Your Complete Guide to the Best Hammock Straps in 2021

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If you have ever rested peacefully on a hammock, then plummeted to the ground without warning, you will appreciate the value of a high-quality hammock strap.

Hammocks are portable beds to take a comfortable nap, it can be used indoor, outdoor and for camping. Hammocks come in different shapes and forms, but they are not all created equal. A high-quality hammock won’t do you much good if it comes with weak or defective straps.

As a result, the tips in this article will help you find the best hammock straps, followed by a holistic review of the top 10 on the market today.


Top 3 Recommendations

Hammocks are gaining popularity, they can be found in camping sites, parks, campground, beach and forest.  It is especially popular among nature enthusiasts because of the unparalleled comfort and relaxation they offer. And more importantly, they eliminate the need to sleep on the ground.

It is therefore important you pick the best hammock straps for use. They will provide the support needed to stay off the ground, without creating a hole in your pocket.

The following are the top 3 at a glance.

10 of the Best Hammock Straps in 2021

Nature's Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps with Carabiners – The Top Rated Hammock Strap

If you do not believe there is an easy choice for the best hammock strap among all the gold and jewels on this review, well, the Nature's Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps with Carabiners is the diamond of the lot.

With over 2,000 customer reviews as at the time of writing and an out-worldly rating of 4.9, there is a reason this product stands out above its competition.

For a start, the focus here is heavily on quality, with reinforced stitching patterns that comes with a bar track design for additional support. The supporting loop is short, lighter and compact than other hammock straps while remaining stronger and more sturdy.

The loops are 10 feet long and have an amazing breaking point of 2200 lbs. It gets positive ratings for not just being very strong, but tree friendly. This translates to zero damage on trees, unlike what obtains during traditional rope hanging.

The two ten-foot-long straps that come with the Nature's Hangout is more than enough for camping, and you will also find a high-quality XL HangTight Straps for all hammock types that provides the same high quality obtained in a longer strap. If you need more space, give this hammock strap a try.

The hammock strap industry is highly competitive, but Nature's Hangout is a company that manages to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Has a breaking point of 2200 lbs
  • Comes with carabiners
  • Super strong
  • Tree-friendly
  • High quality 100% polyester material
  • No significant cons

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps – The Hammock Strap With a Robust Tension Distribution System

This versatile hammock strap is an excellent 12 feet long, 1-inch wide tree friendly strap. It is built to withstand up to 1000 lbs on each side. The 1-inch width is designed to protect tree barks from abrasion and comes with a no-stretch, heavy-duty, high-quality, triple stitched seams.

It comes in an overall package which contains two straps, a bag, and two locking carabiners. The MalloMe XL Hammock Straps can withstand a whopping 2000 lbs combined weight, and its 40 attachment loops allow the hanging of a single or double hammock with ease.

The loop reduces sagging, providing a uniform and robust distribution of tension all through the length and breadth of the hammock.

Setting up this hammock strap is a piece of cake, which will take less than a minute or so. You do not need to learn complicated knotting systems to hang or take it down.

You will also find a daisy-chained loop system that allows for easy height adjustment of your hammock as well as a high-quality polyester webbing material that keeps it in place. You do not need to worry about falling or the strap getting loose even when wet.

The MalloMe XL Hammock Straps provide superb performance and comes at a pocket-friendly price. This will make your camping a lot cozier without any hassles.

  • Affordable
  • Polyester webbing material does not stretch
  • 40 connecting loops that prevent sagging
  • Easy setup and ease of use
  • Slightly heavy

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock Straps – The Lightweight Hammock Strap

The ENO hammock strap and suspension system is super lightweight and allows a safe suspension of the anchor points 25 feet apart. While this product is extremely light, it is designed with 30 adjustment features.

The straps are durable and long, they can be tied to big rocks, poles, trees or even roof racks. Aside from that, you will also find a storage bag, which comes handy when on the go.

Additionally, the ENO straps come with three highlights that prevent stretching, so you do not need to worry about the hammock getting slack from the loose ends of the straps.

You will also find the 15 adjustment loops on each strap handy, it will help you adjust the length of the hammock as you desire.

