The Best Porch Swing Money Can Buy In 2020

Feeling tired after a busy day or week? Enjoy drinking your morning coffee at your porch or backyard?

Besides lying in your hammock, there is no better way to charge your batteries than spending time outdoors or relaxing in your porch swing?

If you can’t imagine starting or finishing your day on your porch or in your backyard, then a porch swing is a piece of furniture you must have.

Nowadays, there have been increased demands for these swings, and that is why it has become nearly impossible to select the perfect one that offers the ultimate comfort and style..

We have reviewed the 8 best porch swings of 2020, and created a brief guide to help you with your buying process. You only need to select a brand that will meet your needs in the best possible way.


Top 3 Best Porch Swings: A Comparison Chart

best porch swing with canopy

The table below contains the top three best porch swings from our list. If you want to read about other models, you can find everything you need to know in this review.

Highwood AD-PORL1-ACE Lehigh Porch Swing, 5 Feet, Weathered Acorn*
Best Selling
Outdoor Porch Swing Deck Furniture with Adjustable Canopy Awning. Weather Resistant Wrought Iron...*
Weight Capacity
500 lbs
500 lbs
Seat dimensions
64" W x 22" H x 44" D or 52" W x 22" H x 44" D
of 38 1/2” x 17” inches
Price not available
Customer Rating's
Best Feature
304 Grade Stainless Steel
Weather and Insect Resistant White Cedar
Highwood AD-PORL1-ACE Lehigh Porch Swing, 5 Feet, Weathered Acorn*
Weight Capacity
500 lbs
Seat dimensions
64" W x 22" H x 44" D or 52" W x 22" H x 44" D
Customer Rating's
Best Feature
304 Grade Stainless Steel
Best Selling
Outdoor Porch Swing Deck Furniture with Adjustable Canopy Awning. Weather Resistant Wrought Iron...*
Weight Capacity
500 lbs
Seat dimensions
of 38 1/2” x 17” inches
Price not available
Customer Rating's
Best Feature
Weather and Insect Resistant White Cedar

Best Porch Swings On The Market: My Top 8 Choices

Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Porch Swing – The Top Rated Porch Swing

Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Porch Swing features a contemporary design and having a capacity of 800 pounds, this porch swing can comfortably carry three people.

Thanks to a kiln-dried pressure treated pine, and an eco-friendly soy-based cedar tone stain finishing, this porch swing is durable and pretty easy to clean. It comes in a rollback design that has contoured rolled seating.

The Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Porch Swing has a sturdy construction, and non-routered slats (no sharp edges) which ensure that your safety is never compromised.

The seat of this swing is ergonomically shaped and follows your body contours.

This porch swing is designed to withstand unfriendly elements encountered outdoors so that it can last for several years. It has a swing dimension of 63W x 27D x 21H inches and comes with a chain long enough to be hung from a standard 8-foot ceiling.

Overall, it is a superb porch swing.

However, some customers complained that they would love that the chain was a little longer.

  • Appealing and comfortable design
  • Comes with hanging chains included
  • Can hold up to 800 pounds
  • The chains can be longer

Better Homes & Gardens Porch Swing with Canopy – The Porch Swing with an Upscale Design

Well, manufacturers of the Better Homes & Gardens Porch Swing say that if you want to really enjoy this super-comfortable swing, you have to use it in an outdoor breeze. There isn’t a calmer feeling!

It is a porch swing with a canopy; so, the sunlight won’t stop you from using it. The canopy of the Better Homes & Gardens Porch Swing is easily adjustable; you can control the amount of the sun you want.

Also, the seat and canopy covers can easily be cleaned by using a damp cloth. No matter how strong you swing in it, it remains steadfast and stable.

Thanks to a sturdy steel frame, which has a rugged and coated finish, it is resistant to damages from natural elements. Its upscale design makes it a unique addition to any garden or backyard. You will also find it in three attractive colors that will blend perfectly with any decoration.

The Better Homes & Gardens Porch Swing is mildew, stain, and water-resistant. You can be sure that your swing will last for several years. It also has UV protection for additional security against harmful sunlight rays.

However, setting it up might be tricky at first.

  • UV protection
  • Easily cleaned
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with a canopy
  • Set up might be tricky at first.

Highwood AD-PORL1-ACE Lehigh Porch Swing – The Ultra-low Maintenance Porch Swing

Do you want to enjoy nature stress-free?

Highwood AD-PORL1-ACE Lehigh Porch Swing is one of the products that will help you achieve this and have you fall in love instantly.

This is a sturdy swing that can be used anywhere you want. Whether it is in your porch, or at a beach, you will enjoy without worries. It comes in 8 beautiful colors and simple but classy design. Besides the sturdiness, it boasts a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

The swing features a fade resistant material assembled with a 304 Grade stainless Steel hardware, which makes it an ultra-low maintenance porch swing. You can leave it outdoors for a whole year, and there will be no damage both to the wood and the zinc-plated steel chain.

