2021 Buyers Guide To The Best Hammock Top Quilt

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Sleeping in a hammock can be an unforgettable experience. If you decide to go camping in your hammock, you won’t just be kept well off the ground, but it’ll also prevent you from reducing your body temperature.

However, if your camping adventure takes place on a chilly night, you may develop the dreaded cold butt syndrome, and start shivering unless you protect yourself with the best hammock top quilt.

Hammock top quilts are practical both for backpacking, and camping, making it useful for all seasons. You do not need to limit your camping adventures and go only during the summer. For extra comfort and warmth, you can consider buying hammock underquilt as well.

If you go camping a lot, and enjoy spending time outdoors, investing in a high-quality top quilt is one of the most important things you need to do.


Top 3 Recommendations

Many first-time campers and hammock sleepers, make a mistake when using a traditional sleeping bag when camping.

Whether it is a $50 bargain bag or a premium $600 goose down mummy bag, one thing is sure you can expect to toss around all night instead of getting the needed rest.

Save yourself from stress, and see our list for the top 3 best hammock top quilts. Continue reading and find out which top quilts are the best on the market.

10 of the Best Hammock Top Quilt

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters Vesta TopQuilt - Best Quality

If you need a perfect top quilt for your camping adventure, search no more! The Eno top quilt will astonish you for various benefits, so let's start!

Firstly, the ENO top quilt is perfect due to the design.

As you will notice, the quilt comes with two layers of premium-quality and high-performance Primaloft insulation, offering the ultimate shell for advanced weather protection. Thus, you can use the quilt regardless of the season; you will always be warm, cozy, soft, and comfortable.

Moreover, the ENO unit comes with a unique design and quality. Thus, you will see that it provides effortless convertibility. You can use it as a top quilt or a camp quilt in seconds when you set off on a camping adventure. Consequently, you will find an adjustable draft collar and a zippered foot box to trap and seal the heat inside.

Also, thanks to the same technology, the ENO quilt will eliminate cold spots and ensure supreme loft. Therefore, it will keep you soft, warm, cozy, and comfortable during the whole night. Also, it provides a perfect temperature range, between 30 and 50 degrees, for ultimate comfort. Therefore, you won't feel cold or uncomfortable while using the unit.

Additionally, the product consists of 20D nylon, with a rip-stop shell, full of the durable, sturdy, and solid, water-resistant finish. Besides, the unique design will protect you from high winds, heavy rains, and more adverse weather conditions.

Due to the mesh storage bag, you could place and store away your quilt without any additional issues. So, you will find the unit measures 76 x 0.25 x 52 inches and weighs only 28 oz. So, it's a suitable option for all 6 feet two inches tall people.

And, what do you think? Do you like the quilt?

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Not specific cons

RELIANCER Puffy Camping Blanket Outdoor Ultralight Backpacking Quilt - Best Performance

The next quilt will wow you as it offers various advantages, so let's sort them!

We adore it thanks to its ultra-lightweight and most compact design.

As you will see, the RELIANCER quilt can trap and puff up high, and it measures 80 x 54 inches when puffed up. In addition, it will suit your motor vehicle, or backpack, thanks to its proportions and 1.7 pounds of weight. Therefore, it's the ultimate travel-friendly option, and you could bring it wherever you travel.

Additionally, the RELIANCER blanket will provide you the ultimate comfort and warmth while using it and providing a perfect ratio for supreme coziness and softness. Wherever you travel during the wintertime, you will have the ultimate addition to any sleeping system. However, it will keep you calmer and relaxed during the summertime.

Moreover, it will serve you well even when the conditions are extreme. As you might find, the unit consists of the outer shell, including rigid and spill-resistant 20D rip-stop nylon, protecting itself from water, wind, rain, and cold while increasing warmth, durability, and reliability for a longer lifespan. Thus, it's a perfect option for emergency use, and it won't tear so easily.

Of course, the material will protect you from various outdoor conditions and prevent various spills, dust, dirt, wind, stains, pet hair, sand, and other diseases; consequently, you will feel relaxed and comfortable inside the quilt intact, soft, and warm.

We also love it since you can wear it like a cloak as well.

Thus, your hands will be free, and you will have better mobility. Since it's a versatile option, you could use it for camping, tailgating, campfire, hiking, and many more adventures. You could use it instead of a sleeping bag or any other bag for camping.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Negligible design flaws

onewind Topquilt Hammock Top Quilt - Best Design

You may observe, the onewind quilt comes with superior design advantages so that you can forget the hassle. Namely, the top quilt will provide you the ultimate protection and comfort while using it. So you can forget about the cold and camp even during cold nights.