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas strap is made from a durable polyester webbing and can hold up to 200 lbs on each side of the strap and a combined weight of 400 lbs. With this strap, falling off is not an option.

People complain conventional straps tend to come down off a pole or tree, and eventually, they land on the ground. The ENO hammock strap and suspension system is different, the superior quality of its material allows it to stay in place throughout use.

In addition to a durable polyester material that can withstand all sorts of weather, it doesn’t slip off during rain.

  • Works well with all hammocks
  • Constructed from durable Poly-filament webbing
  • Hold up to 400lbs
  • Daisy chain design for customization
  • 30 adjustable loops
  • Available in only one color

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps – The Extendable Hammock Strap

Are you tired of saggy hammocks? 

If you are, Rallt Hammock Tree Straps are here to the rescue. This product comes in two straps, each measuring 10 feet, to give a combined length of 20 feet that will help fasten your hammock in place in all type of weather conditions.

In addition to the length, you can chain more than two straps together for greater distance. It also comes with 36 carabiner loops that allow you to adjust the height and distance of your hammock as you desire.

The Rallt Hammock Tree Straps are made from high-quality polyester tubular webbing, which prevents your hammock from all forms of wear and tear. Additionally, the high-quality polyester adds to the longevity and durability of the strap, allowing it to provide a reliable support system for the strap.

Thanks to the high-quality polyester webbing, the Rallt Hammock Tree Straps can sustain weight of up to 2000 lbs and a little more before reaching its breaking point. They are super light, and travel-friendly, you do not need to worry about space when you are backpacking.

If you are skeptical about the strap compatibility with other hammocks brands, worry your head no more, it works brilliantly with other hammocks. It is easy to set up, as the daisy-chain loop system makes it a child’s play. It is super-convenient and quick.

  • Versatile use
  • Comes with a portable carry bag
  • 36 loops for better adjustment
  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Carabiners are sold separately

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps – The Versatile Hammock Strap

The Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps comes with guaranteed ease of use so you can spend time enjoying the expedition instead of burning energy and time setting up your hammock.

This product is tree-friendly, as it is designed with only a width of one full inch. This hammock strap sits flat on the tree; hence, it causes no damage at all to the tree during the hammock set up process.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps are versatile and are 100% compatible with other hammocks. They are easy to work and can be up and running in minutes.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this hammock strap is you do not need to learn complex knotting systems to have it set up. Set up is very easy, even a child can do it all by himself, and it won’t take longer than a minute or two.

Whatever your type of hammock, be it, ultra-light, portable, or a double hammock, the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps works well with all.

You will also find an outfitter with two straps, each 10 feet long and having 19 loops on each side. This allows for easy flexibility and adjustment of your hammock. Additionally, the polyester straps are firm and do not stretch at all.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps is slightly bulky at 15 ounces; a feature some users complain about.

  • 20 feet long straps
  • Tree-friendly
  • 38 loops for greater adjustability
  • Slightly heavy

Bear Butt Hammock Straps – The Soft Hammock Strap

It's about time you say goodbye to old ropes. 

The Bear Butt Kodiak strap will make your camping expedition easier and much more fun with its ease of use. This hammock strap is as soft as a puppy yet hard as a bear. And with its unique technology and superior construct, the Bear Butt Hammock Straps leaves no room for disappointment.

Each side of the strap is 10 feet long, and a combined length of 20 feet and one-inch width. It is designed with 40 loops in total to bring about a highly adjustable setup. The straps are made from high-quality reinforced nylon that can carry about 1000 lbs and more.

The Bear Butt Hammock Straps are tree-friendly and are very easy to set up. With the super-softness of the straps, you can wrap it around the tree without damaging or hurting it. All you need to do is to loop it around the tree and pull it at the other end, then clip the carabiner which comes with it for the perfect hang.

The Bear Butt Hammock Straps will give you the maximum satisfactory experience, whether it is used in the backyard or the wilderness.

They are versatile and unique, and comes with a universal tension that requires no specific stand, plus, it works with all hammock perfectly. This product comes with a lightweight carrying case, 2 strong metal carabiners, and two 10 feet long straps. Your experience will be smooth.

