What Is the Best Portable Hammock of 2021 (Top Reviews)

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A hammock is one of the most accessible and most affordable ways to set up a portable bed. However, many of them are designed with stands and take some time to set up. These work well for your backyard, but traveling with them can be an issue. The best portable hammock is designed to be lightweight and easy to travel with.

The number of available hammocks on the market is staggering. Whether you are seeking to find one for camping or your backyard, you need to a little searching. Fortunately, you can use our guide to find what you seek. 

Here you can find the perfect portable hammocks that are affordable and offer you the best possible value for money.


Top 3 Recommendations
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ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - DoubleNest Hammock, Portable Hammock for Two, Red/Charcoal*
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Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock for Camping Single Hammocks Gear for The Outdoors Backpacking Survival...*
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Kootek Camping Hammock Double & Single Portable Hammocks with 2 Tree Straps, Lightweight Nylon...*
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Best Portable Hammocks on the Market Today

It is not only about quantity, as often quality outweighs quantity. Instead of a whole host of hammocks, we have used the buyer's guide; you can see below to narrow them down to the 10 best hammocks.

These hammocks are easy to set up and take limited space when traveling, allowing you to pack lighter and more efficiently.

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Camping Hammock – Best Portable Hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitters, or ENO for short, is one of the leading brands when it comes to camping gear. The ENO DoubleNest hammock is a perfect option for camping, due to the lightweight design. It is constructed mostly from cotton, making it feel like a real nest when you snuggle up inside the hammock.

70D Nylon Tafetta is what holds the hammock together. Not only is it water-resistant, but it can hold a lot of weight. Since the nylon dries out quickly, you can use it in the middle of a storm.

According to the manufacturer, it holds a decent load of 400-pounds. The weight limit is near perfect for two individuals sharing.

Aluminum Wiregate Carabineers connect to the ropes of the ENO hammock. If you don’t have a stand suitable for these carabineers, it is possible to use the strings to mount it to a sturdy tree. The only downside is that the straps for portable mounting are not included, reducing the usability for those with portable aspirations.

Without any stand included, the ENO DoubleNest hammock is fairly affordable for the quality and value you will receive. It looks great and can be set up in just a couple of minutes. It weighs only 1.19-pounds when it is folded up.

Additionally, you receive a carry bag that will be included to ensure that the hammock is protected when it is not in use.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable Tafetta Nylon Construction
  • Holds up to 400-pounds
  • Affordable
  • Mounting straps are not included

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks – Best Outdoor Hammock

Much like ENO, Wise Owl Outfitters is another top-rated brand with high-quality products that will give you longevity.

The Wise Owl Outfitters camping hammock is constructed from diamond-weaved Ripstop Nylon to ensure durability. Additionally, all the colors will easily blend into your environment for a much better look.

One of the elite features is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time setting up the hammock. All the straps have been prettied, and you need to hook it around the desired trees you find. The five separate loops will be the only thing that you need to worry about when it comes to setting it up in the right areas.

In total, the Wise Owl Outfitters hammock is over 9-feet long, and all the straps for mounting it remotely have been included. Once the hammock is set up, it should easily hold up to 500-pounds. Should you find that one of the sides is a little dirty, you can reverse the hammock and use the other side until you have time to wash it.

Many of these accessories can be expensive when you buy them separately.

However, Wise Owl Outfitters has included almost everything you will need for your trip. It might be heavier than the previous hammock, but 1.9-pounds for all the accessories are still not overly burdensome for the quality you will get when using it.

  • 9-foot long design
  • Holds 500-pounds
  • Reversible construction
  • All accessories included
  • Affordable
  • It is a little uncomfortable for taller users

Kootek Camping Hammock – Best Hammock For Traveling

If you can't spend an arm or leg, but need a decent hammock, the Kootek camping hammock can be one of the best options to choose from. It has been constructed from the same materials used for the elite parachutes. It should hold up well in all conditions and against the elements.

The Kootek hammock is held together by 18 loops that will tie around the tree or any substantial area that you can use for mounting a hammock. Once it has been mounted, it can hold around 500-pounds in total weight.

Since the hammock has a length of 10-feet, it should be comfortable for some of the taller individuals also looking to use it.

With all of these features, including all of the mounting gear and carry bag, one might think the Kootek hammock will be substantial. It is slightly over 2-pounds, but this should not dissuade you from giving it a shot. One should also note that a wide variety of different colors are available for you to choose from.