As you will find, the inner part is full of insulation that is bio-based with the Dupont Soron content and advantages. Therefore, the onewind quilt will be cozy, soft, warm, and comfortable for more extended use. You will also find it fluffy and flexible.

The quilt is also an adjustable product so that it will be ideal for outdoor use, for temperatures between 35 and 50 degrees. Of course, you could use it for sleeping necessities and combine it with the hammock underquilt and use it in winter.

Naturally, the onewind quilt will be versatile enough so that it will adjust to your needs and demands. So, it's wearable and provides a good fit for various outdoor uses and adventures.

Also, you will find it weather-resistant, wind-proof for more robust moderation. Besides, it contains flexible and highly adjustable straps, providing the proper width when you wrap it around.

Moreover, the onewind quilt will astound you due to its cozy and convenient foot box. Thus, you will get an easy entry and exit, retaining the necessary heat inside. Cords and snaps combine to create the foot box and hold the heat.

Also, when you open it, you will get a perfect ventilation system in the summer. Finally, don't worry about zippers - they cannot harm, break or crack so easily.

Most vitally, the quilt includes the linings with 20D 400T grades, ultralight, and a reliable water-repellent finish system. In addition, you can find the whole unit in various sizes - M, L, or XL, available in either summer or winter weights for fantastic warmth.

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • protection
  • Might be small for higher people

SORISON Large Puffy Camping Blanket Hammock Top Quilt - Best Resistance

Next off, we present to you something special. This SORISON quilt will wow you!

Now, this quilt won our hearts as it's full of 20D nylon rip-stop and lightweight enough to help you bring the top quilt with you regardless of your destination. Besides, the nylon is durable and sturdy to endure various extreme conditions and outdoor pressure, thanks to the DPR system and finish, blocking rain and wind and keeping you warm and dry. Thus, it resists pet hair, dirt, sand, odors, stains, etc.

Furthermore, we love the SORISON quilt due to the insulation system.

Thus, you will find the AtomicLoft insulation along with the microfiber for extra warmth and comfort. So, the unit will be cozy, puffy, fluffy, and soft for your skin and needs. Thus, it will retain the heat quickly, there are no cold spots, and will dry rapidly in various conditions.

With the proper content and material advantages, the SORISON quilt is highly durable, solid, and sturdy for multiple conditions so that it will overcome all of them. Moreover, you will find it easy to maintain and clean since the quilt is a washable machine option, so you can always keep it ready for more excessive use and robust operations.

Another big plus is the secret pocket.

Thus, you could store your valuable items away and keep them near you when you need them. Besides, the stuff sack includes shoulder straps; therefore, the unit is compact, foldable, and portable. So, it's an ideal travel companion.

Of course, the SORISON unit is versatile and easily adjustable to your needs and demands. This way, you can use it for camping, picnic, hiking, tailgating, car travel, boat, and many other outdoor adventures. It will fit all needs and satisfy all of your requirements.

  • Easy to clean
  • Travel-friendly
  • Protection
  • Durable
  • Too slippery

Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket Backpacking Quilt - Best Material

The next top quilt shows multiple benefits, so let's find them together.

The first one is undoubtedly the lightweight and compact appearance and design in general. As you will find, the Get Out Gear top quilt weighs only 1.1 pounds; therefore, it's a perfect travel-friendly option, suitable for various outdoor adventures and conditions.

Moreover, the unit is excellent as it offers a stuff sack with heavy-duty zippers and clasps for the ultimate travel experience, perfect storing away, and most accessible carrying options. Thus, you can bring the blanket wherever you travel, without any pressure or difficulties. Therefore, it will show supreme advantages.

Furthermore, the Get Out Gear top quilt contains a 20D nylon shell, a rip-stop one; consequently, it withstands and endures wind, water, and cold. Also, it includes a 650 fill power insulation system; therefore, it keeps you warm, soft, cozy, and comfortable inside the quilt, and you don't have to bother too much about the adverse conditions outside.

Of course, there are two ways of using the Get Out Gear top quilt. The first one is a regular one for camping, while the other is naturally poncho-style. Thus, the cloak will keep your hands free and offer better versatility, adjustability, and mobility when you have more tasks to finish. The effect is the same as with the first option.

Naturally, the DWR (durable water-repellent) system and coatings will protect the quilt from various spills and outdoor conditions, as well as from extreme pressure. Thus, the nylon shell will resist dirt, sand, water, pet hair, and all other unwanted circumstances and let you use it on grass, sand, or other surfaces hassle-free.

