These Are the Best Stakes and Guylines for Hammock Rainfly on the Market

Imagine lying in your hammock and then suddenly hearing a loud ‘’SNAP’’! Your hammock stake bent.

Well, it is one of those things that happen all the time. It’s a frustrating experience, but very possible because many manufacturers don’t include durable stakes when selling a hammock.

The same stands for guylines, and finding the best cord is a difficult task. That is why we recommend buying separate stakes and guylines if you want to sleep peacefully in your hammock.

There are hundreds if not thousands of guylines on the market. Identifying the best stake and guylines can be a tedious task.

But you are in luck today! We’ve done all the hard work instead of you!

This article contains the best stakes and guylines for hammock rainfly that will help you set it up for maximum comfort.

If you need more comfort while camping, you should consider buying sleeping pads, top quilt, or underquilt for your hammock.


Top 3 Best Stakes and Guylines for Hammock Rainfly : A Comparison Chart

best stakes for hammock tarp

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you already know that the stakes are the backbone and that the guylines add stability to your free-standing rainfly structure.

We’ve selected for you the 3 best stakes and guylines from our review.

If you want to find out more about the rest, and our advice for choosing the appropriate stakes and guylines, you can find it at the end of our informative review.

Editor's Choices
7001 Aluminum Tent Stakes,Cyclone Shape Tent Pegs with Reflective Pull Cords & Pouch-6 Pack*
Best Feature
7001 aluminum alloy
Customer Rating's
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AIDIER Reflective Nylon Cord, Tent Guyline Rope for Camping Tent, Outdoor Packaging*
Best Feature
Humanized Reflective Design
Customer Rating's
Best Selling
Chill Gorilla 6 Pack 4mm Reflective Tent Guide Rope Guy Line Cord & Adjusters. Lightweight for Rain...*
Best Feature
Braided paracord
Customer Rating's
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3 Of the Best Stakes for Hammock Rainfly

BELIESAFE Aluminum Tent Stakes – The Strongest Aluminum Stake for Hammock Rainfly

If you need a stake made from an aluminum material that has a higher tensile strength than 7075 aluminum alloy, which most products are made from, then this is an excellent choice.

The BELIESAFE Aluminum Tent Stake comes with a 7001 aluminum alloy and a cyclone shape design that maximizes the grip between the contact area, the stake, and the soil. The gripping power you get from this product is directly proportional to the depth you drive it in the ground.

Stakes measure 10 inches each, long enough to secure your hammock rainfly against unfriendly weather. You can easily store the stakes in your backpack; they won’t take up much space.

The BELIESAFE Aluminum Tent Stakes comes in a highly visible anodized red color. No need to worry about losing your stake in the long grass.

This product is a great buy, its reflective power, lightweight feature, and the minimum space it occupies makes it a worthy inclusion on this list.

The BELIESAFE Aluminum Tent Stake comes with a free oxford pouch for easy storage.

However, you need to drive this stake deep in the ground if you want them to hold very firm.

  • A 7001 aluminum alloy construct
  • Comes with a free pouch
  • Highly visible anodized red color
  • The depth determines how firm it will be

Eurmax Heavy Duty Steel Tent Stakes – The Best Stake for a Lightweight Backpacker

The Eurmax Heavy Duty Steel Tent Stake is a specially designed, multi-purpose tool for securing hammock tarps, canopies, and large tents to the ground during a picnic or when hammocking.

Measuring 30 cm in length and 0.35 lb. it is an excellent buy for a lightweight backpacker.

As the name suggests, it is heavy duty. Because it’s made from forged steel, this stake will remain in optimal condition after repeated use and will stay rust free. It comes with a unique head that has a hook and a hole, with a sharp tip to make it easy to use.

The Eurmax Heavy Duty Steel Tent Stake will hold firm in the grass, sand, rocky soil. No matter if you are on a picnic or camping.

You can use it anytime you need to secure your overhead covering, even heavy winds won’t stand a chance.

The large head design it comes with makes it easy to drive this stake into the ground. You will also find a hook and rope-stringing eyelets on the stoppers that ensure anchoring versatility. Its galvanized steel constructs ensure it can take a heavy pounding as you try to hit them in the ground.

However, this product comes only in black color, and quite easy to lose in a grassy terrain or at nights.

  • Heavy duty
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Comes in non-reflective black color
  • Easy to lose in the grass

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit – The Best Stake for Windy Conditions

The MSR Groundhog Tent Stake has a unique twist to its design – a three-sided Y-beam. This serves to fortify the stake with extra holding power during windy weather.

