The Best Camping Hammock for Any Season in 2020

You’re gearing up for a camping trip, you’re packing your things and trying to get your load to be as small and light as possible, but the tent and the sleeping bag just can’t seem to fit.

What can you do?

Well, the best alternative is to take a camping hammock with you instead!

Yes, it lacks some of the protection that a tent provides but sleeping under the open sky has its benefits, and it will lighten your load significantly while still keeping your rather comfortable.

Give them a chance and take a look at the best camping hammocks with me today and then choose if you want to get one for yourself!


The Top 3 Camping Hammocks

What Are Camping Hammocks?

best camping hammocks for two

So, you’ve probably seen a hammock in someone’s yard, probably during a barbecue and you think you know what they’re all about.

Overall, these hammocks are just tailor-made for a camper and as well.

Well, you might, but those aren’t camping hammocks at all, and if you take one of those with you on a camping trip it won’t be fun. Trust me; I’ve made that mistake!

Hammocks made from camping are quite different and far more robust than regular old yard hammocks and they offer a lot of benefits.

They’re usually made from high-quality materials that are able to stand up to the elements and protect you from them. They’re often waterproof and lined with additional padding meant to keep you warm.

Hammocks oriented towards camping on colder weather will have thick underquilts which are sometimes removable and can be zipped up.

Hammocks intended for use in the summer months might come with detachable mosquito nets.

Most of these camping hammocks are meant to be used by being hung between trees, but some can also be placed on the ground and double as sleeping bags if you find yourself in a more barren area.

They also often come with a lot of extra gear that will make camping with them easier – carrying bags, extra padding, ropes, etc.

Overall, these hammocks are just tailor-made for a camper and they put you to sleep faster as well.

The Top 12 Best Camping Hammocks in 2020

Here are my detailed reviews for what I consider to be the best camping hammocks around today. I hope they help you find what you’re looking for.

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock – The Most Durable Camping Hammock

This amazing hammock from Wise Owl comes in both a single and double size, and it’s great in both variants.

It’s made out of quality materials – it uses 210T nylon parachute fabric that’s both extremely strong and comfortably soft at the same time. Due to that and the triple interlocking stitching, this hammock can support up to 500 pounds of weight with ease.

Another thing that helps with that are the ropes that come with it – they’re made to be strong, and they’re more than secure enough. However, if you want to use straps instead of ropes, you’ll have to buy them separately at a cost comparable to that of the hammock itself.

With that said, this hammock is quite cheap especially if you consider the quality you get – it’s strong, durable, waterproof and breathable. You can also get it in a wide variety of fashionable colors. If you don’t like it, the company even offers full refunds.

However, it’s clearly not made with taller people in mind, and if you’re over 6 feet, you’ll probably lack some foot space. You might also feel a bit tight in the single size if you have wider shoulders.

Overall, it’s a great and affordable hammock that’s quite compact for its size – the single weighs only 16 ounces, while the double is 26. If you like quality products at an affordable price, this is a good pick.

  • It can easily support up to 500 pounds
  • Made out of strong, durable materials
  • Strong and secure ropes
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • The price is fairly affordable for the quality you get
  • It’s lightweight, compact and easy to carry
  • The single size is not a good fit for taller or wider people
  • You don’t get any straps, only ropes

Legit Camping - Double Hammock – The Best Camping Hammock for Taller People

Legit Camping is a company that lives up to its name, and it offers a lot of camping products which are more than legit – which can also be said for this hammock.

As a double hammock, it offers more than enough space for anyone, even taller people and can easily support up to 400 pounds of weight.

However, despite its large size, it’s still fairly compact and lightweight, and you can easily carry it around in the bag that it comes with.

It also comes with everything else you might need to use it – ropes, steel carabiners, and tree-friendly straps. There’s no need to buy anything separately.

However, the ropes are a bit on the shorter side, and they’re made out of nylon, so you might want to replace them if you want something longer or more reliable. That’s up to you though – they might be just fine for you.

