Make Your Yard Super Fun With the Best Spider Web Swings in 2020

Decorating our yard while also making it functional and fun for the kids can be truly exhausting. What we need is something that will encourage them to spend more time outdoors, be safe for them but also fun.

So, how can we achieve this?

A simple spider web swing can transform your yard into a playground while still being a place where you can relax and enjoy. Due to its design and tilt functionality, they're more attractive to kids than the regular swings and hammocks, but with the right construction, they can support adults as well.

We’ve searched the market and formed a list of the best spider web swings in 2020. Read and see why they are great!


Best Spider Web Swings Money Can Buy: My Top 5 Favorites

SUPER DEAL 40'' Spider Web Tree Swing – Top Pick Spider Web Swing

When it comes to spider web swings, the best seller SUPER DEAL 40'' Spider Web Tree Swing is a true queen. From the price and dimensions to the capacity, this functional swing fulfills every criterion for being a perfectly safe and fun place for your kids and you to rest. Let's see why!

The nest is made of quality polypropylene rope, tightly hand-braided into a spider web of exceptional durability and strength. The durable 71''nylon netting is weather-resistant and UV-resistant as well, yet quite spacey. The swing is 40'' broad in diameter, and can thus safely support many kids at once.

Its total capacity is 660 lbs, which surely makes it the leader on the market. Furthermore, padded steel frame, additionally enwrapped in plastic rope, ensures the safety and speed of the swing.

In addition to this, the frame is also anti-corrosive and protected from the water so you can be sure it will last for years.

Less crafty ones will love this swing since it comes with detailed instructions and is very easy to assemble. Moreover, SUPER DEAL 40'' Spider Web Tree Swing is very light, only 12.5 pounds, and can be folded down, which makes it very practical during moving times and trips.

Finally, despite all the advantages, SUPER DEAL Swing is pretty budget-friendly, almost the most economical choice on the market.

  • Capacity 660lbs
  • Affordable
  • Durability
  • Polypropylene rope
  • Padded steel frame
  • Easy assembling
  • No rotation

Royal Oak Giant 40" Spider Web Tree Swing – Runner-Up Spider Web Swing

If you want to pay for the quality, you must not miss the Royal Oak Giant 40" Spider Web Tree Swing, a more luxurious choice in swings world.

As the name itself suggests, this giant spider web swing is 40'' full in diameter and can support up to 600 lbs. This excellent capacity enables you to enjoy the fun swing time with your kid or let him/her call some friends to playtime.

Durability is not the feature you should worry about since the swing consists of weather-resistant, extra thick rope and steel frame. The rope is adjustable with the range of 2 ft., giving you more freedom in positioning your swing and choosing the right height.

Your kids will love it since it also includes a set of eight, removable Velcro flags that contribute to the unique, joyful look of this swing. They even threw in 2 carabiners to facilitate the installment.

When it comes to the installation, it is effortless to assemble, and all the needed material is in the set, so it takes only a few minutes to join it once you figure what goes where.

To ensure the safety and sturdiness of its product, Royal Oak obtained ASTM / CPSIA certification, proving thus the high quality of its goods. But this is not all. They also give you a 12 months warranty for the swing, making your purchase a smart, long-term investment.

  • High capacity
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Additional flags and carabiners
  • Warranty
  • Easy installment
  • Expensive

Sorbus Spinner Swing – Most Economical Spider Web Swing

You want to upgrade your yard and make your kids happy with a fun, long-lasting swing without spending too much money? Check out the Sorbus Spinner Swing, the most economical choice among spider web swings.

Now, this swing has a bit lower capacity, 220 lbs to be precise, but it only implies that not more than 2 or 3 kids will be able to use it at once.

However, there won’t be a need to worry about safety, since the net was made of thick nylon rope, heavy-duty, and tightly woven. Furthermore, the steel tube frame provides a steady base, engineered to last long. Also, the plastic material can withstand the rainy weather, so don’t worry about that.

As many people opt for easy to assemble swings, Sorbus Spinner Swing is precise of the kind. The steel rings connect the suspension ropes with the hanging ones, and the length is around 63’’ from the base to the linking point.

To make it even more fun for the kids, the manufacturer implemented the spinning function into this swing, with a tilt angle of 45°.

This all-encompassing swing is also extremely affordable, hence a perfect pick for the ones looking for budget-friendly, yet reliable items.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Spinning function
  • Weather-resistant
  • Steel frame
  • Low capacity

Tarzan Tire 40" Spider Web Swing – The Most Practical Spider Web Swing

What differentiates Tarzan Tire 40" Spider Web Swing from the others on the market is its unique Tarzan Tire design that enables better space utilization and super fun time for many kids with ensured safety.

Let's start with the total capacity of this swing that is 400 lbs, making it perfectly safe for 3-4 kids at the same time. The width of the nest is 40'', which is the average for the spider web swings, so it fits the standards when it comes to dimensions.

As for the material, nylon webbing and sturdy steel frame of industrial-strength can endure any weather and stand for the superior, long-lasting quality.

Now, the tightly woven ropes are fully adjustable and can be extended up to 72'', giving you the freedom to change the length of your swing. And in case you move to some other place you can again fit it perfectly. But this is not all!

Its superior design is what won this swing the Tilly wig toy award for the top fun spider web swing. With the hole in the core of the nest, this Tarzan tire style combined with the festive blue color made the swing more attractive to kids and more practical for sitting.

But not just the kids are the ones satisfied when it comes to this product. The manufacturer ensured the safety of its merchandise with ASTM and CPSIA certificates, building thus trust among the parents.

