Best Amok Draumr Hammock Kit Review 2023! Is It Right for You?

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Hammocks have been one of the most sought-after outdoor pieces of equipment. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which is right for you.

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder that won’t break the bank, then look no further than the Amok Draumr hammock kit! In this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at features, pricing, and value to help you decide if this set is right for your needs.

So let's take a closer look at what makes this particular hammock stand out from all the rest.


Take away key points:

- The Amok hammock comes with a huge tarp, bug net, and other units to keep you safe while in the nature

- The pad easily installs, and it won't create issues with your feet

- You can easily install and adjust the straps for the full use of the hammock 

- The hammock offers different sitting or sleeping positions, and you can adjust them to your needs

Final verdict: Overall, the Amok review is an excellent hammock, thanks to its protection, ease of use, comfort, and protection. The tarp is also easy to adjust and use. You can fully enjoy your adventure lying flat in the pad, and the bug net will prevent intruders from coming in.

You can make the hammock tarp yours if you click here, and the price will wow you! 

Main Features:

- Comfort: 5/5 (thanks to different sleeping positions, you can easily adjust the hammock to your needs)

- High-quality material: 5/5 (made of HD nylon, the hammock will last for an extended period in different weather conditions)

- Weight capacity: 5/5 (suitable for all kinds of campers)

- Price: 4.5/5 (too pricey for some users)

What we like
  • different sleeping positions
  • innovative design
  • durability
  • sturdiness
  • weight capacity
  • ease of use
  • accessories
What we don't like
  • higher price tag
  • Amok Draumr part-gathered end hammock for all fans!

Amok Draumr hammock kit review: The most complete buying guide

If you like backpacking and hammock camping, the Amok Draumr review is the right one for you! Learn all benefits the build-quality hammock review offers to learn why you need it for your outdoor adventures. Let's start!

Amok Draumr inflatable sleeping pad: Innovative design and structure

As soon as you open the box, you will notice that the sleeping hammock is huge. Thanks to its huge dimensions and weight capacity, the Draumr requires a large space for hammock camping, unlike traditional hammock units.

The dimensions measure 16 x 23 cm, offering an extra-long structure, with a full weight capacity of 180 kg. For this reason, the reviews show this is an ideal backpacking hammock for all enthusiasts, regardless of their height and weight. The hammock supports and accommodates your sleeping sitting position, unlike a traditional hammock which might be limited to some extent.

In addition, the hammock offers 290 cm of adjustment straps for an advanced suspension system. Thus, pulling and managing the suspension straps will be a breeze, and you can adjust the whole setup features to meet your standards.

Many hammocks are good for their capacity, however, the Amok Draumr stands out for its innovative designs and advanced supporting technology. So, you should choose it as your top hammock solution.

Amor Draumr hammock: High-quality materials

The inflated sleeping pad is also ideal for its premium-quality standards. The hammock consists of high-quality nylon material, making more room for users, and is extremely durable and sturdy for all weather conditions.

You can use the hammock sleeping pad for warm and cold weather; however, Amok recommends using extra accessories to protect yourself from different weather elements and insects.

Thus, you will get extra protection, similar to those in tents when hanging the hammock for sleep and camping. You won't have any issues with the wind and similar adverse conditions, as the accessories will fully protect you from the weather.

So, the hammock is a more advanced version of the old Amok Draumr 3.0 version, ideal for all types of camping, hiking, backpacking, and similar outdoor adventures. Of course, you can look for other different models available on the market, but none will provide you with as much quality as this hammock.

Amor Draumr hammock sleeping pad: Comfort features

amok draumr hammocks


Thanks to its overall design and suspension system, the hammock with a sleeping pad offers maximum comfort and support while using it. The hammock is highly adjustable, and you manage the straps, foot end, and head end to create more room for your needs.

You can lie flat, lay something inside the hammock, or sit comfortably in chair mode, and sleep flat soundly and comfortably on the sleeping pad. The foot box is also not an issue while you sleep or lie flat, or lay your body in the wanted position.

You won't twist or turn and the foot end will not have any heavy side to your position in the hammock or sit-chair mode when you use the hanging hammock sleeping pad as a chair.

Of course, the Amok tarp is also here to provide you with additional comfort in the sleeping pad. The Amok tarp is a larger tarp, ideal for all weather elements, acting as a rain cover, bug net, shade, mosquito net, and a small tent gear when backpacking. The customers will also find different accessories, but if you need only tarps for the night setup, this style is an ideal solution for you.

No hall hammocks will come with a large style tarp to cover you while you lay, sleep or lie flat for comfortable sleeping, which is another reason the Amok hammock stands out. The previous model also did not have that option, so the 5.0 version is an improvement.

Of course, you can compare it with other different Amock hammocks, such as Amok Fjol LW inflatable insulated pad, or Amok Segl ultralight hammock. The Fjol model uses better insulation, while the Segl hammock offers a lighter design and gear for the tent-like hammock. But, our Amok Draumr XL hammock leads in the protection and comfortable system, which is why many fans choose it as the best review.

If you like changing positions, the balancing act is there to prevent you from falling off to the ground and ensures a cozy sleep during the night. The suspension straps also keep you safe and sound, and your head intact while camping inside the hammock/chair. So, you can relax and nothing wrong will happen.

Amor Draumr hammocks: Installation

The review shows that the camping hammock easily installs on the two trees, and you need to pull the straps to make it tall enough to meet your standards. Besides, you can always loosen the straps and pull them again if you need them taller or lower, and ensure easy access to the chair or hammock style.

