The Best Patio Furniture Covers in 2020 (Everything You Need to Know)

There's nothing that can kill your mood quite as easily as a sudden rain. Especially if you've just gone out to your backyard to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

To make things even worse, your free time is not the only collateral damage.

You are also presented with Sophie's choice – are you going to leave your furniture pieces to soak in everything the sky has to throw at them, or you are going to save what can be saved and get wet in the process.

And what are you going to do when you need to go outside? Are you going to move the furniture around the yard each time you leave the house?

Well, here’s a silver lining.

Your free afternoon in the yard probably can’t be salvaged, but you can at least find a much easier way to protect your outdoor pieces.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best patio furniture covers that can help you along the way.


The Perks of Having Furniture Covers

best patio furniture covers for rain

Although we have singled out the rain as your enemy number one (call us biased but we just like spending free time outside), the usability of outdoor furniture covers goes way beyond protection from this often sudden element.

The truth is that as robust as they seem, furniture pieces are far more fragile than we might assume.

As a matter of fact, if they are regularly exposed to them, the materials like wood, metal, and plastic can be very easily damaged even with something so menial as morning dew or pollination.

And don’t get us started with something that packs a bit more punch like UV rays. Leave the pieces unprotected, and your furnishings will fall from glory far sooner than you’ve expected.

Of course, furniture covers are not designed only to fight off the pesky elements.

If you own a pet, you may notice the legs of your chair are mode gnawed than yesterday. Or you may want to move some of the pieces to your cottage, and you are afraid they might end up damaged in the transport.

Durable and well-tailored covers are an easy fix to all these day-to-day problems.

So, to sum it up, you can keep your furniture outside even as it is, but you are running a danger of undercutting their lifespan or simply ending up with damaged goods.

Taking into consideration that covers are very affordable, they make more than a worthwhile purchase.

Top 3 Patio Furniture Covers on the Market

Top 11 Patio Furniture Covers of 2020

AmazonBasics Outdoor Stackable-Chair Patio Furniture Cover - High-quality Material

Our best choice is AmazonBasics Outdoor Stackable-Chair Patio Furniture Cover! Why is that so?

Well, its design is simply perfect. You won't find any better; we genuinely believe so. Namely, the fabric that makes the cover so perfect is 100% woven polyester fabric, which contains a laminated polyvinyl chloride undercoating; thus, it will minimize any possible hints of rain from seeping through the cover.

Moreover, you will always have 100% protection from snow, rain, any water elements outside or inside.

Furthermore, the installation is straightforward, so you won't have any trouble while covering your furniture. Thus, you can quickly use the lick-close straps and attach to all sides of the chair, bed, or any other kind of furniture; it will fix your furniture even during the windy days and weather so that they will be immovable. 

Therefore, you won't have to worry whether they will fly away and destroy the area you placed them on.

What is also very important is that very tough seams contribute to extra durability and sturdiness; therefore, the cover will last for an extended period, and you'll save your money without replacing it with a new one.

Finally, the dimensions are essential, they are the following: 36" x 28" x 47", so our cover is vast. Don't wait up and choose the best protection for your furniture!

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • /

Vailge Heavy Duty Patio Bench Loveseat Cover - Sturdy

Our next-to-the-top product is a brilliant invention or romantic couples! As the very title says, this cover is most suitable for loveseats, thus protecting the romantic nets. But that's not the only excellent feature it has.

Besides, Vailge Heavy Duty Patio Bench Loveseat Cover contains a 600D Oxford fabric, which is heavy-duty as well; thus, it will protect you from any weather, no matter whether it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy outside. Our cover is a weather-resistant one. Plus, it has excellent dimensions: 32 x 58 x 31 inches; thus, it is very spacious and will cover any furniture.

The material is 100% water-resistant as well, with a water-resistant coating and waterproof backing, which is laminated so it won't damage due to weather conditions. Besides, it contains UV rays protection, so it secures furniture from the sun as well. Plus, you will save your furniture from any scratches if you use this cover.

What is also important is that our cover contains an elastic hem cord with toggles. It offers adjustment for a fast custom installation and fit. Plus, the adjustable belted hem that includes click-close straps provides maximum stability during the wind season. Moreover, the large padded handles make the assembly quicker and easier.

Finally, the ventilation that the cover has offers breathable material, so both your furniture and sheet allow airflow to circulate; thus, they won't swell.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Waterproof
  • Weather-resistant
  • Minor design flaws

Vailge Square Patio Ottoman Cover - Budget-friendly

The bronze medal goes to our next product that contains the name of a real empire in it. Yes, the Vailge Square Patio Ottoman Cover is as powerful as the Ottoman empire was in our history!

It contains 600D Oxford fabric; thus, it will protect your furniture from any weather conditions - no matter whether it is sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy, chilly outside, your furniture will be in excellent terms.