Moreover, the seat of this porch swing is specially constructed to relieve you of all muscle fatigue. You can also choose between a 4 foot or 5-foot widths porch swing to complement your choice of color and maximize comfort.

This high-quality porch swing repels dirt and grime and doesn’t absorb moisture, making cleaning easy.

However, some users have complained the porch swing is a little heavy.

  • 8 beautiful color variants
  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • ultra-low maintenance
  • Heavy

Best Choice Products Iron Porch Swing Chair – The Porch Swing with a Curved Seat

Best choice products always come with amazing designs, durability, performance, and attractiveness that put them in a different class. That is very true for this particular porch swing.

It has a powder-coated iron that is rust-resistant and durable, so you will be sure it will last for many years.

This swing is well weighted, balanced, and it won’t move or be blown away on windy days. It is comfortable and large enough to carry two adults. Furthermore, it has an armrest for relaxed sitting and enough space to fit cushions for extra comfort and style.

Best Choice Products Iron Porch Swing looks stunning and also gives you the maximum relaxation. It is easy to clean, simply wipe it with a washcloth, or wash it down with a hose. The swing also comes in a versatile design which makes it usable in a variety of places.

Best Choice Products Iron Porch Swing is easy to set up, comes with four reliable chains and you can easily hang it and use the same moment you receive it.

However, the back is positioned at a 90-degree angle, which some find uncomfortable.

  • Rust-resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Bulky

Coral Coast Bay Resin Wicker Porch Swing – The Porch Swing with a Curved Arm Design

If you need a porch swing that can comfortably carry three individuals, this is the best product for you. This porch swing will suit your backyard, making it more elegant and ideal when hanging out with your family, friends, or just enjoying a favorite book.

It is made to drain water after the rain quickly. Its high-quality, acacia wood material makes it sturdy and strong enough.

The Coral Coast Bay Resin Wicker Porch Swing has a curved arm design, which allows you to rest your arms while swinging. The experience you will get from this porch swing is similar to being on a relaxing vacation, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The porch swing features sturdy and elegant constructions, so you will, with pleasure, want to invite everyone to come and create some beautiful moments.

It has a carrying capacity of 400lbs, and it can hold more than two people swinging comfortably.

This swing also uses a heavy-duty spring that enhances smooth swing action and rocking motion when three people are on it. The Coral Coast Bay Resin Wicker Porch Swing is weather resistant and comes with a seat dimension of 43L x 19W inches.

However, some customers complain it is difficult to assemble it the first time.

  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Weather resistant
  • Elegant
  • Difficult assemblage

Outdoor Porch Swing by Blossomz – The Porch Swing with a UV treated Fabrics

When you invest in Outdoor Porch Swing by Blossomz, you will be able to enjoy maximum relaxation as well as make your home more beautiful with a conventional outdoor home item.

It will fit in perfectly in a variety of styles, and instantly improve the décor of your porch without spending huge sums on home improvement strategies.

The Outdoor Porch Swing by Blossomz comes in an exciting design that will allow you to recline to maximize comfort fully. It is adjustable, so your body can get the relaxation it requires.

The canopy is also adjustable and does not require a complex mechanism of operation.

The fabrics of the Outdoor Porch Swing by Blossomz are fade resistant, and UV treated, making it adapt to the outdoor environment ideally. For added security, it comes with a high-quality, weather-resistant iron metal frame, so that you can enjoy limitless swings stress-free.

The capacity is approximately 500 lbs and comes with a seating dimension of 38 1/2” x 17” inches. It will comfortably carry two adults without compromising stability and safety.

This swing can be used at home or while camping if you love going. It comes in a cushion and non-cushion variants.

The swing is convenient for every lifestyle!

However, it comes in only one color.

  • Adjustable canopy
  • Fade resistant, and UV treated
  • Versatile
  • Available in a cushion and non-cushioned variants
  • Available in only one color

The Lakeland Mills 4 Foot Cedar Porch Swing is another quality product, and one of the best on the market. The porch swing is designed to accommodate two people and is made from insect and weather resistant cedar that will last for several years outdoors.

When it comes to comfort, this porch swing is unmatched because it was made from one of the best materials available. The classic color it comes in is specially selected to give the swing a contemporary look, which will transform your yard in an instant.

You will also appreciate the fact that this porch swing is lightweight.

The Lakeland Mills Porch Swing has curved seat slats, and this unique feature is added to enhance the level of comfort.

Apart from giving you the needed relaxation, it will enhance your interior décor, as well. The swing looks stunning in any outdoor environment and complements all other pieces of furniture, making your home gorgeous.

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This porch swing is lightweight and very easy to assemble. It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs and will conveniently accommodate two adults.

However, some customers have complained the seat might come slightly rough and might require smoothening for maximum comfort.

