The Best Hammock Tarp of 2021 to Protect You From the Elements

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One problem with camping with hammocks is staying protected from the elements. If your camping gears contain a piece of equipment like tarps, then you can stay dry no matter how torrential the rain.

A tarp is a simple piece of fabrics designed to stretch over your hammock so that you do not feel the adverse effect of unfriendly weather – thereby ruining your camping.

Just as a countless number of hammocks are on the market, there are many tarp configurations and rigging options to choose from.

Thankfully, we have reviewed the best hammock tarp of 2021 to help you customize your shelter system, match your specific configurations and protect you from the elements.


Top 3 Recommendations

Even if you have a good bug net to keep bugs and insects out, it won’t protect you from rain and winds, or even snow. What you need is a hammock tarp. The best hammock tarp ensures you stay dry in inclement weather.

The table below shows the 3 most highly recommended hammock tarp at a glance.

Editor's Choice
Foxelli Rain Tarp – Hammock Rain Fly, 12ft Lightweight Camping Tarp, Waterproof Backpacking Tarp...*
Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Tarp - 11 x 9 feet Lightweight & Waterproof Hammock Tarp w/ Easy Setup -...*
Best Selling
Rain Fly for Hammock –Light Weight, Diamond-Ripstop Polyester Hammock Rainfly- Eno Rain Cover–...*
UV Resistant
Price not available
Price not available
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Ripstop water-resistant polyester
Ripstop nylon fabric
Cover for the longest of hammock
Editor's Choice
Foxelli Rain Tarp – Hammock Rain Fly, 12ft Lightweight Camping Tarp, Waterproof Backpacking Tarp...*
UV Resistant
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Ripstop water-resistant polyester
Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Tarp - 11 x 9 feet Lightweight & Waterproof Hammock Tarp w/ Easy Setup -...*
UV Resistant
Price not available
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Ripstop nylon fabric
Best Selling
Rain Fly for Hammock –Light Weight, Diamond-Ripstop Polyester Hammock Rainfly- Eno Rain Cover–...*
UV Resistant
Price not available
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Cover for the longest of hammock

The Best Hammock Tarp Available: My Top 11 Picks

Foxelli Hammock Rain Tarp – The Simple but Effective Hammock Tarp

The Foxelli Hammock Rain Tarp makes up for the shortfall of the above-reviewed Chill Gorilla, it is equally large, but will hold its own no matter how saturated with water it is.

It is best known for its durability and quality. Not only is it one of the best for hammock camping, but it can also be used for many activities. Like providing shield during family gatherings, picnics, beach activities and to cover your outdoor kitchen.

No matter the weather condition, you will feel sheltered and safe with the Foxelli Hammock Rain Tarp. It is made from high-quality, solid, yet lightweight, premium, ripstop water resistant polyester material.

Not only will you be protected from rain, but it will also shelter you against Ultra Violet rays, with its UV blocking sunshade, while also protecting you from the snow.

This product comes with a diamond-shape rain tarp and a 12’ center-line to cover any tent or hammock sufficiently. Plus, it will withstand heavy rains and strong winds.

Additionally, it weighs only 18.2 ounces and comes with stakes and ropes as part of the full package. You can choose a camping spot, and set up immediately. You will also find a portable carrying bag which makes this hammock tarp super easy to move around, it is ideal for campers, hikers and backpackers.

The Foxelli Hammock Rain Tarp is easy to set up, the manufacturers include a full kit of gears needed to set up in an instant. The complete package includes: double stitched water-repellent rain tent which comes with a durable metal corner loops, 12 feet reflective tracer nylon, 4 2” x 7” aluminum alloy stakes and a carrying bag.

Your protection is fully guaranteed, you will be the hero that offers shelter to others from rain and other inclement weathers. However, it does not come with a setup instruction so you may have to rely on your ingenuity to set it up the first time.

  • Easy to set up and comes with additional gears
  • Ultralight and portable
  • Durable ripstop polyester construct
  • Does not come with set up instructions

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Tarp – The Hammock Tarp With a Double Sewn Edge

Never get wet outdoor during hiking, camping or biking, the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Tarp is the perfect companion for all your outdoor activity. It is 11 feet long by 9 feet wide, but when folded pack down to 5 x 9 inches, making it a prime choice for backpackers.

It is designed with 4 aluminum stakes and 6 guy lines that measure 10 feet in length. Guy lines are firmly attached to the rainfly, so you do not need to learn how to knot, or how to lose a cord.