As for the price, you will find that it is one of the more affordable options on the market today, with great value that will be added to your gear. Many people might not think such an affordable hammock is durable, but with triple stitching, you have more durability than some of the lesser models on the market.

  • Triple stitched
  • Available in numerous colors
  • Holds 500-pounds
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Lacks a little breathability

Gold Armour Camping Hammock - Best Design

The next portable hammock is extraordinary due to its extra-large size. As you will see, the hammock offers and supports up to 500 pounds at once, so it's perfect for two people. So grab a friend and enjoy!

Moreover, the Gold Armour hammock includes 210T nylon parachute fabric, which is twice as strong as most competitors on the market. This way, the unit provides a specific strap design, suitable to endure up to 1000 pounds.

Of course, the material will provide maximum durability, strength, and sturdiness. It cannot harm or break so quickly and will last for ample time, regardless of the robust or more excessive use. The Gold Armour hammock will satisfy your needs and provide ultimate moderation and adjustability.

Additionally, you will find the unit portable and lightweight due to its smaller yet effective design and flexibility. So, you can place it in a convenient carrying bag and bring it with you wherever you travel. It will significantly adjust to your needs and provide ultimate pleasure.

Once you open the package, you will find all the necessary tools and devices essential for the quickest and easiest installation and effortless use. So, you won't need any extra items to finish the process quickly. Thus, the setup process is effortless for all newbies.

Finally, you can return or replace the Gold Armour hammock or get a complete monetary refund if you eventually dislike it. In addition, the manufacturer offers a fifteen-year warranty period, so don't worry about mistakes and inconveniences at all.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Tricky quality

Legit Camping Hammock - The Best Performance

Next off, we have this giant portable hammock that provides excellent features and benefits.

As you will find, the Legit portable hammock is easy to set up and use since you will get all the necessary tools and devices for the installation process. Thus, even the amateurs and beginners can set it up in a couple of minutes, and the progress will be effortless.

Moreover, the Legit camping hammock is perfect for your needs due to the maximum weight capacity it provides. Hence, you will notice, the hammock offers 400 pounds of maximum weight; therefore, it will be perfect for you and your friend or someone else to share it together.

Speaking of weight, the Legit hammock also offers a spacious and comfortable design; hence, you will have enough room to share with someone else at the same time. Thus, both of you will have the space necessary for the ultimate pleasure, and there won't be any additional pressure.

Of course, you will love the unit since it's a lightweight and portable model. As you will find, the team is compact and adjustable, so it will be easy for you to place it into the backpack or a carry bag and bring it whenever you travel. Its flexibility and portability will significantly suit your needs and demands.

Finally, since we've already mentioned that you will find everything in the package, you will have an easy and quick task to hang it everywhere you like in seconds.

  • Durable
  • Solid
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and use
  • Color, package, and quality issues

MalloMe Camping Hammock – Best Budget Hammock

One look at the MalloMe camping hammock, and you might think that you are going camping. This hammock is made with a variety of bright colors to brighten up your outdoor experience. It is constructed from 210T Nylon, allowing ti to wick away moisture while adding breathability on hot summer days.

The MalloMe hammock includes all the mounting straps that you will need, and according to the manufacturer, it can hold a massive 800-pounds. The straps that are used have a tensile strength that can hold up to 100-pounds. However, it has not been tested, and it is recommended that you try to remain within the specified weight limit.

Mounting it can be a little daunting with all the ropes that have been included. However, if you have a stand, you need to attach the carabineers to have it fully mounted and ready for use. It is worth noting that you can find the MalloMe hammock in a whole host of different colors that will brighten up your camping experience.

Another great benefit is the price.

This is one of the most affordable hammocks that we have found so far. Once it has been folded, it weighs just 1.9-pounds. The small carry bag can be attached to your backpack and potentially fit inside some of the larger bags. It is highly recommended as a budget option.

  • Holds up to 800-pounds
  • Mounts in a couple of minutes
  • Total weight of 1.0-pounds
  • Bright and colorful
  • Affordable
  • Daunting to mount around trees

Sunyear Single & Double Camping Hammock with Net - Best Quality

Everybody loves this Sunyear hammock as it's the best camping option. Namely, it includes nylon parachute material, and you can sleep outside and enjoy the comfort as much as possible. In addition, the unit comes portable and lightweight, with all the necessary tools for hassle-free installation.