It’s a great, high-quality hammock that comes at a highly affordable price and you even get a lifetime warranty along with it. I can say with all certainty that it is ‘legit.’

  • Comes with all the accessories you might need
  • Great for larger people
  • The price is more than affordable
  • The materials are strong and highly durable
  • Light and compact for its size
  • The materials are fairly comfortable and breathable
  • The ropes are made out of nylon, and they stretch too much
  • The length of the ropes is a bit short

MalloMe Hammock Camping Portable Double Tree Hammocks – The Best Camping Hammock for Heavier People

If you’re a larger person and especially if you’re looking to share a hammock with someone who’s similar to you, this hammock from MalloMe is a great choice for you.

Its weight capacity is just astounding – it can easily hold up to 1000 pounds of weight, which is likely more than you will ever need.

The size is also huge, especially when it comes to the double hammock. It’s 126 by 79 inches, allowing you not only to fit in it but have more than enough room to stretch. It’s a great fit for people who are taller than 6 feet.

The price is amazing for the size of this hammock and the carabiners, as well as rope, are included in the package. There are no straps, and the ropes are a bit on the short side, so watch out for that.

Despite how large it is it also packs to a fairly small size, and it weighs only 1.5 pounds when packed up – and that includes the ropes as well.

It’s a great hammock for larger people, and if you’re afraid that sleeping in a hammock might be too constrictive for you, this is probably the right pick since it offers plenty of space.

  • Incredible 1000-pound capacity
  • Extremely large size that’s accommodating to anyone
  • Easy to pack and weighs only 1.5 pounds with the ropes
  • The material is breathable and comfortable
  • The price is great for what you get
  • The straps aren’t included in the package
  • The ropes that come with it are a bit short

Sunyear Single & Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito/Bug Net – The Best Camping Hammock with a Mosquito Net

This is a great and secure hammock from Sunyear made to be used for camping during the sunny days and warm nights.

One of the best things about this hammock is the mosquito net that will protect you from all those nasty pests during summertime camping.

However, it’s potentially one of the worst things as well, since it’s not removable and if it makes you feel stuffy or constricted – tough luck.

You probably won’t feel too constricted though, since this is quite a spacious hammock. You should feel comfy in it even if you’re well over 6 feet tall. It can also support a ton of weight, so you’re good on that front as well.

The materials are good, durable and tough and everything is reliable – the hammock, the carabiners and the ropes too, as well as the attached net.

The only major problem I encountered was getting in and out of it – it can be quite a chore, especially if you place it higher up. The mosquito net makes it a bit difficult. Still, you should be able to manage.

It’s a good hammock for a decent price, and it’s one of the best ones for summer camping.

  • Comes with a dense mosquito net that keeps insects outside
  • It’s more than spacious enough for most people
  • Getting it is risk-free, and you can get a full refund
  • Durable materials and good construction
  • Good price
  • The mosquito net is not removable
  • Can be a bit difficult to get into and out of

Forbidden Road Single Double Camping Hammock – The Best Budget Camping Hammock

This amazingly affordable hammock from Forbidden Road is tailor-made for summer camping. The fabric used to make it is 210D nylon – both breathable and fairly comfortable.

The downside is that it stains easily and it can be a bit difficult to clean, but if you use it as intended you’ll be rather safe.

One of the best parts of it is the removable mosquito net which you can use to protect you from those nasty pests without making you feel too stuffy. You can also just take it off, easily, since it’s connected using zippers.

Despite it being so low cost, most of the materials used to make it are great – durable and more than strong enough. While it can’t support as much weight as some other hammocks, it’s still more than enough – around 330 pounds.

It also comes with everything you might need, including carabiners, two ropes, and 4 straps. However, the straps are of lower quality than everything else, so you might need to replace them.

If you intend to camp in the summer and you’re expecting a bug problem, this is the hammock to use, and it costs next to nothing as well, so there’s no reason not to give it a chance.