These stakes are long. It is intentionally built to hold in soft sand and soil. To make your hammock rainfly super-secure, you need to insert this stake into the ground at a steep angle.

The MSR Groundhog Tent Stake is a heavy duty variant; as a result, it is slightly heavier than the other two stakes on this list.

If you intend to go hammock camping in windy terrain, the MSR Groundhog Tent Stake is an excellent choice. When deployed for beach hammocking or to hold a beach canopy, this stake really shows its best features.

The MSR Groundhog Tent Stake comes in a reflective red color, which allows it to stand out in any terrain. It also features a cord tied to the top for easy assembling on and disassembling from the ground.

The Three-sided Y-beam design confers it with superior holding power and penetration in a variety of soil types. Constructed from 7000-series aluminum, it is rugged and can take a pounding.

However, this stake is heavy and does not come with a storage bag.

  • Reflective red color
  • Suitable for use in windy conditions
  • Comes with a cord tied to the top for easy assembling and disassembly
  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t come with storage bag

3 Of the Best Guylines for Hammock Rainfly

Chill Gorilla 4mm Reflective Tent Guide Rope Guy Line Cord – Top Rated Guyline For Hammock Rainfly

There are many types of guylines from which you can choose when setting up your hammock rainfly. While some are better, always try to choose the ones that suit your hammock.

The Chill Gorilla 4mm Reflective Tent Guide Rope Guy Line Cord is one of the few that will keep your rainfly in place while you are enjoying the nature.

This is a heavy duty guyline braided with paracord for increased load bearing and strength. If you are setting up camp in unfriendly weather conditions, you should consider buying this guyline.

Setting it up is easy. Stake it, cinch it, and you are good to go.

It is versatile and can be used for hammock rainfly, tarp, and the tent of any type. This guyline is 78 feet long. Its length makes it easy to fasten it into a stake fixed into the ground a couple of meters from your hammock.

The Chill Gorilla 4mm Reflective Tent Guyline is a highly reflective cord. It comes with interwoven reflective wires that provide high nighttime visibility. This ensures you won’t be losing it.

It comes with three holes tensioner, which enables easy and fast adjustments to your lines. This guyline is 4mm thick and weighs just 37 grams.

However, it comes with a cheap looking plastic adjuster.

  • Highly reflective guyline
  • Three holes tensioner
  • Versatile
  • It comes with cheap looking plastic adjusters

AIDIER Reflective Nylon Cord, Tent Guyline – The Guyline with Humanized Reflective Design

If you take bulky ropes on your camping trip, it can be an uncomfortable experience. The AIDIER Reflective Nylon Cord, Tent Guyline is a lightweight, rugged, and reflective rope that has all the features you will need in a guyline.

The manufacturers of this guyline take its reflective feature a step further by including a Humanized Reflective Design. It is reflective camping gear, and when using your flashlight, or if there’s moonlight, it becomes highly visible.

Therefore, with this guyline, you are not at risk of tripping over your cord around camping tent at night.

It is made from four sturdy nylon cords, which are strong to hold down hammock rainfly and tents of any kind. You could even use this guyline as a reflective gear cable to provide a decent illumination if you have a little gathering around the camp.

The AIDIER Reflective Nylon Cord, Tent Guyline weighs 2.3oz and measures 50ft. (15.24 meters). It is small-sized and will easily fit into your backpack.

The guyline comes in five highly reflective colors. The tightly woven construct ensures this guyline will not be deformed by super tension.  

Overall, it is an excellent rope which provides good value.

However, some users complain the rope is smaller than expected.

  • Humanized Reflective Design
  • Comes in five highly reflective colors
  • It is made from four sturdy nylon cords
  • Some users complain the rope is smaller than expected

LiteOutdoors Guyline & Tensioner Kit – The Guyline with Polyester Sheath Covering

Are you worried about tripping on your guylines when camping at night?

If that’s the case, then you should consider the LiteOutdoors Guyline & Tensioner Kit to keep you safe at night. This guyline is designed with rope locks infused with bright reflective strips that shine better than any other rope on the market.

This multi-purpose guyline is made of high-quality Dyneema core and a polyester sheath outer covering. It does not absorb water and does not stretch after repeated use.

The rope is suitable for use in camps, waterways, and adventure travel. This guyline is corrosion resistant and will last you for several years.