Thanks to its compact and portable design, the Get Out Gear unit will be perfect for your friends, family members, and all other people who like camping and sleeping outside.

  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Warmth issues

OneTigris Featherlight Ultralight Sleeping Quilt - Best for Claustrophobic Persons

The following OneTigris Featherlite top quilt will blow your mind since it includes the best materials, both inside and outside.

As you might notice, the inner materials include 380T polyester pongee, while on the outside, the unit contains 20D rip-stop nylon, durable and sturdy to endure and resist external pressure.

In addition, the same content will be ultra-lightweight, breathable, soft, and weather-resistant. Thus, it won't create additional pressure on your body; you won't sweat at all and will be warm and cozy inside during the chilly and cold days. Also, when the weather's nice and friendly, you will be relaxed and calm inside the unit.

Due to its versatility, the OneTigris Featherlite sleeping quilt is a much lighter alternative to standard and regular sleeping bags. How so? Well, it offers a quick and easy entry and exit, as well as a convertible foot box that keeps the heat inside the quilt, not permitting it to go out.

As it weighs only 35 oz, the OneTigris unit is portable, foldable, and suitable for all motor vehicles. You can also place it inside your backpack and travel around. Of course, you will find the perfect proportions once you unfold the quilt, and it will suit all of your needs. It provides enough room for pressure-free sleeping.

The hollowed back design creates a perfect balance for heat retention and down distribution. Therefore, it's ideal for all people who are claustrophobic and have difficulties when sleeping.

With the ideal temperature range that lowers to 41 degrees, it will offer a hassle-free sleeping option and will meet your needs. Don't worry; the ventilation system will prevent sweating and keep you cold and cool in the summer, while it will provide maximum comfort and warmth during the winter or cold days.

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • East to clean and use
  • Minor design flaws

Go Outfitters Adventure Top Quilt – The Convertible Hammock Top Quilt

The Go Outfitters Adventure Top Quilt is a versatile product designed to keep you warm in any cold weather.

It comes in a versatile two in one design as you enjoy the evenings around a campfire after a long hike, you can drape it over your shoulders like a blanket. And when it's time to bring the activities of the day to an end, you can easily convert it to a top quilt using the shock-cord ends, and YKK button snaps.

Or you can keep it open to allow better ventilation. Should you intend to ditch your hammock for a more conventional ground-sleeping style, you can easily shape this top quilt to a sleeping pad, giving you a very lightweight alternative to the many traditional sleeping bags.

The Go Outfitters Adventure Top Quilt is made from 100% polyester and measures 7ft long by 53" wide, weighing just less than 2.3 lbs. When compressed, it manages to pack into an 8" x 9" cylinder.

On the outside, its 100% polyester material ensures it is waterproof and durable. Inside this top quilt, you will find a quality synthetic insulation to keep you warm at night and has a temperature rating of 20°F. It is easy to wash and dries fast, unlike Goose Down.

However, if you are 6 feet tall, you may not fit comfortably into this Go Outfitters quilt, but it is wide enough to cover you from all sides and will keep you warm.

  • Versatile 2-in-1 design
  • 20 °F Temperature Rating
  • Synthetic insulation
  • 100% polyester material
  • Waterproof
  • Might not comfortably fit a 20ft tall person

Paria Outdoor Products Thermodown 15 Degree Down Sleeping Quilt - Most Adjustable Quilt

Our following Paria Outdoor Products top quit offers terrific warm and cozy advantages when you're using it for sleep. How? Well, the unit comes with the baffled construction, along with the 24 oz of weight.

Also, you will find the high-loft 700 complete power insulation system, which will keep you warm and comfortable in the winter and during the cold days, while in the hot summer days, it will reduce the temperature down to fifteen degrees. Thus, the unit is a double-sided one, and you could adjust it to your needs.

Of course, the Paria Outdoor Products unit also has a 20D nylon rip-stop shell, suitable for multiple outdoor adventures and various conditions, from extreme to mild ones. This way, you might find it sturdy, durable, solid, and reliable for multiple uses and operations. In addition, you can moderate it as you like.

Furthermore, the Paria Outdoor Products top quilt is easy to carry around, foldable and portable, thanks to the smaller dimensions. It includes a convenient carrying bag for a perfect travel option and extraordinary versatility.