  • It has a removable net on top of it
  • The price is incredibly low and affordable
  • The carabiners that come with it are fairly strong
  • Most of the materials are durable and sturdy
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space when packed up
  • The included straps are low-quality
  • It stains easily and is difficult to clean

This is a great hammock from OUTDRSY which comes with most of the materials you would need included in the package and doesn’t even cost too much.

It comes with carabiners and straps, but it doesn’t come with ropes – still, it’s easy to install with straps only, but you might want to buy ropes if you prefer them and think they’re more secure.

It is a secure hammock though since it’s definitely made out of good and resistant materials that are well-stitched. It can easily support up to 550 pounds of weight before breaking.

There’s plenty of room inside it as well, and taller people will be able to fit into it comfortably.

It comes with a bag that it’s easy to pack into, though it does end up weighing a bit more than similar hammocks – 2.4 pounds overall. If every ounce counts to you, it might be an issue, but it’s not too much of a difference for most campers.

Overall, it’s a good hammock for a great price, and it’s bound to last for a long time – it doesn’t even stain easily, which is great.

  • Highly resistant and comfortable materials
  • Comes at a highly affordable price
  • It’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily
  • Offers more than enough space for most people
  • Breathable in the summer
  • It weighs a bit more than comparable hammocks
  • Doesn’t come with any ropes, only straps are included

Newdora Hammock with Mosquito Net – The Best Lightweight Camping Hammock

You can buy this Newdora hammock in two different variants – one including the removable mosquito net and the other without – and both are great!

The net itself is quite good, and it won’t let any bugs through, but it won’t make you feel trapped, and it’s quite breathable, as is the rest of the hammock. It can also be easily removed or placed onto the hammock using zippers.

The hammock itself is made out of highly durable materials. It’s quite strong, and the weight limit is 600 pounds, more than enough to support two people.

It’s a bit on the smaller size though, and the double size might not be large enough to hold two average-sized adults – or it can, but you might end up butting heads.

Setting it up is fairly easy, and you get both straps and carabiners with it, so you don’t have to buy anything separately.

The price is affordable as well so it won’t set you back a lot and you can easily get a full refund if you want it. However, the version of the hammock with the net does cost double than the version without it, keep that in mind.

  • Highly supportive and can hold up to 600 pounds
  • Extremely lightweight at only 17 ounces
  • Fairly affordable price
  • Comes with both carabiners and straps and is easy to set up
  • Removing and placing the net is easy
  • Costs almost double with the mosquito net included
  • The double size is a bit too small for two people

isYoung Hammock with Mosquito Net – The Best Camping Hammock that Doubles as a Sleeping Bag

While this is a hammock with a mosquito net, it does look a bit different than most others featuring a net and looks a bit more like a tree tent. The net is large and will be high above you, so it won’t make you feel trapped.

Sadly, it’s a bit too loose so there’s a chance that a few critters will get through it and you’re not completely safe.

The hammock offers a lot of space to larger people, and you’ll be able to fit well in it no matter who you are. However, if you like to sleep diagonally in your hammock, this is not the one to you – due to the shape, that’s difficult to do.

This is also one of those hammocks that can be used as sleeping bags as well, so you can just place it on the ground if you want. Don’t worry about it getting wet – it won’t let the water through, and it dries quickly.

Overall, it’s a good and lightweight hammock at a fair price, but the net does need a bit more work.

  • Offers plenty of horizontal and vertical space
  • More than supportive enough
  • You can use it as a sleeping bag as well
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Dries quickly if it gets wet
  • Lying diagonally in it is difficult
  • Sadly, the net lets some insects through

This outstanding  camping hammock from Hennessy is designed to be used during any season and its versatility is great.

It’s great for both hot and cold weather since it’s well insulated, yet fairly breathable. It comes with a rain tarp to protect you from harsh weather and it also features a detachable mosquito net to keep the nasty critters outside.

When you get into it it snaps closed under the weight of your body and you can additionally seal it using the velcro on it. Getting in and out of it is also much easier than with most other camping hammocks.