Moreover, you should note that the cover contains not only UV protection but also waterproof coating and laminated backing for maximum protection from water. Furthermore, the cover material prevents both the cover and furniture from any scratches, so you don't have to worry whether your objects will harm.

What is also important to highlight is the fact that the cover contains ventilation, which allows the circulation of airflow, so whenever you cover your furniture, neither the furniture nor the cover will swell since the air goes through the material.

Moreover, another essential feature is its quick and easy installation. The straps and hem that cover contains are adjustable to every side; thus, it will suit any furniture, shape, and size. The facility doesn't take more than five minutes; you can easily set it up or pack it since the flexible straps fit any furniture.

Finally, whatever problem that you may have, you can always contact the Customer Service, and they will solve all the issues.

  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Plastic backing may come off

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant Cover - Best For Classic Style

Our next product is fantastic because of its classic design and style; thus, Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant Cover fits any indoor or outdoor area that you want to decorate with your furniture. 

Moreover, the cover is a heavy-duty one that offers excellent sturdiness and durability. You will save yourself from unnecessary costs of replacement, that for sure. Plus, the high-density stitching and California Prop 65 provide excellent protection for your safety and health.

Furthermore, the cover consists of a Gardelle fabric system, which is both waterproof and weatherproof, so your coat along with your furniture gets extra protection from any weather type. Sounds excellent, right?

It is essential to highlight that not only does the cover fit furniture, but the tables as well, so if your table needs a cover, you can use this one, the results are the same, excellent. This is possible because the hem cord and straps are elastic, so they quickly fit everywhere.

The large padded handles contribute to the straightforward assembly and packing. At the same time, air vents reduce wind lofting and air condensation, thus, providing ventilation and the circulation of the airflow inside the cover.

Suitable for more than 140 shapes and styles, the cover has a three years warranty, so you can get your money back if something eventually goes wrong; however, we doubt it.

  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Minor design flaws

Duck Covers Ultimate Patio Sofa Cover – The Furniture Cover with Comfortable Dimensions

Now, here is the product that tries to address some of the problems we had with the previous entry but presents an entirely new set of issues instead. But, let us start with the positives.

For a start, this thing is exactly what manufacturer advertises – a spacious sofa cover that offers solid protection against the rain.

This can be primarily contributed to two things. First, the very fabric is very dense and water-resistant. The second – all of the stitches are tape sealed, so the chances that a single drop of rain will find a way to the sofa are incredibly slim.

Also, the fabric features mesh pieces that allow seamless air circulation. So, we can say all the basic requirements are met.

We are also very fond of the cover's dimensions. No matter which size you choose (out of six), the cover will leave enough room to fit the pieces of varying dimensions. If you remember, that was the biggest problem we had with SunPatio’s otherwise excellent string of products.

And if you are afraid that all that breathing room will make the whole thing too flimsy, think twice. The combination of well-placed nylon straps and side-release buckles makes sure everything stays firmly in place once set up.

What's the problem then? Well, the unit is not particularly durable.

The signs of fading will start showing sooner than you thought, and if you expose the cover to too much abuse tearing will follow soon after.

  • A good looking piece of protective fabric
  • High level of water protection
  • The straps and buckles keep the cover firmly in place
  • Comfortable measures
  • The cover is very vulnerable to elements and tearing

Classic Accessories Ravenna Round Patio Table – The Furniture Cover with a Unique Ventilation System

Here is the cover for all of you who like to spend their free time with friends, Arthurian style. Seriously, though, the products designed for round furniture are not so frequent, so we always like to lay our hands on one of them.

However, this unique design also means that you are going to use the cover exclusively for your table, four chairs, and nothing else. Be prepared to pay a lot if you have some other square-ish pieces waiting for you in the backyard.

But, the good people from Classic Accessories have made sure you can easily feel this void with some other product from their expansive offer.

When it comes to this round cover, you will be glad to hear that the unit comes in three loosely tailored sizes. Also, it features a pretty durable woven polyester surface than can easily keep even the heaviest of rainfalls at bay.

The high level of breathability is present, and this time it is handled by a well-structured vent system. This approach to the issue is rather simple and produces excellent results — a bottom line we would like to see in more units.

As for the strapping, this time, we get the by-the-numbers cord closure system. Nothing special, but it works.

What are the drawbacks, besides the one inherited by the round design?

Unfortunately, we are once again facing the durability issues. Although the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, you will be lucky if you manage to keep the fabric together for more than two years.

