Top 5 Hammock Mosquito Nets for Hiking And Camping in 2019

best mosquito hammock

Nothing compares to outdoor camping. Fresh air, the natural energy that flows through you, is indeed an extraordinary experience when it comes to sleeping outdoors.

However, nobody likes resting on a hard and rocky surface, but if you use a tent, what else should you do?

Sleep in the trees? Exactly.

The hammock is a fantastic way to sleep comfortably without disturbing the natural world around you. Relaxing in a hammock has many advantages, among which it is not necessary to sleep on the rough and uneven ground.

When it comes to the hammock, you want to get a model that is great and features a lot.

The hammock mosquito nets are specially designed to ensure comfortable sleep during the night without having to wake up with a reddened and itchy face.

If you're new to hammock mosquito nets, here is a compiled list of the best models to choose from as well as tips and suggestions to find the right hammock for you.

Best Places To Go Trailer Camping in Michigan

Nothing beats gathering around a campfire, and there is nothing like camping when you want an adventure.

If you are traveling to Michigan, one of the best things to do is take your RV and go trailer camping. Known as the ‘Great Lakes State’, it is home to more than 11,000 inland lakes, 78 state parks, 6 state forests and 19 state recreation areas.

So when you go trailer camping in Michigan, you are never far away from the lush greenery, sparkling water and all the natural wonders that it has to offer. The best part is that there are over 1,000 campgrounds statewide, each with its own unique perks, ensuring that you can always find the perfect place to go trailer camping.

Top Campgrounds in Michigan for Trailer Camping

Here is a look at the best campgrounds to go trailer camping in Michigan.

#1. Harbortown RV Resort

Located on the mesmerizing Lake Erie, Harbortown RV Resort is one of the top destinations when you are on an RV trip. What makes it so perfect is its close proximity to some of the most famous attractions in Michigan, including the Henry Ford Museum, River Raisin Battlefield, and Greenfield Village. The resort has something for everyone, making it an ideal choice for family trips.

#2. White River RV Park & Campground

Located in the scenic Muskegon County in west Michigan, the White River RV Park & Campground is just a few minutes from some of Lake Michigan’s most popular beaches.

The local area also has awesome attractions for you to enjoy, including Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park, Pere Marquette Park, Hackley and Hume Historic Site, Silver Lake Sand Dunes and the USS Silversides Submarine Museum.

#3. Lake Shore RV Resort & Campground by Outdoor Adventures

Located near the city of Flint, this is another one of Michigan’s most popular RV resorts and campgrounds. Surrounded by nature trails and set along a lake, Lake Shore is the perfect place for trailer camping if you are looking for not just a beautiful but also tranquil setting. When you want a break from nature, you can visit the tourist attractions, shops and restaurants nearby.

#4. Poncho’s Pond RV Park

This RV park is located in Ludington by Lake Michigan and a must-visit if you are traveling in your RV through Michigan. Poncho’s Pond is situated on 37 acres of grassy green land that surrounds a pretty 3-acre pond, making it a great locale to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. But you can also have a lot of fun and excitement as it is just a short drive away from some of the most interesting attractions in Michigan, including Sandcastles Children’s Museum, Big Sable Point Lighthouse, Stearns Park, and Amber Elk Ranch.

#5. Covert/South Haven KOA Holiday

This is an award-winning RV park and campground in Michigan’s south-west region. Covert/South Haven is close to some of the most famous locations in the state such as South Haven, St. Joseph, Holland and Saugatuck. You can enjoy the fun on-site activities that the RV park offers. But you can also venture out and explore the tourist attractions around the area, including the Van Buren State Park, Michigan Maritime Museum, Chocolate Garden and South Haven Light.

#6. Holland State Park Beach Campground

Holland State Park is one of the most renowned attractions in Michigan, making it a must-visit while you are here. The best part is that you can park your RV in its campground and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

You can soak in the sun and relax in its famous sprawling beach on Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa. Holland State Park Beach Campground also offers visitors a multitude of awesome on-site recreational activities, ensuring that you are never bored and do not have to travel around to have a good time.

Other amazing places to go trailer camping in Michigan include Camp Lord Willing RV Park, Sandy Pines Recreation Community RV Resort & Campground, Hideaway RV Park and City of Houghton RV Park.

As you can see, you have many names to choose from when you want to travel through the state in your RV and go travel trailer.

Ardent Footsteps will help you have tips and tricks, you will feel like staying in your home. When you are looking for excitement and adventure on your next trip, make your way to beautiful Michigan and have an unforgettable time amidst nature’s many wonders.