  • Soft yet strong
  • Carabiner and bag included
  • 10 feet strap on each side
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Can only carry up to 1000 lbs and a bit more

pys XL Hammock Tree Straps – The Hammock Strap With No Complex Knots

You should not be spending a lot of time setting up a hammock, it should take the shortest possible time. And that is why pys has produced this high-quality product.

The pys hammock strap is easy to set up and use, even kids can get this ready in a couple of minutes. They are convenient straps that can be used on thick trees and comes with a convenient carrying pouch such that you can take your strap anywhere you want as they are essential camping accessories.

The pys hammock strap is 10 feet each, 20 feet in total, and its reinforced double-power stitching makes it a heavy duty hammock strap. You will also find a 100% no-stretch polyester webbing, and carrying capacity of 2000 lbs. Making it one of the best hammock straps on the market.

Setting up takes little under a minute, as it comes with no difficult knots to tie. Just wrap it around the tree or pole or anything strong enough to hold the hammock, and you are good to go.

The pys hammock strap represents excellent value for money when you consider its quality and the price its being sold for in comparison to its more expensive competitors. And it comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

  • Lightweight for backpacking
  • Solid materials and construction
  • Easy set up and doesn’t take much time
  • Comes with Long straps making it easy to find convenient anchor points
  • Loops may be challenging to hook

Foxelli Hammock Straps – The Hammock Strap Designed for the Perfect Hanging Angle

If you are tired of hammock straps with short lengths and mediocre performance, then the Foxelli Hammock Straps is a godsend to you. This product provides extra length and top quality performance to keep you worry-free.

It has a total length of 20.4 feet long combined, 40 hammock attachment loops plus 2 tree attachment loops, which enables you to achieve the perfect hanging angle while making it one of the longest and heavy-duty straps available on the market.

The Foxelli Hammock Straps is made from high density, zero stretch, heavy duty, triple stitched polyester webbing that can withstand a whopping 1000 lbs on each side and a combined 2000 lbs. Setting up is an easy task that requires just about 90 seconds or less.

The hammock tree hanging straps includes 2 carabiners, 2 hammock straps that fit into a portable carrying bag that comes with the overall package. The entire package is ultra-lights and weigh 1.2 lbs only.

It is excellent for travel camping, hiking, and backpacking. It is must-have camping gear.

The high-quality polyester on the Foxelli Hammock Straps makes sure your hammock remains in place even in extreme weather conditions. It saves you the need to worry about stretching and/or falling to the ground even when the strap is wet.

  • Can carry up to 2000 LBS of weight
  • Comes with 40 hammock attachment loops and 2 tree attachment loops in total to help you achieve the perfect hanging position
  • Triple-stitched polyester webbing for durability
  • Ultralight and weighs only 1.2 LBS
  • Available in only one color

Pro Hammock Tree Straps with CARABINERS

Camping in nature is fantastic as long as it carries a certain level of environmental responsibility in it. We shouldn’t leave marks behind and damage the trees like it does not matter, especially when there is a bunch of tree-friendly equipment on the market nowadays. Pro Venture Hammock Straps and Carabiners Set is one of such.

These hammock straps are one inch wide and flat in design, therefore being tree-friendly as they leave no marks behind like old fashioned ropes do.

Furthermore, each strap measures eleven feet, so you get twenty-two feet of length in total, which is more than enough for improvisation in nature and whatever other circumstances.

These Pro Venture straps are made of ripstop polyester and additionally reinforced with triple stitching for maximum security at anchor points.

When it comes to security, each strap has 200 pounds weight capacity but has been tested for 600 pounds successfully, which makes a total weight capacity of 1200 pounds.

Also, every strap has twenty-two loops, which give you a lot of freedom in adjusting the length of your straps without complicated knots.

And finally, the excellent offer also includes two premium wire gate carabiners, made from aluminum with 1100 lbs weight capacity each.