  • Modern design
  • Ensured safety
  • High capacity
  • Adjustable ropes
  • Steel frame
  • Weather-resistant

Swinging Monkey Products Web Chair Swing – The Best Spider Web Swing for Adults, Different and Innovative

Since the kids are not the only ones willing to enjoy the comfort of spider web swings, Swinging Monkey Products Web Chair Swing entered our list as something more attractive for adults.

The unique design of a swing chair is way more convenient for grown-ups since it also supports your back and allows you to lean back and swing into relaxation.

Even though different in design, this product meets all the standards when it comes to material and durability. The webbing is composed of weather-resistant nylon rope, while the frame is made of sturdy steel guaranteeing longevity.

As for dimensions, the nest is around 35'' in diameter, supporting up to 400 pounds, which means both you and your kid can enjoy some quality time on your new swing without worrying.

You might think the installation is more complicated than the regular spider web swings', but it is not. It comes in a compact package with all the parts included, making the assembling super easy. You won't need to spend more than a couple of minutes on it.

If you’re still skeptical, Swinging Monkey included a year warranty for this product, giving you enough time to try it out and make sure it’s worth it.

  • Back support
  • High capacity
  • Steel frame
  • Weather-resistance
  • Warranty
  • The color fades

How to Choose the Best Spider Web Swing?

With so many products on the market, it is tough to find the quality item, worthy of the money you spent on it. However, whatever product you’re looking for, if you check on the right specifications and choose the reliable manufacturer, you can’t make a mistake.

To make your shopping more convenient, we've made a buyer's guide with all the features you should look for when buying a spider web swing, so you can rest assured that you have chosen the right one!

So, what are the features that guarantee the quality of your swing?

1. Material

Material is the key to the product's quality and durability. When choosing the right swing, material-wise, you should first decide where you will install it. If you're planning on assembling your swing outside, go for water-resistant materials such as polypropylene, nylon, or any other plastic web, tightly woven to ensure durability.

When it comes to the frame, opt for the sturdy steel frames, possibly powder-padded since they were proven to resist any weather and last for years.

2. Capacity

The capacity of your product will pretty much depend on the material. Once again, before choosing the right swing for you, consider all the people who will be using it at once.

Well, designed swings can support up to 600 lbs, which means you can join your kids on this comfortable nest without worrying. However, if you’re buying it just for your kids, 200 lbs swing will work just fine.

3. Installation

With the design of these swings, the montage should not be a problem. All the parts and possible tools are in the set, as well as the instructions, so you won't spend too much energy on assembling it. The nest ring comes in a few parts. You should join together and then secure with the screws provided.

The next step would be joining the hanging ropes with the nest base and the upper part with the suspension sling, and you're all set. For the less enthusiastic ones, however, there are fully assembled swings sold, so you can always buy them.

For any additional confusion, here are some useful videos you can watch

4. Additional functions

Like any other product on the market, spider web swings are constantly being upgraded to meet the requirements and needs of the customers. Hence, some swings have the adjustable ropes, enabling you to choose the height of your swing or possibly modify it.

Another optional function is rotation. Some products have the swivel hook incorporated in the upper part so that your swing can spin around with the tilt angle up to 360 degrees, giving your kids exciting experience as they play.

However, if you already bought a normal swing, you can buy this part individually and install it to get this extra function.

Final Thoughts

In the search for the perfect way to redesign our yards and make them more exciting for the children, we have reviewed many swings and found that the SUPER DEAL 40'' Spider Web Tree Swing is one of the best you can find.

With its super high capacity, full nest, and secure structure, this fantastic product can support 3-4 kids easily and make their free time more entertaining. If you're tired of watching your kids being on their phones and computers, you certainly want to get one of these, because they’re real magnets for your young ones!

SUPER DEAL 40'' Spider Web Tree Swing Net Swing Platform Rope Swing 71" Detachable Nylon Rope...*
  • ★ Whether you prefer to sit or stand, our delightfully fun tree swing can support up to 660 pounds on a resilient nest of hand-braided spider webbing. It provides a roomy nest for a kid- and even a couple of friends - to lay back, sway, and spot cloud shapes.
  • ★ 100% safe and comfortable ride. This extra-large oval frame is made of sturdy steel wrapped in padding and durable braided plastic rope. Durable polypropylene rope creates a spider-web like netting with comfortable support. Highest quality and adheres to strict safety requirements with quality engineering including a padded steel frame and super strong 71''nylon webbing, the diameter of this Round Web Tree Swing is 40'' , which is large enough for multiple children to swing and play together.
  • ★ Unique polypropylene rope netting center builds core strength. Heavy-duty spider web design encourages imaginative play. The one-sheet metal frame holds as much as 660 lbs. The Round Web Tree Swing is 40'' diameter, which is large enough for multiple children to swing and play together - promoting teamwork and social skills, offering endless hours of fun.
  • ★ The best part for parents: You can assemble it with your kids in minutes! Super easy to install. The swing is designed to work universally and hangs almost anywhere from a sturdy tree branch to swing set, can be re-located or taken down for easy storage.
  • ★ Our swing is resilient and resistant to all types of weather. Bring it to your next backyard party today. Collapsible design is convenient when going to the park, party, or relatives house and for storing during the rainy season.Perfect gift for kids, grandchildren, playmates, birthday, Christmas, outdoor picnic, BBQ, party.

Have you tried any of these swings? Which one is your favorite? Leave your experiences in our comment box.

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