As already said, the unit comes with the tools and devices necessary for the effortless installation process - carabiners, straps, net ropes, and all other tools. Thus, you can easily set up the Sunyear hammock net and save yourself from insects, trouble, and other pests.

Thanks to its flexibility and versatility, you can use the hammock for various outdoor adventures - picnics, camping, hiking, BBQ sessions in nature, car travel, etc. It will fulfill your requests and satisfy your needs. Moreover, you will find the net for additional protection and better relaxation while you're inside the hammock.

Since the unit comes with the premium-quality 210T nylon parachute material and a super-durable net fabric, the hammock will accommodate you even with the highest demands and camping needs.

Of course, as the Sunyear hammock comes with this type of nylon material, it will last longer, serve you well, and it won't be accessible to damage or harm. Not even extreme outdoor conditions and pressure can destroy it so quickly. Thus, you don't need to worry about possible accidents and hassle - they cannot occur so soon, be confident.

Moreover, the producer offers a lifetime warranty period; therefore, you could replace, return the hammock or get a full monetary refund.

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Negligible design flaws

Puroma Camping Hammock - Safe & Secure

The next Puroma hammock will WOW you since it includes safe, strong, and durable content. Thus, you will meet a high-quality 210T nylon parachute material, breathable and soft, resistant to dirt, tearing, and frying. Therefore, the unit will last longer and serve you exceptionally, regardless of how robustly or excessively you use it.

Thanks to the content, the Puroma hammock is also easy to clean, dry, maintain, and keep ready for excessive application and moderation. Thus, it offers an excellent replacement for cradle, swing, ground mat, sleeping pad, tent, etc. So, it is both flexible and versatile in various conditions and surroundings.

Being a single and a double hammock, the Puroma unit provides various dimensions and capacities for one more person. Thus, the product is smaller and holds up to 400 pounds when using it in a single mode. On the other hand, the unit provides more enormous proportions and up to 500 pounds of maximum weight capacity when using it as a double hammock.

Regardless of the mode you use it; the Puroma hammock will be comfortable and ultralight, so you can fold it in your backpack or a carry bag and bring it with you wherever you travel. So, it doesn't take much space and becomes a helpful unit on the journey.

The unit comes with 18+1 loops; therefore, its adjustable and flexible tree-friendly strap is ten feet long for an effortless setup process. Thus, you could easily adjust the height and comfort level with the loops.

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Material
  • Undone threads

Best Choice Products Brazilian-Style Cotton Double Hammock Bed – Best Heavy-Duty Hammock

While not all hammocks need to be suitable for camping, you can often find one that allows you to relax a little bit.

The Best Choice Products double hammock is one of these hammocks that include a stand, as well. However, the position can be disassembled for effortless traveling, and you don’t need to find the perfect trees to set it up.

The steel frame is made from resin steel, specifically designed to resist the weather conditions. Even when left outside, it is not prone to any potential rust buildup either. Once the hammock is mounted, it is quite large, ideal to house two people. It should ideally hold around 450-pounds when mounted correctly.

All of the components used to put together this hammock can easily fit into a small carry case. It should not take you more than 10-minutes to have it set up and ready to use. Unfortunately, the hammock with the steel poles can be heavy to carry around. 30-pounds is a lot of weight to add when you are trying to keep it low.

The best part is the price.

Hammocks that include a durable or efficiently designed frame can often be expensive. However, this Best Choice Products hammock and stand are affordable. You should also note that the materials have been double-weaved, adding durability, and even making the hammock perfect for your beloved pets.

  • Pet-friendly hammock
  • Includes a durable stand
  • Sets up in under 10-minutes
  • Holds 450-pounds
  • A little heavy for traveling

Covacure Camping Hammock - Most Flexible & Reliable

Finally, the last hammock will astonish you since it offers robust, reliable, and durable features. Thus, it comes with the 210T grade nylon parachute content, suitable for fast drying and breathable enough to provide the ultimate comfort. Therefore, it won't create additional pressure, and you will also find it tear-resistant.

Due to its sturdy and robust content, the Covacure unit can support up to 772 pounds of maximum weight capacity. As you will find, the base contains two aluminum sand pegs and super-strong nylon straps with six flexible loops, so it's suitable for your whole family at once.

Additionally, the Covacure hammock comes with a hammock net made of durable and solid material. It provides smaller holes, yet it's practical and breathable to prevent bugs from getting in and allowing you maximum ventilation.