It’s also made with any sleeping position in mind and sleeping diagonally in it is incredibly easy. You can take any sleeping position you want and you’ll still feel fairly comfortable inside of it.

I must say that the cost of it is a bit high, though you should never be afraid to pay a bit extra for a high-quality product.

It’s also not for everyone, since it can’t support a ton of weight and it’s made with people that are 6 feet tall or shorter in mind, so you’re out of luck if you’re too tall.

  • Incredibly well-insulated and can be sealed with velcro
  • Comes with both a rain tarp and a mosquito net
  • Easy to enter and exit
  • Made out of great, highly durable materials
  • Sleeping diagonally in it is easy and comfortable
  • Can’t support too much weight
  • Not too great for people over 6 feet
  • The price is incredibly high

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock – The Best Beach Camping Hammock

This Brazilian-style hammock from Hammock Sky is ideal for poolside fun or camping on the beach during summer.

It’s made to be as comfortable and breathable as possible. The tightly woven cotton construction makes it both durable and comfortable at the same time. If you have pets or children it can definitely survive their attempts to destroy it.

It can also hold a lot of weight for something that doesn’t look extremely supportive. There’s no weight limit listed but it can easily hold upwards of 400 pounds, which is impressive.

However, while it is quite accommodating to taller people it’s difficult to fit two people into it, even though it’s billed as a double hammock. Keep that in mind when buying it.

It takes up next to no space when it’s packed up though and carrying it around with you is simply a breeze.

Lying in it might not be as comfortable as it seems at first, though. While the material is nice and soft – and easy to wash to boot – the guides are a bit flimsy. The whole hammock ends up being a bit unstable so you’re going to have to do a balancing act.

Overall, it’s a great hammock to use for beachside camping.

  • Durable and made out of tightly woven cotton
  • Highly breathable and comfortable
  • Comes with a free carry bag
  • Can support a lot of weight
  • Good for taller people
  • Can’t fit in two people
  • Not quite as stable as other hammocks

This affordable hammock from Pro Venture is great for larger people, and it offers a ton of space in both single and double size. It comes with everything you need, including adjustable straps and carabiners, despite the price.

The material feels fairly comfortable and breathable so far.

If you don’t like it, you are covered by a 100% money-back guarantee from the company.

I haven’t used it, but I’ve noticed some fraying on the edges after a few uses so I might try it. The hammock can support up to 400 pounds but I’m not sure if that’s true, it does feel a bit less supportive than others.

Overall, I’d say it’s a decent hammock, especially for the price you get it at.

  • Comes with everything you need included in the package
  • It’s comfortable and breathable
  • Quite large and easily able to fit taller people
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • The price is more than affordable
  • Not quite as durable as you would expect
  • Doesn’t feel supportive enough

If you’re looking for a reliable hammock that works well, this offering from Ridge Outdoor should be right up your alley.

It has a detachable mosquito net that works quite well – it keeps the insects outside while allowing the air to get inside the hammock. It’s durable and reliable too, as is the rest of the hammock.

The carabiners and straps are especially great, and some might say it’s worth buying just for those components.

Entering or exiting this hammock is fairly easy – it has two zippers, allowing for smooth entry and exit.

It does cost a bit more than most other similar hammocks, but it’s easy to return it and get your money back, so it’s a relatively risk-free purchase. I’d say it’s worth a try if you like what you see.

  • Has two zippers for easy entry and exit
  • The straps and carabiners are of great quality
  • Durable and made out of good materials
  • It’s safe to purchase since returning it is easy
  • The mosquito net keeps the critters outside
  • The price is a bit higher compared to similar hammocks
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of space

How to Find the Right Camping Hammock – A Buying Guide

best camping hammock for tall person

Finding the right camping hammock is tricky, and you have to focus on a few key things if you want to get what you need on the first try.

Here’s what you need to keep an eye on.

