The Best Patio Chairs of 2020 – The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

There are not many things that feel as satisfying as spending a lazy afternoon at your covered backyard patio.

The thing is, we are living our lives at a rapid pace, and the opportunities we get to let off some steam and enjoy these few quiet moments are rare and far in between. We have to make them worth it.

But, if we want to catch any rest, we should first make sure that we have appropriate accommodation.

Really, it's hard to relax if your chair is not comfortable and you need to move everything around at the first sign of rain.

Let us take a look then at some of the best patio chairs on the market to see if we can find the right piece for you.


Why Should You Buy Patio Chairs?

best patio chairs reviews

Or, in other words, why wouldn’t you simply use your regular household items?

Well, for a start, there’s the matter of convenience. The regular household chairs and loungers are often too heavy to be easily carried around. Also, as we just mentioned, they don’t play particularly well with elements, so it’s probably for the best to keep them inside.

The other thing that makes patio furniture so great is that the pieces come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. No matter what kind of setup you want to create – tropical, lodge style, streamlined or casual – you will be able to find something to fit your backyard.

The prices you are asked to pay are equally as diverse. So you shouldn't have problems finding something interesting even if you are operating on a budget.

Last but not least, some of these comfortable seats come bundled with other useful items like parasols, coffee tables, and even small storage units for your favorite books and magazines. This is good for a couple of reasons. One the one hand, these packages usually drag down the price of the individual items.

On the other, they are a true blessing for all the people who don't have the patience to piece their sets together.

So, investing in a couple of outdoor pieces definitely makes a lot of sense. But what chairs should register on your radar? We’ll see in a minute.

Top 3 Patio Chairs on the Market

Editor's Choices
Ulax Furniture Patio Recliner Chair Automatic Adjustable Back Outdoor Lounge Chair with 100% Olefin...*
Jack Post CG-21Z Country Garden Glider Chair with Tray, Bronze*
Best Selling
OC Orange-Casual 3-Piece Outdoor Wicker Bistro Patio Furniture Set Cushioned Chair Conversation Set...*
Best Feature
An incredibly comfortable recliner
Excellent rocking mechanism
Three pieces for the price of one
Customer's Rating
Editor's Choices
Ulax Furniture Patio Recliner Chair Automatic Adjustable Back Outdoor Lounge Chair with 100% Olefin...*
Best Feature
An incredibly comfortable recliner
Customer's Rating
Jack Post CG-21Z Country Garden Glider Chair with Tray, Bronze*
Best Feature
Excellent rocking mechanism
Customer's Rating
Best Selling
OC Orange-Casual 3-Piece Outdoor Wicker Bistro Patio Furniture Set Cushioned Chair Conversation Set...*
Best Feature
Three pieces for the price of one
Customer's Rating

Top 7 Patio Chairs of 2020

Ulax Furniture Patio Recliner Chair Automatic Adjustable Back Outdoor Lounge Chair – The Best Patio Chair

It takes no more than a passing look at this product to see that Ulax Furniture has released one neat and ambitious piece of furniture, which makes it incredibly exciting material for a review.

Even if it eventually fails, we will be glad to go through all of its bits and pieces.
But believe us, this chair is far from a failure.

On the contrary, here we have a very spacious and comfortable recliner that sets out to make your long afternoon hours as comfortable as possible.

This coziness can be contributed mainly to the extensive padding that stretches from the top all the way to the bottom of the seat. It is also worth mentioning that cushions are wrapped into olefin – a fabric that is both tough and very comfortable.
Keep in mind, though - it is not resistant to sun and extreme elements.

However, this whole set is attached to the chair with a couple of Velcro strips so it can be easily dismantled.

The other thing that makes Ulax Furniture Patio Recliner such a good purchase is a heavy-duty steel frame that provides very stable performance and pushes the chair's weight capacity to 300 pounds (136 kilograms).

The reclining mechanism works spot on, and the chair will never feel wobbly no matter how often you switch positions.

The very frame looks sturdy and elegant. If you are pursuing the traditional backyard look, this is a package for you.

As for the downsides, you need to be aware that this is not among the lightest chairs on the market. Also, Velcro strips sometimes do a pretty sloppy job at keeping the cushions in place.

  • Reasonably affordable
  • Excellent reclining mechanism
  • Comfortable cushions are removable
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Not the greatest Velcro we’ve seen
  • The frame is somewhat heavy

Jack Post CG-21Z Country Garden Glider Chair – The Chair with the Best Rocking Experience

Gliding chairs are not something we are so used to seeing in the mainstream. So you can imagine just how happy we were to put our hands on this piece of furniture.

But, before we proceed to the details, let us quickly clarify the term "gliding" chair. Essentially, gliders serve the same purpose as the rocking chairs. But instead of being mounted on curved springs, gliders are hung upon a fixed frame.

That makes them much more stable, but also heavier and harder to put together.

Keeping that in mind, CG-21Z is probably the best example of the outdoor glider chair you’ll ever find.

The heavy powder-coated steel frame does an excellent job keeping the whole thing in place while you are rocking. But, assembling the whole thing is a convoluted chore if there ever was one.

Once you finally go through this ordeal, it is hard to deny that CG-21Z is one handsome and rather comfortable outdoor chair you will spend more than a couple of pleasant hours in.