It also includes only one rope for installation; therefore, the installation process will be a piece of cake, and you can effortlessly set it up in seconds. In addition, you can easily store the mosquito net by putting the hook in the hole when you don't need it anymore. Also, you will find the inner bag to store your smaller items inside.

Being a lightweight and compact unit, the Covacure hammock is perfect for various outdoor adventures, such as camping, hiking, picnics, travel, emergencies, BBQ sessions, survivals, and many other outdoor situations and conditions.

Of course, you can always contact customer support for additional questions or dilemmas, and they will help you solve them all.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Ground stakes not so sturdy

What to Look for in a Portable Hammock?

It is not that hard to find the right hammock. However, when you are searching for something portable, you have a lot more to look for. While we won’t be looking at the standard features that many of you are already aware of.

Here are some of the other features that you should look for when buying a portable hammock.

1. Weight Capacity

best portable hammock brands

The weight capacity is always essential for your hammock. Whether you are looking for a standard or portable hammock, you need to keep this in mind.

It is much better to find a hammock that can hold two people than traveling with two separate hammocks. You might lose some privacy, but your traveling weight is reduced.

2. Weight

Most of these hammocks easily fit into a beautiful travel bag. Yes, you need to make sure that you can set it up for use, but since you need something portable, the weight should be on the lower end of the spectrum, as well.

The most important thing to influence weight is the addition of a stand. These stands are more comfortable to use when setting it up, but they are heavy.

3. Assembly

best portable hammock stand for backpacking

Not everyone feels that they need to look at the assembly, but many people have bought hammocks and still don’t know how to set them up. You should consider looking at how hard the assembly is.

Some of the top brands like Wise Owl have prettied knots in the loops. You only have to hook them around trees and tie them into the carabineers.


Are ENO hammocks worth it?

Of course, they are! The provide the best quality, design, and performance. They also include the ultimate content and materials to keep you comfortable, reduce the pressure and increase relaxing and pleasant touch skin and atmosphere.

Moreover, they are effortless to install, and due to their compact design, you can bring them with you wherever you travel.

What is the best portable hammock?

The best one is undoubtedly the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock. It offers maximum benefits and advantages regarding all the necessary points and parts, so you won't make a mistake if you opt for it.

Additionally, it's a perfect travel companion since it doesn't take too much space, and you can easily adjust it to your needs.

Should I get a single or double hammock?

best portable hammock stand

Well, it depends on your needs and demands.

Most campers choose single models as they're easier to carry and don't take much space in your backpack; however, they cannot provide enough room for another person, just for you.

But double hammocks offer more space and greater comfort for two or more people at once. However, they might be slightly heavier to carry as they're more prominent in proportions.

How do you hang a portable hammock?

You need to wrap a rope, a tree strap, or some other supporting tool securely around the two tree trunks. Afterward, use a carabiner, a knot, or other hardware and attach the suspension to the eye-end loops of your hammock.

Bear in mind that the anchoring hardware might harm trees while the tree straps are the easiest to apply and most gentle options for trees.

Which Portable Hammock Do We Recommend?

All of these portable hammocks have some excellent features, and some of them are more affordable than the others. The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock might not include all the features like straps, but you will hardly ever find something more durable.

ENO is one of the leading brands, and they have excellent customer support. You will find that this hammock is one of the easiest to set up as well.

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - DoubleNest Hammock, Portable Hammock for Two, Red/Charcoal*
  • Hammock for two: The DoubleNest is versatile, durable, and compact, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or lounging around with a friend
  • Adventure ready: Weighing only 19 ounces, the DoubleNest stuffs easily into attached storage bag; Packed Dimensions: (L x W) 5" x 5"; Unfolded Dimensions: (L x W) 9' 4" x 6' 2"
  • Trustworthy material: Falling is not an option, unless it's to sleep; made from 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta, this breathable, quick drying nylon supports up to 400 pounds; hammock straps not included
  • Master the art of lounging: Includes Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links allowing you to secure the DoubleNest to trees, poles, boat masts, or even the wall
  • Please note: ENO attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available in production, so the color and stitching of the your hammock might vary from what is pictured


We all like to get outside and relax a little. However, a hammock is a guaranteed way for you to relax. You do need to find the best possible options, as you don’t want to struggle with torn or broken hammocks.

For portability, the hammocks we reviewed should be ideal for your time outdoors and give you the best comfort.

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