Get the Right Size

Camping hammocks come in various sizes, but most are billed as single or double – the first type is meant for one person, while the other type is meant to be used by two people.

Single hammocks are usually designed to be used by one person, though if you have kids they can also fit in two smaller children as well, but it might be a bit snug.

Double hammocks are designed for two people, and they’re larger than single hammocks. Sometimes, they’ll have separate compartments as well.

However, labels like ‘single’ or ‘double’ can be misleading, and one manufacturer’s double hammock could be roughly equal to another’s single.

Instead of relying on that, you should always try and find the exact dimensions of a hammock before you buy it.

Compare your height with the length of the hammock to figure out if you will be able to fit comfortably inside it and assume your favorite position.

Check the weight limit of the hammock as well, just in case. Some hammocks labeled as ‘double’ have a surprisingly low weight limit and not just any two people can sleep in them.

Is It Portable Enough for You?

best camping hammock with bug net

One of the main reasons why campers use hammocks over tents is because they take up less space and weigh less.

If that’s the reason you’re getting one, you’re probably going to want to aim for one that takes up as little space as possible and weighs next to nothing.

However, you have to strike a careful balance. If you get an extremely thin hammock just because it’s lightweight and small, you might find that it will be useless for most camping trips that aren’t in the middle of summer.

You should also take a look at the materials and make sure they aren’t that light because they’re too flimsy.

Which Features Does it Offer?

What do you need out of your hammock?

Do you intend to camp mostly in the summer months? In that case, you might want a hammock with a breathable design and a removable underquilt, maybe even an attachable mosquito net.

In case you want to camp in the colder months though, you’ll probably want a sleeping bag that has a thick underquilt, is able to be closed with a zipper, is waterproof and possibly has an attachable rain fly as well.

For someone who camps all year round, there are hammocks which offer most or all of these features and can be adjusted to your needs depending on what you want at the moment.

Are you going to an area without too many viable trees? Well, some hammocks include stands which you can use instead!

Try to find one with features that fit you and your camping style.

What’s the Price?

Of course, price is another major factor you have to consider. Luckily, most hammocks don’t cost a lot, which is another reason why some people prefer them over tents.

However, hammocks of different price ranges still exist, and you should try and find one which fits your budget.

Some campers do suggest that you just go for the cheapest option around, but that’s not a terribly good idea. You don’t want something that might fall apart while you’re using it.

Try to match your budget but don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for a quality product.

The Final Word

So, that’s it, folks!

It’s almost everything I can tell you about camping hammocks – there’s just one thing left. I need to tell you about what I think is the best camping hammock available right now!

For me, that would definitely have to be the MalloMe Hammock Camping Portable Double Tree Hammocks – its size and amazing weight capacity at a price that affordable are more than enough to convince me that it’s the best.

MalloMe Camping Hammock With Ropes - Double & Single Tree Hamock Outdoor Indoor 2 Person Tree Beach...*
  • Best Selling Hammock! – You don't need to break the bank! We have designed this hammock to provide everything you need to get on with your hang without emptying your wallet. The set includes the MalloMe Hammock, ropes and snag free carabiners ALL IN ONE set
  • Most Comfortable Hammock Ever! – Our luxurious single hammocks are measuring 300 x 200cm (118 x 79 In.) Perfect for boat trips, camping, backpacking, hiking, road trips, traveling, general exploration and even in your own backyard!
  • Super Strong - Unique strap design has breaking strength of 1000 lbs! Twice as strong as most competitors. Hammock material made from premium 210T nylon fabric.
  • Ultralight & Compact - Stuff sack is conveniently sewn right into the hammock so you never lose it. Packs down to about the size of a volleyball weighs only about 1.5 lbs including hammock ropes.
  • Fast & Easy Setup - Unfolds from included stuff sack in just seconds. Includes two high-strength carabiners and ropes that make setting this up both fast and extremely simple for even the most novice user!

And there you have it! I hope I managed to help you at least a little bit with this guide and that you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

Until next time, happy camping!

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