  • Tree-friendly
  • Adjustable (44 loops)
  • Reliable, 1200lbs tested capacity
  • Includes carabiners
  • 22 feet long
  • Ripstop polyester
  • Reinforced stitching
  • /

Sahara Sailor Hammock Straps

Sahara Sailor brings another premium-quality product to our list, extraordinarily durable and extra-long, therefore pretty useful in surprising wild conditions.

Before we get to the review itself, a few words about the manufacturer. Sahara Sailor is a reliable manufacturer whose director is a retired engineer. Most of his life, he spent hiking and climbing, which is why his mission is to create the best possible equipment for these purposes. Whom can you trust if not the man who knows his business?

Now, these Sahara Sailor straps are made of 100% ripstop polyester and additionally reinforced with triple stitching to prevent tearing apart at loops.

When combined, the straps are twenty feet long and include thirty anchor points plus two tree-attachment loops, which makes the total of thirty-two anchor points to choose from.

Furthermore, these traps have been tested to endure the load weighing 1400 lbs, which is among the highest weight capacities on the market. On the other hand, the straps themselves weigh only fourteen ounces so you won’t feel them in your backpack.

Finally, this offer also includes two stainless steel carabiners and a carrying bag, so you have all you need for the effortless setup. Importantly, the manufacturer gives 24 months warranty for this product.

  • Ripstop material
  • Includes carabiners
  • 30 loops
  • 1400 pounds weight capacity
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • 24-months warranty
  • It may get snagged

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Hammock Straps

The hammock strap is a small equipment with a big job; it supports the weight of your hammock and keeps you from plummeting to the ground.

Since it supports your weight, you must keep its durability, length, and versatility in mind. If you are taking it camping, the weight of the strap as well as how it works with trees should also be considered.

1. Durability

best lightweight hammock straps

This piece of equipment takes a lot of weight, and it is necessary the hammock stand over time. Apart from supporting your weight, it should also be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions without taking too much wear and tear.

Most people use hammock outdoors; therefore, durability against the weather is a must.

2. Length

You can tie your hammock to poles, but there is a chance you will want to set up in between two trees. If nature has provided a perfect spot, you need a strap long enough to reach the support points. So, consider this before making a purchasing decision.

If you go on camping, where you settle may often change, it is, therefore, necessary to have a long strap that covers more space, so you don’t miss a perfect camping spot.

3. Versatility

If your hammock is meant for use in different places or for various purposes, it is important you purchase a hammock strap versatile enough for use in a variety of environments. You may set your hammock in the backyard one time, and then in a camp the following week, and the surfaces to attach your strap will vary.

You should ensure your strap supports will work fine wherever you hang it.

4. Weight

best length for hammock straps

For any camping adventure, weight is often a concern, as you don’t want to overload yourself, hauling your supplies from one place to the other. It is important you go for a lightweight, thin strap that occupies little space and adds little weight to your load.

The good news is, most high-quality hammock straps meet both requirements and will still support a large weight capacity.

5. Webbing and Tree Straps

If you are taking your hammock for camping, and plan to use trees as support, either tree or webbing strap is essential. These will help balance the weight of the hammock over a wider area, which reduces the chance of scaring the tree unlike when there is a strong force of a rope or thin strap.

Beyond being perfect for any tree you use, tree straps come with easy to use clips. This will come handy if you are not familiar with rope work or do not want the stress or worry of your knots coming undone suddenly, a tree strap will give you an easy and simple alternative.

6. Easy to Setup

The time needed to set up a hammock is valuable. You need to make finding straps with simple set up a priority. With lesser time spent setting up your hammock, there will be longer time to relax.

High-quality straps will stay in place for long. You will save time from going down to adjust the height every now and then.

7. Material

Most hammock straps are made durable by polyester webbing or nylon. You should consider a material that prevents the straps from stretching.

8. Color

Color is important if you want your strap to blend with the coolness of the trees and grasses, then, green color is the best. If you are using your hammock in the dark, you should go for bright colors that are easily identifiable in the dark.

9. Other Features

 best hammock straps for backpacking

The following features are what you need to check. Some may seem small, but they still matter.