You will also find a ripstop nylon fabric with each edge doubly sewn for durability and longevity. Its overall weight is 1.3 lbs, it will not add unnecessary weight to your backpack.

Additionally, the tarp is ultra-portable, lightweight and versatile in all situations. And it will keep you dry and happy with its unparalleled water shedding ability and weather protection system. Be it rain, snow or wind, you are covered, you will rock from side to side comfortably protected until you fall asleep.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Tarp are moisture proof and ideal for traveling, festivals, sporting events, boating, backpacking, camping, hiking, sunshade and many more. It is easy to set up, under 120 seconds, it’s standing.

Its portability makes it super easy to take on trips, and store when not in use. This tarp is thoughtfully designed, reliable, and durable.  Plus, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Even though the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Tarp, does not come with set up instruction, it is much easier to set up than the Foxelli Hammock Rain Tarp, and can be up and running in minutes.

However, the aluminum stakes that come with this tarp are short and may affect how deep they can be fastened to a pole or tree.

  • The tarp is long and wide
  • Adjustable cord tensioners
  • Edges are double sewn

Roman Ventures Hammock Tarp – The Hammock Tarp with Exceptional Weaving Method

The Roman Ventures Rain Fly for Hammock is designed to protect you from adverse weather conditions whenever you are outdoors. This hammock tarp is one of the most important things you need to carry as you embark on your adventure.

It comes built with a Diamond Ripstop Nylon so you can stay safe even during rainstorms. Additionally, during sunny and hot days, this tarp provides a shade, creating an environment suitable for relaxation and nap.

Roman Ventures Hammock Tarp comes with a UV Resistant Coating and a 2000 Pu water resistant repellant. You are protected from being drenched as well as being pummeled by the ravaging sun. A special weaving method called Special Reinforcing Technique (cross Weaving) makes the tarp resistance to ripping and tearing.

The Roman Ventures Rain Fly for Hammock is easy to set up for all hikers irrespective of gender or age. It comes compact, just fasten to a nearby post or tree and you are all set.

Coming at 115 Square Feet, it offers more coverage than many of its competitors, yet significantly weigh less. Why settle for less, when you can have more?

The 2000 Pu water resistant means this tarp will withstand 2000 Mm Column of Water when accumulated over a square inch of the fabric without leakages. Most high-quality tarps come with 1000 Pu for waterproof abilities, but the Roman Ventures Rain Fly for Hammock have twice of that.

The Roman Ventures Rain Fly for Hammock comes with 6 - 3 Meter Reflective Guy Lines, High-quality Rain Fly, 10 Guy Line Tensioners, 6 Tri-beam Alloy Stakes and a stake pouch. Plus, they fit into a compact, lightweight travel pack.

However, camping enthusiasts contest the ridgeline is not 13 FT as advertised, but it is long enough to cover two hammocks with a little space in between. So, if you do not mind a shorter length ridgeline, this tarp will serve you perfectly.

  • UV Resistant Coating
  • 2000 Pu water resistant repellant
  • Lightweight
  • The tarp is resistant to ripping and tearing
  • Pointy corners

Pro Venture Hammock Tarp – The Hammock Tarp With an Exceptional Design

The Pro Venture Hammock Tarp is large and has one of the best construction on the market.

It comes in a versatile hex design, which is better than a rectangular or square hanging tarp because it gives you maximum coverage for your gears and hammock – about 23% larger area.

It is made from Polyurethane-Treated, Diamond 210D Ripstop Nylon, which makes this hammock tarp extra durable, puncture and tear resistant. This tarp will protect you from adverse weather conditions all day long.

A 9ft asymmetrical hex design that is waterproof to ensure that you stay dry during a torrential downpour. A 6 reinforced grommet points, and 6 tie-down loops give a streamlined shape when set up. It comes with free 3-meter guy lines, but you need to buy 4 lightweight aluminum stakes, and with this, you can set up in minutes and relax in style.

This hammock tarp is popular among backpackers. When folded into its waterproof stuff sack, the accessories and rainfly weight only 1.8 lbs, and occupy 10x5x5 inches of backpack space, making it perfect for your outdoor adventure.

Setting up is super-easy, no need for instructions or learning how to tie and untie complex knotting systems. And with its functionalities and durability, it represents excellent value for money. You can’t go wrong with this hammock tarp.