  • An excellent choice for all the people who own a round table
  • The material is impervious to rain
  • Unique ventilation system
  • Simple, yet reliable cord closure
  • The round shape limits your set of use options
  • Not very durable

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 72 Inch Rectangular/Oval Patio Table Cover - Best Cover For Tables

The next product from our catalog contains bound seams for sturdiness and strength, high-density stitching for maximum durability, padded handles for more comfort, matching webbing for more modern and stylish decoration, as well as California Prop 65 compliance for more safety and health for everyone. Moreover, the dimensions are immense and cover spacious shapes - 72" x 44".

What is very important is the very fabric. Namely, the material is a heavy-duty Gardelle fabric system that will keep both the cover and the furniture dry when it's raining outside.

Why is that so? Well, the fabric is both water and weatherproof, so it will resist all weather conditions and will provide your objects maximum protection.

Moreover, you should remember that the cover is also mildew-resistant, but that's not the only feature. Another essential characteristic is that its hem cord and buckled straps are elastic and flexible, so once you install it, your furniture will be immovable, even if the hurricane is outside.

The installation is straightforward and speedy since it contains large padded handles, again, very flexible. Plus the manufacturer provides a three years warranty so that you could replace it, or get your money back if you are not satisfied.

  • Sturdy
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • /

SunPatio Outdoor Large Bench Cover 110 Inch – The Furniture Cover with a High Water Resistance

Wow, talk about the package that checks all the right boxes. Seriously, this spacious cover is a textbook example of all the features we want to see in this type of product. Let us start with the choice of the materials – it’s plain and simply excellent.

The whole thing is made from incredibly durable heavy-duty fabric graced with a stylish vinyl coating. What this blend produces is a material that easily repels the water and features near-perfect resistance to everything ranging from tearing to cold cracking.

If you take proper care of the maintenance, this piece of fabric can serve you in many years to come.

But, that's not all. The cover also features an unobtrusive and well-placed line of mesh cloth that ensures the free circulation of air inside and outside the cover.

Also, the manufacturer has made sure that the cover will stay in place even in the case of the strongest wind you can imagine. Indeed, with the combination of stretchable material, fastening strings, and drawstrings, it takes a tornado to make this thing unwrap.

Fin​​​​ally, it is worth mentioning that this cover comes in three different sizes, so you will have a decent amount of freedom when making your pick. And even if you don't own a sofa, SunPatio offers similar packages for different types of furniture.

So, is there anything wrong?

Well, yes and no. The biggest drawback of all these products is the fact that all these covers are very tightly tailored. They will either fit your furniture like a glove or won't fit the pieces at all.

So, good luck with the three sizes you have to choose from.

  • Stylish and durable
  • High level of water resistance
  • High level of breathability
  • Once you tie the cover down, no wind will let it loose
  • Reasonably affordable
  • The covers are tailored for particular types of furniture

SUNRAIN Patio Furniture Set Covers Waterproof Outdoor Table and Chair Cover – The Best Patio Furniture Cover

Saying no to a strong value proposition has always been very hard. This neat product makes it near impossible. If you own multiple outdoor units and don't want to bother with different covers for each unit, this piece of fabric might just be the best purchase you will make this year.

So, where to start? Maybe from the fact that with its generous size of 108" L x 82"W x 23"H (274 x 208 x 58 centimeters) this bad boy can quickly wrap a spacious outdoor table altogether with a set of six chairs.

But that's not all. The cover features a very style-agnostic design, so even if you own a modular sofa, you will be able to keep it protected as well. Of course, only as long as you split it into separate parts.

The very fabric is not too shabby, either. The whole thing is made from perfect looking 600D polyester fabric that offers unparalleled resistance against moisture, shrinking and abrasion.

And if you are wondering if the fabric breathable, the answer is yes. The issue may not be handled in the most intuitive manner (the cover uses the hidden air vents), but the whole system works.

Of course, a good cover can't be imagined without a reliable fixation system, and we are happy to report that this feature works excellent as well. As a matter of fact, this 4-clip-strap system is probably one of the best we've seen in the market.

As we can see, all the building blocks for greatness are there. Too bad the unit is very vulnerable to fading and not extremely tough. Otherwise, we could call it flawless.

  • Good looks combined with a handsome price tag
  • The cover protects up to six different pieces
  • Excellent water protection
  • Reliable strap and buckle system
  • The material is breathable
  • Fading appears sooner than later

King Do Way Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers – The Furniture Cover with a UV-resistance treatment

It doesn't take more than a look at this package to see that the people from King Do Way Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers had aimed particularly high when they designed this cover. When buying this cover, you will always know what you are getting yourself into and what you’re buying.

This protective cover will provide the highest protection for every kind of your garden furniture. It will be saved from snow, rain, UV rays, moisture, dust, and even bird droppings.

The cover is designed to be multi-purpose and has two different sides.

Unlike with previous covers you don’t have to measure your furniture so it could fit them tightly, this cover has elastic hem cord with toggles that allow adjustments and custom or tight fit.