When Is Spearfishing Season? What Time Best For Spearfishing

Actually, there is no specific season for spearfishing. However, spring and fall seems to be the best time for spearfishing. For instance, water is less tense during spring which makes it excellent for spearfishing.

There is a wide variety of fish around the river to catch at the season of fall which makes spearfishing easier. Also the temperature falls during this period and the night becomes longer.

Spearfishing is excellent in the afternoon to early evening, but, poor in the late morning to early afternoon, and the winter is not your best spearfishing season, unless, it is ice fishing and it is quite different from other seasons for it demands different techniques and spearfishing gears.

When Is hiking Season?

Some will say hiking is best enjoyed during summer for the fact that, in this period no rain and no cold, while some will say hiking is pleasurable during the winter or autumn season because no heat and, while some say, it is best enjoyed in the spring.

There is no season hiking is not pleasurable, it all depends on personal preference and location, some location favors summer to spring while some favor autumn to winter.

However, there are little hiccups associated with every season as well as advantages.

Therefore we will be discussing on each season and we believe, from the discussion you will able to pin point the season that suits you to hike because, it does depends on personal preference, for hiking is excellent in every season.

Climbing Island Peak Nepal

After some hectic days, you eventually decided to cool off by engaging hike to island peak, and you need all information you can get on engaging island peak-do not worry, for we are here to take you through the exercise with the necessary tips, but firstly, let’s do some introduction.

Island peak is located in the vicinity of Mount Everest in Nepal. It can be seen to be an extension of the Mount Lhotse (fourth highest mountain in the world) and Mount Everest. Island peak is 6.189m or 20.305ft above the sea level.

Getting to island peak require a 19-day hike from the Lukla airport in the Everest region, and you won’t get to sight island peak until day 6 or 7 of your trekking, at Dingbouche .

To climb island peak is not difficult as it seems even for beginner with the few tips we will be dishing out to you as our token to make your climbing worthwhile.

Why Climbing Is A Good Exercise

There is a great possibility you will engage climbing when hiking, however, climbing itself is an exercise on its own that is worthy of engaging and it can as well be engage in the gym.

Whether gym climbing or the outdoor climbing one thing that is certain is, you will work out your muscles to a very great degree and also your body thereby improving your total well being which includes your body and brain.

However, a successful climbing entails having great strength, ability to endure, having agility and good mental control therefore, you have to imbibe the techniques of rock climbing before engaging as a newbie and if you are a pro in it or whichever, let me hit you with some of the reason why climbing is a good exercise

Climbing For Beginners

Climbing can be intimidating and discouraging at first but it will eventually turns out to be an easy ride as you get more involves, so starting is the key.

Besides, climbing should not be an exercise one will want to stay away from, because of the great benefits that come with which include - prevention of chronic diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, boost of mood, improvement of your cognitive abilities and many more.

So if you don’t see any reason to engage climbing, engage it for the sake of aforementioned benefits. Not even with these prevalent cases of depression and suicide-engaging climbing gives you the opportunity to be free from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Why Hiking Alone Is Dangerous

In as much as solo hiking is nice, at least, it gives you the opportunity to process, explore and to adopt the knowledge, ideas and skills you know but never have any real chance to internalize them it is also dangerous.

Hiking alone, free you from noise, people, civilization and make you one with nature.

It also brings so much calmness to you and at the same time it gives you the opportunity to thrive well in the face of adversity, grow stronger and make you dependent of no one even in difficult situations- all these are good but it doesn’t come on a platter of gold, it comes with pain, risk, regret, severe injury or death.

When Hiking How Much Water To Bring

Bringing water along when hiking should not be an argument and neither is it an option.

The importance of drinking water cannot be overemphasized; the body needs water to function properly well. Moreover, studies establish that that it is imperative to drink at least 15 cups of water (about 3.7 liters) a day because staying hydrated every time is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

However, when hiking you cannot stick to the normal volume of water intake per day because, your body loses too much fluid that must be refuel and refueling it demands taking along enough water.

Hiking How To Start For Beginner

You are missing a lot if you’ve never hit the trail before- you are missing the fun, pleasure and the health benefits such as improvement of endurance and stamina, aid the prevention of diabetes, boosting your mood, improving your cognitive abilities, reduction of cholesterol and aids prevention of cardiovascular disease.

In fact if you won’t do it for the fun do it for the health benefits that with it and hiking is good for everyone including the ones that are usually restricted to the confinement of their office, common! You got to stretch your legs, your body one of these days, you do need it.fact if you won’t do it for the fun do it for the health benefits that with it and hiking is good for everyone including the ones that are usually restricted to the confinement of their office, common! You got to stretch your legs, your body one of these days, you do need it.