Finally, the Pro Venture Hammock Tarp comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if you have any complaint whatsoever, or it does not satisfy your need. This is the best hammock tarp for your money.

Unlike the other tarp on this review with rectangular and square shapes, the Pro Venture Hammock Tarp has a hexagonal shape which some users find strange.

  • It’s 23% larger in size and provides utmost protection against weather elements.
  • Premium quality ripstop nylon for durability
  • Weighs only 1.8lbs
  • Measures 10x5x5 inches thus takes up little space
  • Does not come with set up instructions

The Outdoors Way Hammock Tarp – The Hammock Tarp Having a Definite Structure and Shape

If you need a large hammock tarp, this product has got you covered. Coming with a 12-foot ridgeline, you will get more than enough cover for your hammock camping. This extended ridge line ensures your hammock is entirely covered so you can stay dry from head to toe.

This hammock tarp comes at the same price range as other products on this list and comes made from a durable material. The 210D ripstop nylon is not only resistant to rips and tear, but it is also waterproof.

No matter how blue the cloud is, or how loud the sky rumble, you won’t get wet from the resulting rain.

It also comes designed with reinforced seams that run down the center of the tent. Additionally, the seam gives it structure and shape, eliminating the need to run a cord across the middle.

It is a versatile tarp, and can be used for traveling, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking or just relaxing at the park!

You will also find 4 aluminum tent stakes, and 6 guy lines, and a grommet made from rugged plastic material to prevent rips and tears at the support points. When it’s time to roll your tarp, you will find a space in the middle that is a perfect fit for your stake and the guy line bag.

However, this hammock tarp runs a little heavy, and at 1.63 pounds, some users complain it is a tad heavy.

Finally, the Outdoors Way Hammock Tarp will hold its own in all weather conditions.

However, the guy lines do not provide clear visibility, but you will be bone dry even in heavy rainfall. This tarp is highly rated, and represent excellent value for money.

  • Comes with accessories
  • Reinforced ridgeline seam
  • Lightweight material
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Guylines not reflective

Amazon Basics Waterproof Camping Tarp - Best Reinforced Edges Design

You can never go wrong with Amazon's Basics item! This one proves that good quality often comes at a bargain deal and that you don't have to spend a lot of your money on a durable tarp! But, come on, it's time we check out some of its most basic features so you can determine if this is your best pick.

Let's kick off with the use. This Amazon Basics camping tarp offers versatile service and works exceptionally well in covering all the necessary areas and elements from getting damaged in any way.

It creates a protective shield that acts as a moisture-blocking foundation if you plan on setting a tent as well.

One of the essential qualities is that this Amazon Basics camping tarp is made from durable materials! In addition, it features a unique polyethylene lamination on both sides of the tarp, which gives it a waterproof quality.

Plus, it can protect it from rough ground and uneven terrain, so you can always have a safe camping trip.

The Amazon Basics tarp also features reinforced corners and edges, which add even more stability once you install it. The durable design will last you for a long time and withstand all the unexpected weather, from rain to sunny days.

As we are on the topic of the edges, you can notice that the tarp's edges feature rust-resistant grommets. They secure the tarp in place and offer you a stable base!

The dimensions of this Amazon Basics hammock tarp are 10x12 feet. Some say that these dimensions may not suit all, but this is a pretty standard size if you ask us.

However, one thing many customers complain about is the thickness. It's relatively thin, so that may present an issue.

  • Affordable price
  • Secured edges
  • Rust-resistant grommets
  • Waterproof design
  • Relatively thin
  • Crispy material

W-Up Bird Lightweight Hammock Tarp Cover – The Versatile Hammock Tarp

W-Up Bird might call its hammock tarp a different name, it chooses to call it a hammock tarp cover or a portable rain shelter other than the conventional designations of tarp or fly nomenclature. But the goal remains the same no matter what it’s called – to keep campers happy by keeping them bone dry.

The W-Up Bird Lightweight Hammock Tarp Cover comes with a RipStop line which is a 10- foot by 10-foot waterproof covers which comes at 1.8 lbs. Durable, rip and tear resistant, it is built to last even when used frequently. Taking on trips is super convenient.

The W-Up Bird Lightweight Hammock Tarp Cover is Made of 210T Dacron, which confers it with long-lasting rip resistant and water shedding ability.

If you love nature, then you will be spending more time in the open. If that is the case, why not build a gear that will last for years?

This product comes with a large area which makes it perfect for serving as a waterproof cover over tent, hammock, or camp.

