Cool Ways to Hang a Hammock on a Beach (Without Trees)

Considering taking a trip to the beach due to its many benefits but you are not sure if to go with a hammock or not?

Traditionally, hammocks are usually hung or suspended between trees.

However, it is not necessary to have trees around the beach to take advantage of these exciting tools.

What you need are just two points that will allow you to tie the ends of the hammock.

You can install supports (stands) that will serve you in the same way as the trees.

When installing the hammock, you must always hang it sufficiently to avoid injury in the event of a fall.


But First and Why Should I Go to the Beach With a Hammock?

hammock camping on the beach
  • First, a hammock can be used anywhere. It serves as protection against rain and groundwater. Its versatility is suitable for campers and beachgoers who want variants in an adventure.
  • It is easy to install and comfortable to sleep on. One other significant advantage of a hammock is the freedom of mud, sand, and insects!
  • It gives you all the peace, rest, privacy, and tranquility when you want to take a nap on the beach.
  • It makes you invisible. There is no grinding of the plants, and there are no traces in the soil.

How to Hang a Hammock on the Beach? Four Main Considerations

how to hammock on the beach

1. Ensure You Meet the Ideal Height From the Ground

In each of your settings, deliberately assign an altitude if it is too deep.

You can intentionally give more height allowance in the event where the hammock droops a little.

It might not be so ideal waking up with one’s back already touching the ground.

It is therefore convenient to establish sufficient authorization in advance.

2. Make Sure You Meet the Required Distance

The average distance for an ideal hammock setup is about 10-15 meters.

As a result, it is easier to look for trees, poles or perfect anchors.

But since we are on the beach, getting trees might be impossible, so make sure your installed poles/stands are within that distance

3. Choose the Hanging Method That Is Suitable for You

how to hang hammock at beach

Some people find it challenging to tie a knot, and do not have the patience to face it. In this case, it is prudent to use hammock belts for quick and easy installation.

There are types of straps with links that allow easy adjustment of the distance.

Because it's lightweight, it's convenient, especially for long walks. It does not harm trees (in the case where you decide to hang it on trees on the beach), and it leaves no trace.

Or, you can use stands if trees are scarce. Lower weight will not affect as much.

4. Choose the Right Place

When on a beach, there are several areas in which one can hang a hammock. But, it is best to choose a place that matches your specifications.

For some, it is the corner where they feel alone so that they can relax without any disturbance. While for some it is a corner where they can see everyone, but the distance is good for privacy.

Whichever one works for you is excellent; the most important thing is choosing a place that you know is best for you. Also, consideration one – three should be satisfied before selecting the right spot.

How to Hang a Hammock on the Beach

How to Hang a Hammock on the Beach

1. Portable Hammock Frames

The desire to use hammocks in public places has led to the creation of the hammock structure.

In today's society, it is possible to acquire different types of hammock frameworks created with different materials and based on different models.

Generally, hammock frames are metal, but can also be purchased with wooden frames.

A hammock frame used for camping can have different shapes and sizes. But the most common design consists of two long supporting legs parallel to the floor.

In many cases, the edges of the frame will be raised so that the hammock can be adjusted to the desired height. The frames use hooks to hang the hammock.

One of the advantages of the frame is that it is portable and easy to configure.

When choosing a hammock frame, it is essential that the frame has three main features. Those are:

Robust design with some flexibility: Exactly explanatory, the frame must be able to support the weight of the body and have certain flexibility so that it does not fall apart while relaxing on the beach.

Portability and ease: hammock frames must be divided into 4 or 5 pieces so that they can be easily integrated into the trunk of a car.

Does it accommodate a cover or rainfly: Staying dry is the number one priority for you while sleeping/relaxing on the beach. Make sure that the hammock stand you buy can tarp or strap a rainfly.

2. Porch Posts

Hang a Hammock on the Beach by Porch Posts

You can also use a gantry with sturdy posts to provide integrated support to your hammock when on the beach, provided the distance between your posts does not exceed 18 feet, and your posts are at a place where you can use the tool more securely.

When you place a hammock between the posts through the balustrade, you are not safe. This is because if the hammock falls, you can hurt yourself by landing on the ground.

Always use posts that do not have a hand between them and those placed between the corners.

You should slide the sturdy skin with the hooks around your shelves and then hold the hammock securely without damaging the poles.

You can also use a high strength screw by mounting it on the posts.

3. DIY Post in Concrete

Imitate trees by placing posts about 4 inches by 4 inches of concrete.

Determining the height of does not require complicated calculations. It is bequeathed for you to decide the desired height, provided they are high enough to support the hammock above the ground.

The distance between the pillars must be at least two meters longer than the length of the hammock.

Cut the post at least 50% more than the desired height. The extra goes into the ground with a layer of gravel at the bottom and cement around the posts in the same way that a fence is built, and then plunge 12-inch holes at this depth plus about 3 inches for the gravel.

This makes it easier when trying to install the pole at the beach.

4. Between Sheds/Buildings/Trees

hammock beach camping

If two sheds/buildings/ trees are close enough, you can hang a hammock between them (provided you have the permission to do so).

You can also connect one end of the network to a building and install a pole to hold the other end.

To attach the laces, securing the hammock in a building requires large hooks or eye bolts, and the dowels must be connected to a solid part of the frame.

Siding is not so durable as to support the weight of a person in the hammock, so the fittings must pass through the siding and into a wall bolt.

5. Ceara Hammock Stand

This stand is one of the strongest we have found. Although very robust, it is the best option for those who do not want discomfort in digging holes in the mud or creating a do-it-yourself stand. This stand can be set up in minutes.

However, it weighs 44 pounds, so do not plan to go too far with this support as it can be difficult if you cannot share the workload with others. While weighing 44 pounds, it has a considerable load capacity of 440 pounds. Therefore, most surfers and beach users should be safe in this sturdy steel structure.

The choicest thing about this is that it ranges from 124 to 149. It can cater to many camping needs as well as using it on a beach. Attach the loops on your hammock as you usually would in a tree.

In general, it's one of the most potent frames I've ever used, and its weight is enormous. It is very portable because it only takes a few seconds to unfold and works exceptionally well with camping hammocks — even with hammocks that have saggy.

Some Beach Advice

When packing your bags for that memorable beach experience, remember these suggestions:

 hammock beach summer deals
  • Go with a sand free bag: Sand is a lot of fun when you are on the beach. However, when you go back home, it stops being fun, and you will find that almost everything you have is covered with sand. In this sense, try using a shoulder bag to carry your belongings.

  • Go with some insecticides: Biting insects are not in any way fun, so do not get caught without insecticides.
  • Add a flotation device to your keys: This is an attractive way to make sure your keys do not sink to the bottom of the ocean if you inadvertently drop them.

Bottom Line

Installing a hammock on a tree-less beach may seem hard to overcome at first, but when you read and digest the information on this article, you will understand that it should be simple.

There are several solutions that you can use to make your beach experience with a hammock worth it.

Using a hammock stand, investing in a portable hammock frame, experimenting with a do-it-yourself stand, or even using posts are all viable options.

Everyone feels good after going to the beach, why not make it better by using a hammock?