And truly, the dimensions are large enough (124x 70 x 29 inches – 315 x 180 x 74 centimeters) to fit a wide range of sofas, chair, or any type of furniture you have. The leg click-close straps keep everything firmly in place.

The fabric that is used for this cover is polyester which has a water-resistant coating. This material also makes it extremely easy to clean, just wipe it with a cloth, and you are good to go. The covers come with a 36-month guarantee.

Although this cover may be a little too thin than you expect it to be.

Essentially, a reasonably durable piece of fabric that features UV treatment, and does a great job doing its most basic purpose. 

  • UV-resistance treatment·
  • Pretty spacious
  • Durable
  • Can fit different kinds of furniture
  • Click-close straps
  • It’s too thin

AmazonBasics Lounge Deep-Seat Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover – The Best Patio Chair Cover

This package is the living proof of just how good and competitive the furniture cover market has become over the last couple of years. Even though we are relatively unimpressed with the product, we still think it makes one very worthwhile purchase.Of course, only if you have very specific needs.

But, let us start with the things we dig.

The materials, for example. The cover is made from ever-reliable 100% woven polyester with a laminated undercoating. The combination of these two things makes the material virtually invulnerable to rain. Just cover the chairs and rest assured – everything will be just fine.

Also, it is worth mentioning that tailoring is not too tight. The measures of 31 x 38 x 29 inches (79 x 97 x 74 centimeters) will help you squeeze in even a smaller lounger.

Finally, we have to mention that the package contains two identical units, so you’ll be able to protect two chairs at a very affordable price.

What we found underwhelming?

Well, let's start with the design. Compared to some other units we've covered on the list, it looks awfully stale and uninspiring. We just find the brown and beige combination very uninviting and 70s-like.

Then, there are the straps. Although the whole strap and buckle system looks good on paper and performs reasonably well once you unpack the covers, the performance quickly starts to drop as the months go by.

We can say the same about the overall durability. The covers are far from fragile but don't expect to squeeze more than two years out of them.

  • Good protection from the rain
  • The package contains two covers
  • Generous measures
  • We like to see more versatility from this type of product
  • The quality degrades at a noticeable pace

The Things You Should Consider Before Purchase: Best Patio Furniture Covers Buying Guide

And now, it is time to quickly go through some of the most important considerations you should make when deciding which package you are going to buy.

Different customers have different needs. The only way to make sure you have made the right choice is to know all of the options you have on disposal.

1. Size and Tailoring

best patio furniture covers reviews

Furniture covers come in all shapes and sizes. Accordingly, some of the covers are specifically tailored for specific units, some of them are designed to fit particular types of furniture (e.g., chairs or tables), and the third group is large enough to fit several different pieces at once.

So, unless you are going to buy specifically tailored models (the least likely option), you should make sure to measure your pieces before making the final decision.

If you are buying a cover for several pieces, give them some breathing room before measuring – clumping them too closely together can damage the items.

2. Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof

There is quite a difference between the two so triple-check the wording. The units that offer the best level resistance represent a combination of PVC and woven fabric and feature several layers of protection.

This way, even if one layer gets damaged, the cover remains waterproof.

3. Breathability

Although many people overlook this feature, it is essential that your cover features a certain degree of breathability.

Otherwise, the humidity will slowly build up inside the cover and create a greenhouse effect which is something you should definitely avoid.

4. Wind-proofing

best patio table covers

This feature is especially important if you plan on leaving the furniture unchecked for prolonged periods. You don't want to find your pieces unprotected because the strong wind has blown off the covers?

To avoid this problem, look for the units that feature tie-down leg securing system.

5. Soft Lining

Finally, it is highly preferable that your cover features a soft inner lining. Otherwise, you may scratch the surface of more delicate materials like plastic.

Final Thoughts

As we have previously stated, the best choice is our AmazonBasics Outdoor Stackable-Chair Patio Furniture Cover.

We adore it because of its design, which is perfect since the fabric is both water and weather-resistant, so you can play it outside whenever you want.

Another reason why we love it is the natural and rapid installation, which will not take you more than a few minutes, and the straps, which provide the fixation of your furniture. The dimensions are very significant, so it offers the cover of any furniture. 

Finally, it won our hearts because the material is extra durable and sturdy, so it lasts for an extended period. 

Amazon Basics Outdoor Stackable-Chair Patio Furniture Cover*
  • Cover protects against rain, snow, and other outdoor elements; suitable for everyday use; ideal for the off-season
  • Includes an outdoor cover designed for stackable patio chairs
  • Made of 100% woven polyester fabric with a laminated PVC undercoating to minimize rain from seeping through
  • Tough interlocking seams provide enhanced strength
  • Click-close straps easily keep the cover securely in place on windy days

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