You can even use this tarp to set up a temporary shelter during bad weathers or to get a bit of shade from the scorching summer sun on a cloudless day in July.

It comes in a beautiful green color and includes a full setup package, which is: 8 simple aluminum stakes, 8 nylon ropes and a carrying bag for everything.

The W-Up Bird Lightweight Hammock Tarp Cover has served as a shield for many customers, and they have reported how the tarp has held up even after repeated usage. So an investment in this tarp is an investment well made.

This hammock tarp is versatile and comes inexpensive compared to other products on this list; however, users complain the accompanying package bag may burst at the seam when you pack your tarp in wet.

  • Made of 210T Dacron
  • The rain tarp is versatile and durable
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Available in only one color

#8. Sanctuary SilTarp - The Best All-Inclusive Hammock Tarp

Sanctuary SilTarp - Ultralight

Whether you're out for camping, hammocking, backpacking, or just having some quality outdoor time with your friends, you got to have this tarp with you! It is an all-inclusive offer, coming with everything you need to set the construction up and protect yourself.

So, this hammock tarp comes in five different sizes, so you can optimize the model to fit your needs with a slight change in the price you'll notice among the models.

The model is specially designed to weigh as little as possible so that you won't feel the extra weight in your backpack. Namely, the 10 x 7 / 5-foot model weighs only 10 ounces, and If we include all the hardware needed for the setup, 14 ounces in total.

In order to ensure you stay bonedry under your tarp, the manufacturer made this tarp out of the 30 deniers ripstop nylon that also has a silicone/PU dual-coating, Now combine that with fully taped seams and you got yourself 5,000 mm of hydrostatic resistance.

As we have previously mentioned, this is an all-inclusive offer, so along with the tarp, you also get twelve pieces of 1.5 mm reflective Dyneema guy line, also twelve adjusters (micro line lock), and six aluminum Y-stakes. Plus, you also get a carrying bag.

Furthermore, with twelve perimeter attachment loops and catenary cuts, you'll set this ground shelter precisely the way you want it.

Finally, this product includes a lifetime warranty, which is the best guarantee of its quality.

  • ​Lifetime warranty
  • All-inclusive
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fully taped seams
  • Coating
  • /

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly

No experienced camper will ever bypass ENO products. Eno has become a synonym for high-quality hammock equipment since they rule the market when it comes to affordable but heavy-duty hammocks, and that is why we had to include one of their tarps to our list.

First of all, this offer is available in five different colors: black, navy, gray, limeade, and olive. Each model has the same dimensions 10' 6 inches in length and 6' 4" inches in width.

When it comes to the material, this hammock tarp is made of polyurethane-treated 210D ripstop nylon that is honestly-heavy-duty as used for parachutes and proven to have amazing water-shedding features.

Furthermore, this hammock tarps has six connection points so you can securely hook it up and feel safe during the night. However, this model does not come with stakes, so you would have to buy them additionally or improvise.

The offer includes a carrying case, and as the tarp weighs only twenty-two ounces, it is perfect for camping and backpacking, being pretty easy to transport.

When it comes to the price, this model is in the higher part of the scale, mainly because it does not come with any hardware, but customers do claim it is honestly heavy-duty and long-lasting.

  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Comes in five colors
  • ​Heavy-duty
  • Waterproof
  • Ripstop material
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
  • No stakes included

#10. Aqua Quest Defender Tarp - A Hard-Core Defender Tarp

Aqua Quest Defender Tarp

Now, finally, we've come to a genuinely hard-core product, built to provide a secure shelter in whatever conditions you find yourself. Hold your breaths for the incredible Aqua Quest Defender Tarp.

I honestly have so much to say when it comes to this tarp that I don't even know where to start from. It is made of brawny 70D nylon that is double-coated with DWR and TPU.

Add heat taped seams to all this, and you get 20 000 mm of hydrostatic resistance. What does it mean? It means there's no way a single drop of rain will reach you under this protective shelter.

Now, the webbing tie-out loops have the reinforced stitching, so there's no way they will rip off.

Plus, this tarp comes in two different square sizes plus one large and one medium size and two colors, so you can customize your product as you wish.

Furthermore, the shelter has nineteen perimeter loops, four corner pockets, and two lantern loops, with total coverage of ninety-two squares to make sure all angles are covered.

Finally, the AquaQuest has been producing and testing waterproof gear ever since 1994, so they are pretty confident in the quality of their equipment, confident enough to provide a lifetime warranty for this tarp. 