Regardless of your destination, the unit will be effortless to operate and moderate, and you can enjoy various outdoor adventures. Also, you can use a padding strap to secure the quilt to adjust it to the compact and lightweight sleeping system.

Since it's very different from traditional sleeping bags, the Paria Outdoor Products unit will offer matchless versatility and performance. Therefore, you can open up the quilt for a more relaxing and more relaxed atmosphere if the weather is warm already. However, if you need more warmth and coziness, you can close it up and endure the chilly nights. As it is easily adjustable, it's perfect for outdoor uses.

Finally, the manufacturer includes a lifetime warranty for the unit since it's a US made product. Also, you can contact customer support if you have additional questions.

  • Easy to use and fold
  • Lightweight
  • Protection
  • Design
  • Quality issues

Outdoor Vitals Down TopQuilt - Best DWR Technology

The penultimate top quilt deserves to be in the whole ten quilts due to its supreme versatility. Namely, the product comes with specific design features allowing you to use it inside the hammock and on the camping ground, so it will perfectly adjust to all surroundings and various outdoor or indoor conditions.

Don't worry about the quality because it's a premium one. Thus, you will come across the premium-treated down, as well as best materials and construction, making a supreme baffling design for the least weight and the ultimate warmth. Thus, you will combine well, and the Outdoor Vitals unit will serve you well whenever you're using it.

You will feel like you are in heaven due to the lightweight and soft materials. So, you might notice the 10D materials and content, along with the high-quality down, with 800+FP specifications and grades. Thus, there won't be any pressure and hassle while sleeping inside the unit, and it won't create any difficulty for you.

Due to the hybrid-baffling system, you can stay warm wherever you travel and sleep. In addition, this system technology optimizes both the stability of the down for maximum warmth and comfort and minimizes the seam weight for a lighter pack. Thus, the double system technology will adjust to your needs, and you could use it more excessively.

Of course, the Outdoor Vitals unit will be excellent for storing away, as it folds easily, and you could place it inside your motor vehicle or even inside your backpack, as it provides smaller compressing materials and takes up less space.

Above all, the crucial point is the DWR design system technology, which keeps the unit perfect and in shape regardless of the external conditions; therefore, it cannot break or tear apart so easily.

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Protection
  • Easy to use and fold
  • Poor customer service

Ayamaya Hammock Top Quilt - Effective

And finally, the last top quilt will provide you the ultimate benefits.

As you might observe, the Ayamaya unit provides enough room for pressure-free sleeping, despite its smaller dimensions. Thus, it will be practical, compact, portable, and easily foldable to adjust to your needs.

In addition, it includes the best combination of the supreme three elements every quilt should contain! Consequently, you will find the DWR coating, 20D nylon shell full of rip-stop features, and 300T grade lining.

This way, the Ayamaya quilt will last for ample time and serve you well. Of course, the lining will be cozy and warm to keep you comfortable during the cold period and provide relaxation during hot days.

Moreover, you will find a hollowed-back design for sleeping mats and a perfect balance between heat retention and filling distribution. So, it's an excellent unit for all those people who feel claustrophobic when sleeping.

Naturally, this Ayamaya unit is designed to keep you warm and comfortable when wrapped inside. Therefore, it's perfect for more robust uses, especially during warm days when the temperature ranges between 35 and 50 degrees. But, of course, it will serve you well in the winter period, too, thanks to the design so that it will serve as a top quilt with the hammock underquilt.

It will also serve significantly as an alternative to traditional mummy sleeping bags since it includes an effortless entry and exit with a convertible foot box that keeps the heat inside and offers a more comfortable atmosphere. Thus, it will significantly adjust to your needs.

Finally, the producer offers a perfect warranty period; Thus, you could replace the quilt or get a full money refund if you're not satisfied. Also, you can contact customer support anytime if you have additional questions and dilemmas.

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Quality flaws

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hammock Top Quilt

Here are some additional factors you should consider when choosing your best hammock top quilt.

1. Insulation 

best top quilt for hammock

High-quality hammock top quilt usually comes with a fill power of 600, 850, 900, and 950. The fill power is important because it provides insulation and this is a preference by all backpackers because of its lightweight.

Apart from its excellent compressibility, quilts with insulated down are usually more durable and last for several years if properly maintained. Some manufacturers offer downs treated with water repellent coating, while some of them provide their product unadulterated.

Good advice is to carry your quilt in a waterproof stuff sack, pick a good campsite, that won’t get flooded, and air your quilt occasionally in the sun.

