necessary to consider the dimensions, width, and strength of the material.

These are the top four factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a mosquito net.

1. Model

An important thing that you will need to decide is which model you want to take with you. 

Some hammocks are designed to work with sleeping bags, others are only made to sit and rest (not for sleeping), and some models can accommodate up to two people. 

Here are the best hammock models you can find.

best camping hammock mosquito net
  • Individual nylon parachutes: these bug nets are designed for a single sleeper and are strong enough to stay for several nights.
  • Double nylon parachute: although the name is double, this means that it can accommodate two people to sit or rest, but it can only accommodate a sleeping person.
  • Ultralight: if you are on a day trip and do not want to bring a hammock of resting and standard sized equipment, the best is an ultra-light model.
  • Expedition: if you plan a more extended journey where you travel a lot, then an Expedition hammock is the way to go.

2. Weight Capacity

As I said before, older campers should have a model designed for up to two people, so you don't have to worry and stress about excessive sagging or tearing at night.

Most hammocks have a weight capacity band label, and you need to stick to it as much as possible.

The reason you don't want to increase your luck is that you can add unnecessary stress that will use the hammock much more quickly than when you were within the declared weight range.

3. Suspension System

When we talk about safety, one of the most critical aspects of the hammock is the suspension system.

Generally, the suspension will be sold on the same hammock, but can sometimes be sold separately, so keep that in mind.

4. Isolation

To keep you cool while you sleep, most hammock bug nets are made of breathable nylon. However, when the night cools, it can be a double-edged sword.


What is a hammock bug net?

A hammock bug net is a necessary camping kit for anyone who plans on sleeping through the night with no bug bites on them! They are installed relatively quickly over the hammock and offer maximum protection against those pesky insects.

A bug net is made out of mesh material which is supposed to be breathable so you can have a non-interrupted sleep and a proper airflow. These hammock bug nets should be a must-have purchase if you are hammocking in the summer!

How do you attach a mosquito net to a hammock?

Attaching a mosquito net to a hammock is a lot easier than most people think. All you should do is run the suspension cord of the hammock along with the ridgeline and draw them through the net opening.

Once you are all set up, make sure you get in the hammock to tighten the cords of the net. You will notice that the process resembles a sleeping bag, and pulling the suspension cord should tuck you in.

Of course, this is a method that is used for attaching a mosquito net with a cord. As there are models with a zipper, we suggest you refer to the manual instruction.

best hammock mosquito net

How do you make a mosquito net for a hammock?

All you need is mosquito netting, a suspension cord, scissors, a tape measure, a sewing machine, and a bit of time and patience!

Measure out the ridgeline first, as you will be installing the netting there. According to this length, cut the suspension cord a few inches longer. Next, fold the mosquito net over the ridgeline and make sure a few inches stick out at the bottom.

Now it’s time you use your sewing machine talent and sew the sides of the net.

In the end, you need to cut a bit of fabric in half so that it will hold the suspension cord and act as an entrance.

How do I keep bugs out of my hammock?

By using a mosquito hammock net, of course! They are ridiculously inexpensive but helpful when it comes to uninvited flying guests.

All of the traps are made out of mesh material, so it offers optimal airflow and breathability when you are sleeping and relaxing in your hammock.


We proudly present our best choice! The best hammock is this fantastic Cushy Camper Premium Hammock Mosquito Net.

As the very title says, it is both suitable as a cover for any beds. Also, it is spacious enough both for singles or couples. Moreover, the polyester adds more strength, durability, and sturdiness; therefore, nothing can harm the net.

Furthermore, the material allows air circulation and visibility so that you might find it breathable. Finally, the installation is straightforward, quick, and you don't need any additional tools.

So what more could you ask for?

Cushy Camper Premium Hammock Mosquito Net - Portable Backpacking Protection - 11ftx4ft10 Hammock Bug...*
  • Easy In and Out: Door openings on each side of our bug net give you easy entry and exit and the ability to reach items on either side of your hammock. You can even escape from a bear without getting out on the bear's side! You know, just in case.
  • 360 Degree Protection: When you spend the night outside, bug spray just won’t cut it. Our netting completely surrounds you with a tight-knit screen to keep out those annoying biting bugs. That way you'll wake up rejuvenated and ready to go.
  • Sleep in Seconds: At the end of a long day, our simple mosquito net hammock setup is a blessing. Using your tree straps, hang the hammock, run a guy line, then hang the net. You’ll be rocking your way to sleep in no time, ahead of the snorers!
  • A Breath of Fresh Air: The Cushy Camper mosquito net is made of tightly woven mesh that still allows you to see the view. Its well-ventilated design lets the breeze blow through so heat can escape. In this bug net, you won't get hot OR bothered!
  • Keep it Light: This sleep system is lightweight and packs down small so you can venture further into the outdoors. With a hammock mosquito net, you’ll be able to sleep soundly at night while enjoying a featherweight backpack during the day.