Coming with a weight of 1.7 oz. it is one of the lightest reflective guylines on the market. The LiteOutdoors Guyline & Tensioner Kit comes with an astonishing 460 lb. breaking strength. It is ultra-strong and lightweight.

This guyline helps you sleep peacefully when experiencing unfriendly weather, as it is many times stronger than other reflective ropes.

Each kit contains 10 adjustable tensioners and 18.3 meters of reflective cord. Also, you can easily adjust cord tension with one hand in a few seconds.

The guyline can be used for hammocks, hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.

  • Made of high-quality Dyneema core and a polyester sheath
  • Does not absorb water
  • Ultra-strong
  • 460 lb breaking strength
  • No significant cons

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Stakes for Hammock Rainfly

best stakes for hammock rainfly

1. Length, the Impacting Weight, Packed Size and the Hammock Stability

For hammocks, 7 inches is the generally accepted length.

If you purchase a shorter stake, you risk losing your stability on unfavorable terrain.

Some stakes are longer than 7 inches, and they are meant to be used in very windy, snowy or sandy conditions.

If you intend to go car camping, you should go for a longer variant. You won’t have to worry then.

2. Material built, Strength and Packed Size

best Guylines for Hammock Rainfly

Most stakes for rainfly are made from aluminum.

But there are some made from steel, titanium and plastic stakes too.

When considering the material built, you should look at the weight-to-strength tradeoff and the pack size.

Considering the pack size, all stakes on this list have a stake rating of “Compact, OK or Bulky.

And they are all made from aluminum.

3. Price of the Stake

A top quality stake does not cost a fortune.

But the annoying thing is manufacturers offer a different number of stakes in a pack.

This list contains products whose price range from $1 per stake to $19 per stake.

To make your search easy, this review includes high-quality stakes with moderate prices.

But if you really need a top-quality stake that won’t require replacement after each use, you should consider making a significant one-time investment.

​4. For What Conditions Is Your Stake Intended?

It is impossible to recommend the best hammock rainfly without knowing the conditions they are intended for.

If you are going hammock camping in the snow, you should opt for a stake with a long wide blade.

If the stake is meant for use on beach sand, you should consider stakes with long and heavy spikes.

If you are a backpacker, look for a sturdy, lightweight stake.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Guylines for Hammock Rainfly

For guylines, it is a tradeoff between weights and user-friendliness. You do not have to worry about strength.

Some hammockers use cord as light as 1.25 mm in diameter, and these cords come with a pure Dyneema core and a breaking strength of over 200 pounds.

While this might sound nice, such cords are difficult to tie and untie. If your cords come with a polyester sheath, it automatically has low user-friendliness.

Our advice is not to use such cords in a knot-tying clinic.


This stakes and guylines review contains some excellent products.

So, we advise you to carefully read all the information, and choose the one that suits your hammock the best.

Our top-rated stake for hammock rainfly is BELIESAFE Aluminum Tent Stake. It is the most durable stake made from 7001 aluminum alloy and has a cyclone shape design that maximizes the grip between the contact area, the stake, and the soil.

This product has excellent reflective power, lightweight feature, and occupies the minimum space in your backpack. Also, it comes with a free oxford pouch for easy storage.

Our top-rated guyline for hammock rainfly is Chill Gorilla 4mm Reflective Tent Guide Rope Guy Line Cord. This heavy-duty guyline is braided with paracord to increase its strength and load bearing. The cord is highly reflective and provides high visibility at night.

Chill Gorilla 6 Pack 4mm Reflective Tent Guide Rope Guy Line Cord & Adjusters. Lightweight for Rain...*
  • HEAVY DUTY GUYLINES! Braided paracord provide increased strength & load bearing. Even with low light our reflective lines provide high visibility so you have a night time disaster. GET YOURS TODAY!
  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE CORD! Interwoven reflective wires provide great visibility even when there is very little light. The perfect tent rope or tent tie downs.
  • 3 HOLE TENSIONERS provide fast and easy adjustments/tension to your lines. Perfect for quickly setting up tents, tarps, rain flys and other camping gear.
  • ESSENTIAL CAMPING ACCESSORIES. Each 4mm reflective line is 13 (4m) feet long & weighs just 37 grams. Perfect for hiking backpacking, fishing, hunting or just having at your campsite.

The guyline is lightweight and comes with three holes tensioner. It will allow you an easy and fast adjustment.

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