2. The Temperature Rating

After the standardized sleeping bag temperature ratings were released by the outdoor industry, there was a substantial improvement in quilt reliability. Before this, many manufacturers inflated their temperature ratings up to 10 degrees.

When there was no standard testing for backpacking quilts, customers were forced to rely on the manufacturer’s information and buyer's reviews.

When buying a top quit, follow this rule, purchase a product that is 10 degrees warmer than what you need, to be sure you will be warm enough.

Some ultralight quilt-makers often quote low gear weights, so read through reviews thoroughly.

If you are a woman, you may add 15 to 20 degrees' insulation because you will be colder than men due to your lower body mass. There is a need to produce women-specific quilts, but no one makes it yet.

3. Weight

The weight of your camping gear is important but do not sacrifice comfort for a lightweight quilt that won't keep you warm in cold conditions, when you need it the most.

Insulation is the lightest component of a quilt; the bulk of the weight comes primarily from the material the hammock is produced from.

When making a buying decision, consider the fabric the quilt is made from. Consider the breathability and whether it comes with features like a DWR coating – which will come in handy if your quilt gets wet.

If you intend on using your quilt often, you should go for one made from heavier inner shell fabric. Most of the times, wear and tear come from repeated use.

4. ​Features

best top quilt for hammock reviews

Many camping quilts are pretty similar when it comes down to specifications. But there is something unique about the products listed above that improves and elevates their performance above many other. 

For instance, the use of unique hollow back design, 190T PONGEE interior insulation, YKK button snaps for quilt layering, and the use of draft collars. All this improves cold weather performance.

A quilt with a strapless pad attachment system is more comfortable than another that operates in straps. Also, a head-hole enables multi-use as a garment. 

These unique features can have a significant influence on your backpacking experience.

5. ​The Versatility of the Quilt

Some quilts are useful for many different activities, while others are not. This may be a significant factor to consider before backpacking.

For instance, quilts that can be fully unzipped can also serve as a blanket, making it useful in a wider range of temperatures than quilts designed with closed foot boxes.

Quilts that have more width can be used for both ground sleeping and in hammocks. A crucial point to note if you plan on doing both.

6. ​The Sizing of the Quilt

To size a quilt before purchasing, consider if the length includes the foot-box or not. This is important because several inches of fabrics are usually lost when forming a foot box.

If your quilt is meant for hammocks only, you can get by with this, but if you plan on sleeping on the ground with it, you might have some issues.

If you intend to sleep on the ground, you will need extra fabric and insulation to tuck under to prevent drafts.


What is a top quilt for camping?

The best one for camping is undoubtedly the final winner, the ultimate ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters Vesta TopQuilt, as it offers the best quality, performance, and design.

It will also satisfy your needs and adjust to your camping demands, so it's a highly versatile top quilt.

Why are backpacking quilts so expensive?

They are overpriced due to the exotic materials that they provide. For instance, synthetic models range between $60 and $80 if you don't need more significant amounts.

Also, the quality dictates the price, so the more rate the unit contains, the higher the price will be.

What is the difference between a sleeping bag and a quilt?

best top quilt for hammock camping

Quilts offer more space, more ventilation, more legroom, and a more compact bedding choice. But, on the other hand, the sleeping bags seem to be snugger and warmer, without any mat attachment systems that might bother you.

So, that would be the crucial difference.

How cold is it too hard for hammock camping?

Most campers recommend around 32 degrees to pressure and hassle-free camping. However, if you like extreme conditions, you can camp even at -40 degrees, but IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED due to safety issues!!!!

In those conditions, you definitely need an underquilt for more warmth to avoid freezing.


Choosing the best hammock top quilt is a tricky endeavor, there are several suitable options designed to keep you warm in any weather.

The best one is our impressive ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters Vesta TopQuilt since it offers numerous benefits, so check it out and inform us about the results.

Either way, check all the factors in the buying guide such as weight, temperature rating, size, insulation, features, versatility, and try to find a specific quilt that will meet your camping needs.

ENO, Vesta TopQuilt - Protective and Warm Hammock Quilt with Synthetic Insulation - for Camping,...*
  • Versatile Gear: Converts from hammock quilt to camp quilt with zippered foot box and draft collar
  • Water Repellent: Protects from wind and weather for winter camping; the comfort zone is 30-50 degrees
  • Winter Camping Accessories: Primaloft insulation and offset quilting eliminates cold weather spots
  • Sleeping Bag: Stay warm with this eco-friendly outdoor winter camping quilt's synthetic insulation
  • Tree-Friendly: ENO is committed to designing responsibly made products for people and the planet