  • Heavy-duty
  • Double coated
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Many sizes and two colors
  • 20000 mm hydrostatic resistance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No stakes

REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tarp - Best Multipurpose Use

Continuing with our list, we have another highly popular camping hammock tarp represented by Redcamp! We were stunned by the price as this is one of the most quality tarps on the market! It retails for a bit under $30, so it's a purchase you cannot miss out on!

The REDCAMP tarp is made out of polyester ripstop material, for starters, making it one of the best components for design. With it, you can rest sure knowing your tarp will survive those harmful sun rays. In addition, it's UV resistant, so it's perfect for camping on a hot summer day.

But, what we appreciate the most is the versatile use of this tarp! You can use it as a hammock tarp shelter, groundsheet, picnic mat, tent grounder, or just as a canopy that will protect you against unstable weather!

As many customers appreciate its multipurpose use, we have to mention that it's a great addition to have for such a great value deal!

What makes this Redcamp camping tarp special, as well as the waterproof function! That's why we stress that it's a necessary purchase if you are camping in windy, rainy, or sunny locations.

The Redcamp hammock tarp is super lightweight by weighing only 0.83 kg! It's fantastic to know that such low weight can protect you in the best way possible. In addition, the tarp includes a storage bag where you can safely pack it up.

Along with that, you will also receive six wind ropes, six aluminum stakes that will safely hold your tarp in place.

If you are not pleased with the purchase, the manufacturer offers a full year of warranty so you can have a sound mind!

  • Great value deal
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Smaller dimensions

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hammock Tarp

Selecting the right tarp for your hammock is more complicated than you may think. It is not advisable to pick any tarp on the market or invest in just anyone you see during your search.

There are factors to consider such as: shape, size, material build, and the weight of the tarp​.

1. Tarp Size for Hammocks

best hammock tarp combo

The first factor to consider before making a buying decision is how much coverage you need.

You need to know the weather conditions for your trip, not neglecting the weather condition of the region you are going for the camping trip before you make a decision.

2. Best Size Tarp for Hammock Camping

If you are going hammock camping, the size will once again depend on the amount of coverage you require based on the weather conditions and how intense it may be.

For instance, do you need to purchase the large ones, also called winter tarp, or four season camping or cold conditions? If you do, they are the best to keep out wind, cold, moisture, you name it.

Alternatively, if you are going camping in mild or warm conditions, you will only need a simple cover over your hammock to keep bugs and insects off you at night and to form a protective shield over you if it rains.

3. Different Tarp Shapes

best hammock tarp size

Tarps come in different shapes, they do not come only in rectangular or square shapes.

In fact, there are some other unique shapes you can choose from. So, it’s best to select a tarp based on the shape of your hammock and the amount of coverage you look to get off it.

The following are the most common shapes:

  • Rectangular tarps come with four anchor points and a ridge line set above the hammock. Though ventilation in tarps of this shape is not great, it confers maximum protection and coverage from unfriendly elements.
  • Catenary tarps use a curve area design which makes them lightweight. They are less likely to sag above you and are great for windy conditions.
  • Diamond square tarps are the lightest you will ever find. The downside is they do not offer a whole lot of coverage. They usually come with 2 anchor points which allows for easy setup, compared to other tarps with different shapes.
  • Hexagonal tarps are similar to rectangular tarps but have different corners that angle inward instead of outward. Because of this unique design, they are made up of less material and are also lightweight with better ventilation. However, they tend to be more expensive.

Choosing the right tarp shape based on your coverage need is more important than you may think.

4. Material Build: Heavy Duty Hammock Tarp or Lightweight?

Choosing between a lightweight hammock tarp or heavier tarp should not be left decided at the last minute. The material build of your tarp of choice will impact how heavy it is.

Most backpackers prefer nylon material because of its ultra-lightweight and the fact that it takes little space in the pack.

Conventional polyethylene tarps tend to be more expensive, bulky and also thicker, but provides better coverage depending on its shape.

5. Tarp Weight

best hammock tarp for backpacking

As mentioned earlier, the weight of your tarp will depend on the material it is made of. You need to consider where you are going, how long the walk will take. If your journey is a long trek, and you have a couple of pounds of gear to carry already, then you should go for hammock tarp made out of nylon. This should be your choice, especially if the weather is not going to be too bad.