The hammock will hang sturdy between the two trees, and protect you from wildlife and different predators. So, it's ideal for your camping adventure. But, that's not all. The tarp also has different straps and other necessary gear to attach to the trees and create additional protection.

However, you can also adjust the straps on one side if you, for instance, want more protection on that side, instead of flat tent protection. So, you can with the easy-to-use gear, you can easily hang both the hammock and the tarp on the tree. The tarp will fully protect you regardless of the chair or hammock use.

You will find the color-coded carabiners and similar gear inside the repair kit and you can pitch, loosen or tighten the straps and other parts of the tarp to make the hammock flat or follow your body line. 

Of course, once you pull out the hammock, you need to secure the final blue carabiner to the blue loop on the line. You then add the pad in the hammock slot designated for it at the hammock's feet parts.

Concerning adding a sleeping pad to the hammocks, that is also not an issue, as you need to find the pad sleeve and insert the pad inside the foot part. The hammock works with different mat types, such as Exped Synmat, Wellax, and other brands, so you can use the versatile feature to find the best pad solution as well.

Amok Drmaur sleeping hammock: Ease of use

The hammock is generally easier to use than the tent. You can easily install and adjust it to your needs, and you will find only the straps to pull or detach the unit. It requires less setup gear than the tent ground camping.

In addition, you don't need stakes, screws, and similar units necessary for tests, and you can easily pack the accessories in the bag and bring them with you. But for tents, you will need to remove the ground stakes, remove the tarp, and other parts to ensure there are present, and then pack each of the accessories separately.

Of course, you also need to remove the pad or sleeping bag and pack it separately from the other units, and it might require more space than the hammock. So we prefer the hammock better than the ground camping.

Amok Draumr camping hammock: Accessories

amok draumr 5.0 review


The Amok Draumr camping hammock comes with different camping accessories to ensure the best use while hanging on the trees. The kit contains different pockets and a stuff sack

The pockets are ideal for the bug net, mosquito net, tarp, and other necessities required for flawless camping and sleep experience. You can adjust the bug net and other accessories and make them suitable for your needs, pitch, loosen or tighten them to protect yourself on the tree. 

However, once you finish your camping adventure, you can easily pack the hammock, tarp, and other accessories inside the pocket units. Each pocket of the kit is big enough to keep your things in their place. so, you can find a pocket for the straps, a pocket for the hammock bug net, one for the tarp, etc. So, the kit ensures all your belongings are secure and close to you while moving around, packing, or unpacking.

Now, you can also choose different competitors to check their review points and standards, but our choice stands out, as the advanced standards come with the high-quality kit, making it more secure than the traditional hammock kits. But you can still find them on Amazon and compare their features.

Amok Draumr camping hammock kit: Price point

This is one drawback we're not quite fond of regarding this review. The Amok Draumr has a much higher price tag than other competitors available on the market. Some of them include the WintMing, Easthills, Grand Trunk, and similar hammock options.

Generally, their price tags are less than $100, and they offer good quality standards for the price. However, none of these hammocks will provide you with an advanced suspension system, different sleeping positions, and comfort as the Amok hammock.

In addition, many of the competitor units do not have the tarp protection or extra accessories - bug net, and similar units that you can independently hang on the tree and protect your body fully from all potential accidents.

For this reason, although we know the price tag is higher than the competitors, (almost $300), we still chose it as the best hammock available, for its safety, comfort, and protection standards.

Are there alternatives?

If you're looking for an alternative to the Amok Draumr 5.0 version, there are plenty of great options out there. From handwoven hammocks to colorful polyester alternatives, there's something for everyone.

Here are some of our top picks:

DoubleNest Giving Back Print Hammock - This hammock is made from lightweight parachute nylon and comes with a carabiner and nautical-grade line. It's easy to set up and offers plenty of comfort features, such as a 400-pound capacity and a breathable design that won't trap heat. Plus, it's reasonably priced at around $70.

Parks Project Shroom Hammock - This hammock is made from recycled plastic bottles and features a unique mushroom pattern design. It's lightweight yet durable, making it perfect for camping trips or backyard lounging. Plus, it comes with two carabiners and tree straps so you can easily hang it up wherever you go. The price point is around $90.

Kootek Camping Hammock - This hammock is made from strong 210T parachute nylon fabric and comes with two heavy-duty steel carabiners and two tree straps for easy installation. It also has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and can be used as a double or single hammock depending on your preference. The price point is around $50-$60.

Cotton Rope Hammock - This classic cotton rope hammock is perfect for those who want something simple yet comfortable to relax in their backyard or patio area. It's made from durable cotton rope that won't stretch or sag over time, plus it comes with zinc-plated o-rings for easy installation on trees or posts in your yard or garden area. The price point is around $80-$90 depending on the size and style chosen.


Are Amok hammocks good?

Yes, Amok hammocks are good! The Amok Draumr 5.0 is a great option for those who like to sleep flat and comfortably on their side, back, and stomach. It features chair mode and a 360 panoramic view. Plus, it's made with high-quality materials that are designed to last.

amok draumr vs haven tent


Where are amok hammocks manufactured?

Amok Hammocks are manufactured by Amok Equipment, a Norwegian bushcraft-enthusiast company. Amok Equipment is based in Norway and produces its hammocks from there.

Final thoughts

The Amok Draumr 5.0 hammock kit is an amazing product for all campers. It has a variety of features including bug protection, comfort, and convenience that make it stand out from the other options on the market.

With its thoughtful design and high-quality materials, you can easily rest while enjoying the outdoors with confidence. As a camper, you should seriously look into this hammock to get the most out of your camping experience.

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