  • Sturdy material
  • Beautiful rustic design
  • Curved seat slats
  • Weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • Rough wood, and might require smoothening

International Caravan Tropico Iron Patio Porch Swing

Tired of wooden swings that always get damaged by cold weather, and require repairs every now and then? Then, we highly recommend this porch swing for you!

Porch swings come in a variety of designs, but all have the same purpose and use. However, International Caravan Tropico Iron Patio Porch Swing offers more than just relaxation and comfort. It is made from solid iron, making it weather resistant and suitable for extended outdoor use.

Thanks to a stable steel construct, it can comfortably carry the weight of three average-sized persons. And its EP rust protection ensures it will withstand any weather.

If you need something different from a wooden swing for outdoor entertainment and relaxation, you can’t go wrong with this porch swing.

It is easy to clean, and its beautiful black colors make it suitable for all types of decoration. Installation is easy, only requires simple tools to set it up. The swing has a seat dimension of 37 inches, wide enough for three adults.

This steel porch swing does not come with a bench cushion; you need to purchase it separately.

  • Made from solid iron
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy setup
  • Heavy

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Porch Swings

best porch swing with stand

Before buying a porch swing, there are some essential factors to consider. With these in mind, it will become easy to find the best porch swing that will meet your requirements.

The factors you should consider are the next

1. Cost 

Porch Swings are not expensive! 

You do not need to have the fortune to own one. Many top-quality swings from reputable brands are pocket-friendly, they range from between $100 - $300.

Of course, there are more expensive variants that offer both durability and larger sitting space, but if the swing is for personal use, you do not need those expensive ones.

However, if you want a high-quality swing that is durable enough to last for many years, you will need to make a significant one-time investment, rather than buying a new product often.

So, find the right balance between price and quality when making a buying decision.

2. Dimensions

best porch swing hangers

As a rule, there is a strong correlation between the width of the porch swing and the comfort it offers.

Large porch swings provide a snug feeling that is missing from the smaller sized products.

Support is also vital when we talk about swings.

A larger swing also means there will be extra comfort, which will be totally worth the investment.

3. Style

Porch swings come in varieties of extraordinary sturdy designs. You can have a swing made from classic timber or the one with canopy covers, or the one made entirely from metal…

There is a design for anyone!

Below are the more popular styles:

Classic Wooden Porch Swings

if you want an everyday outdoor home item, you should consider investing in a great wooden porch swing to beautify your surroundings.

These porch swings are mostly made from wood ranging in size from 4 – 6 feet, and a carrying capacity of 400 lbs.

Many of the top-quality swings are made from Western Red Cedar, because it does not rot from insects and bugs infestation, and it looks immaculate.

Wicker Porch Swings

Wicker Porch Swings are not just designed to add glamour and glitz to your porch or backyard. They add a totally new definition to warm nights, with its finely crafted 6ft wicker swing. 

Wicker Porch Swings are impervious to all conditions, so, it will last for many years.

They are exceptional and appealing and usually come in dark colors.

Outdoor Swing with Canopy

if you are looking on the market for a modern-day swing for your garden, the canopy porch swing is an excellent option.

They can be used on any terrace and come with a cover that shields you from the sun. They come designed with glass holders that help you stay refreshed as you swing your worries away.

You can also buy it with a casing made of trendy and chic steel.

You are guaranteed to feel supreme comfort on these swings.

4. Material

It is also crucial for your porch swing of choice to be made from comfortable materials as well as complement the decor of your house.

Many porch swings are made from solid wood such as cedar, oak, cypress and many more. The type of wood used will determine if your swing will be light or heavy.

Many porch swings made from wood tend to have a contemporary look that will easily fit any design in your garden.

5. Durability

best porch swing design

This is another factor to consider when deciding to buy your swing.

Since your swing will be outdoors most of the time, you need to select a product that will withstand harsh weather conditions such as intense sunlight or heavy rains.

If you prefer a 3-seater model, ensure that the quality of the material is solid, and there is no risk of the chains snapping when in use.

6. ​Size and capacity

The porch swings available on the market today are designed for two-person use. However, you can also find 3-person variants.

When making a purchasing decision, select a swing based on the size and capacity you need.

f you buy a small-sized swing, you will compromise comfort when using it. On the other hand, a large-sized swing will provide more space and support in exchange for the added price.

Another important factor to consider is the swing weight capacity. Some can only carry weight up to 300 pounds, while others can accommodate up to 800 pounds.


The porch swings included in this review are the best you can find on the market today.

If you want a relaxing and comfortable lounging experience, do not hesitate to buy the one that meets your needs after considering the factors mentioned above.

If you enjoy spending time in your porch or backyard, you can also consider buying a hammock with stand.

Our top-rated porch swing is the Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Porch Swing.

No products found.

It can comfortably carry three people, it’s eco-friendly, and will follow the shape of your body, enhancing the relaxation. The material that is built from is long-lasting, and its unique coating complements any décor in an instant.

However, if there is any other swing on the list that suits your preference, budget, and deserves the number one spot, please let us know in the comment box.

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