If on the other hand, you do not have heavy gears to carry, plus, the weather condition in your destination is not exactly friendly, you should go for a heavier tarp, made from polyethylene.


What is a hammock tarp?

A hammock tarp is a necessary piece of camping equipment that is installed above the hammock. 

Hammock tarps are made from waterproof materials that will protect you against unstable weather! Whether it's rain, sunny days, or wind, these ones will assist you best have a successful camping trip.

They can also help insulate the heat better, so those chilly nights will no longer be an issue.

Can I use a tarp as a rainfly?

Yes, you can use a tarp as a rainfly! That's why hammock tarps are there; to protect you against rain and sun! The purpose of this rainfly is to keep you dry under the hammock.

As the Amazon market is filled with various types of hammock rainfly, you need to find the ones that are 100% waterproof! Otherwise, you lose the entire purpose of a tarp as a rainfly.

You can either choose from poly tarps or canvas tarps and protect yourself in the best way possible while lying in a hammock. 

best hammock tarp with doors

What size tarp do I need for my hammock?

Although the tarp size depends on the size of your hammock, you really should choose a tarp that is at least 6-12 inches long when it spreads out to both ends of the hammock.

Also, you can rotate the tarp to approximately 39 degrees and cover enough parts of the hammock with a ridgeline of 13 feet.

How do you hang a hammock and tarp?

To hang a hammock, you first need to measure out the distance of the two trees you will be setting it up.

Then, take one end and tie a knot by looping the rope. Make sure you do the same thing on the other and secure it properly. Also, the hammock's height plays a significant role, so install the hammock at shoulder height. Hook the hammock to the ropes, and you are done!

As for the tarp part, you can install it over the hammock in an "A-frame." First, install the tarp over the ridgeline by throwing it over. Even out the sides over the ridge. Next, attach the guylines from the two corners of the tarp and tie the knots.

Lastly, adjust the pegs and create the A-frame shape by changing any vital areas.


In conclusion, we would like to take a second and remind you of our best pick. The incredible Foxelli Hammock Rain Tarp is a simple but effective tarp you need for a successful camping adventure!

It's effortless to set up, and you get a complete kit for installation. What more could a hammock camper need?

If you prefer any other hammock tarp than our top-rated, indicate in the comment box.

Foxelli Rain Tarp – Hammock Rain Fly, 12ft Lightweight Camping Tarp, Waterproof Backpacking Tarp...*
  • BEST RAIN, SUN + SNOW PROTECTION: Feel safe and sheltered in any weather environment with your new Foxelli survival tarp! Made of solid yet lightweight, premium quality rip stop water resistant polyester material, our hammock rainfly offers not only a sustainable rain shield, but also a great UV blocking sunshade and reliable snow protection. We designed our hiking tarp with 12' center-line to cover any hammock or tent sufficiently. It will even withstand strong winds and heavy rain!
  • IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE USES: There are so many different ways to use your Foxelli hammock canopy: cover your hammock or camping gear, your bike, equipment, clothes, BBQ, outdoor kitchen or even your dog! Foxelli tent rain cover is a versatile, durable, multi-functional shelter perfectly suitable for camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, backpacking, sporting events, festivals, picnics, gardens, beach activities, family gatherings, backyard parties, or just relaxing in the park with your buddies.
  • EASY TO SET UP, ALL INCLUDED: We provide a full kit so you have everything you need to set up your instant camp shelter! Package includes a double-stitched, large, waterproof rain tarp with strong metal grommets, 4 EXTRA LONG (12 feet) reflective tracer nylon guy lines with heavy duty tensioners, 2” x 7” aluminum alloy stakes and a convenient carrying bag. Lightweight tarp shelter can be set up easily within minutes, keeping you safe from sudden downpours and other types of severe weather.
  • ULTRALIGHT + PORTABLE: Foxelli camping rain tarp weighs only 18.2 ounces in its full kit with ropes and stakes included. It makes carrying it a breeze! The tent kit fits compactly in a small carrying bag, making it ultra-convenient to travel with and store at home when not in use. Because of its portability, hammock tarp is super advantageous for backpackers & hikers. Always carry your tent hammock rain fly on you and be the hero who offers your buddies shelter from the rain!
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Don’t worry about missing Amazon’s 30-day return window. We offer a 120-day, no questions asked returns together with our One Year Warranty. If - FOR WHATEVER REASON – you don’t like it, we’ll make sure to take care of that. Buy with confidence!