  • Storage bag – the accompanying storage bag must be big enough for the straps to fit in and close really well.
  • The shape and size of the carabiner – You should also pay cognizance to the Carabiner, it is crucial in determining the convenience and strength during setup.
  • Loops – the number of loops on the daisy chain straps will determine the versatility of the height of your hammock.


Do you need hammock straps?

If you want your hammock to stay in place, then yes, you need hammock straps! They make sure your weight is held safely, and you can relax away knowing your hammock won’t snap anytime soon!

Many hammocks will include straps in the purchase, but we found that some come without, so you need to purchase them separately.

You may also find that some hammocks have a rope instead of a strap but those proved not to be user-safe and environmentally-friendly.

How to use hammock straps?

Hammock straps are easier than you might think! All you should do is wrap the strap around the tree, loop one end through the other, and use a carabiner to attach the loop strap and the hammock.

Believe it or not, that’s it! There’s not much science behind the installation since hammocks straps are relatively user-friendly!

How to hang a hammock with straps?

Now that you have found the best hammock straps from our review, it’s time you put those bad boys to the test. So pack your bags; we are going hammocking!

To hang a hammock with straps, you need to note one crucial step. Do not attach the hammock until you have installed the last strap!

Make sure you have chosen the correct tree distance, and you can start adjusting the first strap. First, wrap it around the tree and use the loops to secure it tightly. Next, use the carabiners to attach the hammock and make sure it’s not touching the ground once it’s done.

best hammock straps 2019

How long do hammock straps last?

The durability of the hammock straps will mostly depend on their use.

If you use them frequently, you can expect them to last from one to two years tops! However, there are high-quality models on the market that guarantee a 10-year use which is impressive!

We always recommend you invest in a high-quality product as this is an accessory responsible for your security.

How do you know if a tree can hold a hammock?

Choosing the correct type of tree should be your number one task when hammocking. Always check if there are any dead branches or weak points. If you spot any, it’s time you find another tree.

Often when there are cracks at the crotch of the branches and trunks, it could be a severe problem. So instead, pick a tree that is stable and thick enough. With them, you can rest sure because they can hold your weight correctly.


Now that you’ve become an expert for hammock straps, let us once again remind you of the creme de la creme in this branch- the amazing HangTight Hammock Straps with Carabiners.

These hammock straps have 20 feet in length with 32 adjustable loops in total, being pretty functional for improvisation between the trees. Their incomparable 2200 pounds breaking strength launched them to the very top of the market, along with the heavy-duty ripstop polyester webbing.

Furthermore, they are lightweight and come with two sturdy carabiners and, most importantly, a guarantee.

The above-reviewed straps have almost the same features but slightly differ on specifics and price. If any of the above product makes your top spot, please indicate in the comment box.

Hammock Straps for Trees with 2 Carabiners - 10 FT Tree Swing Strap - Rope Hammock 2100+ LBS Heavy...*
  • #1 HAMMOCK STRAPS FOR TREES HEAVY DUTY - The swing straps are 10 Ft (20 Ft total) x 1in Wide (Tree-Friendly), 16 attachment loops (32 Combined), 350+ Lbs per strap (700 Total), 2 Premium Aluminum Wire Gate Carabiners in a lightweight (14.7oz) bag
  • EASY SET UP TREE SWING STRAPS HANGING KIT - Nature's Hangout's tree-friendly straps are set up in minutes without any tools or knots. Safely suspend by anchor points over 20 feet apart. Included carabiners are ultralight with no sharp edges to snag!
  • STRONG & ADJUSTABLE HAMMOCK EXTENDER STRAPS - Extra long hammock straps are crafted from high-quality, weather resistant polyester for durability. Double-stitched, daisy chain system makes them easy to adjust. Stay in place, even while wet!
  • HAMMOCK TIES FOR TREES COMPACT AND PORTABLE - With a convenient & lightweight carrying pouch, the tree swing straps are easy to transport and store. Perfect for camping, travel, and backpacking, the straps are compatible with all types of hammocks!
  • ROPE HAMMOCK WARRANTY - Our tree hanging guarantee guarantees excellent customer service. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us immediately. Enjoy your outdoor adventures with the ultimate hammock hanging solution!