Part of that impression can be contributed to the robust and stable frame. Part definitely goes to rock-solid hardwood slats. And then, there is a built-in wooden tray which is just awesome.

Of course, not everything is shiny. The wooden slats have undergone treatment that gave them a great deal of resistance to humidity. But don’t confuse this with water protection. This chair is built to be used sheltered.

Also, the slats could use additional five-minute sandpaper treatment, and they are not quite the champions in terms of color consistency.

But, if you are willing to go along with these minor nuisances, you will get a great deal of enjoyment.

  • Durable materials
  • Seamless rocking experience
  • Wooden slats are very comfortable
  • Resistant to moderate moisture
  • Wooden slats are a bit sloppy
  • Putting the chair together is a real chore

OC Orange-Casual 3-Piece Outdoor Wicker Bistro Patio Furniture Set – The Best Value Furniture Set

On their own, the chairs included in this package don’t make too big of an impression.

Sure, they are definitely shaking up the tired old world of wicker chairs. As a matter of fact, we could even say this is one of the best looking wicker chairs we've seen for a long time. And the elegant bistro design has everything to do with it.

Still, even with that in mind, we are talking about a pretty standard affair.

You get your durable powder-coated steel frame, your water-resistant wickers that are prone to damage more than we’d like to admit, and your detachable cushions that are doing their best to make the whole experience as comfortable as it gets.

So yeah, if not for the attractive design we wouldn’t even take a second glance at this chair.

The thing is, we are not talking about a chair. This package includes two of these pieces and a small wicker storage unit thrown inside as a bonus. And all these goods come with a price that’s far lower than some of the single-item packages we’ve covered on this list.

This fact alone makes this furniture set ten times more appealing and launches its value proposition right into the stratosphere.

Sure the cushions could be better, and we could live with tougher wickers, but at this price point, we are more than willing to turn a blind eye to a thing or two.

  • Incredible price-value ratio
  • The furniture pieces are rather good looking
  • Sturdy frame
  • Useful storage unit
  • The wickers are not that durable
  • The cushions are too thin

Sienna Swivel Rocker – The Most Comfortable Patio Chair

Here is yet another chair that tries to bring something new in the stale old rocker market. And indeed, if you never knew this one is a rocker, you could easily confuse it for a pretty standard stylish outdoor piece.

Well, this one is incredibly stylish, but it’s far from being stale or standard.

So what makes this unit so unique then? Well, for a start there's the whole rocking affair. The entire chair is mounted on a round base made from powder-coated steel.

On top of it, you can find the rocking mechanism that allows the seat to move, but only gently.

What you get when you put these two together is the incredibly strong, stable, and comfortable performance that easily puts this chair on the very top of the patio furniture market.

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Also, it is worth mentioning that the chair supports the weights all the way up to 250 pounds (113 kilograms), which is pretty darn good.

If we take a look at the very seat, we can see it is made from good looking sling fabric mounted on a sturdy frame. The good side is that the sling fabric is weather-resistant. As long as you keep it safe from extreme elements, you won't have any reason to worry in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, this material has never been known for high endurance, and this chair makes that very apparent. Be careful how you take a seat and do your best not to squirm, or you might tear the chair down sooner than you've bargained for.

Also, we have to admit that the chair is pretty narrow. This problem is not so pronounced, but if you are of a larger stature, you may have some difficulty finding a comfortable position.

Overall, a reliable product, but not the most durable option on the list.

  • A very good looking product
  • The chair is very comfortable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Excellent rocking mechanism
  • A bit too narrow
  • The fabric is prone to tearing

Kettler Roma Resin High Back Chair – The Easy-to-Store Patio Chair

Some products aim to impress with their design, functionality, and expensive gimmicks. And then, there are others that don't really try to impress in any regard but are more preoccupied with doing their job.

Kettler’s latest outdoor chair definitely belongs to the second group. It's as by the numbers and uninspired as it gets. But, it gets the job done. With a lot of grace, we might add.

So, don’t let the tired white plastic look deceive you. The chair’s entire body was made in Germany from durable, high-impact resin. It’s tough, but still reasonably comfortable even if you don’t use any kind of cushions (the manufacturer is selling the bundled version as well).

The main downside of this concept is that what you buy is what you get. With no replaceable parts on disposal, one severe breakage can buy the chair a one-way ticket to the junkyard. Still, the used material is sufficiently durable, so you should not be overly concerned with this possibility.

However, reliable build quality is not this chair's main selling point. As you would expect from the product of this type, Kettler Roma can be folded for storing. But, that's not all.

The unit can also be placed into four different reclining positions, all of which are perfectly safe and stable thanks to the reliable latching mechanism.

Props to Kettler for finding a way to stand out from similar competitors easily.

So, there you have it - a pretty solid if somewhat unremarkable product that does just enough things right to warrant your attention. And all of that while carrying a very affordable price tag.

  • Affordable price
  • Reliable reclining mechanism
  • Reasonably comfortable
  • Easy to fold and store
  • The plastic could be more durable
  • Pretty uninspired look

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair – The Patio Chair Made from Cedar Wood

If you are in favor of the traditional log house vibe, this chair is definitely for you.

Out of all the chairs we had the opportunity to try over the last couple of weeks, this is probably the one that offers the most authentic and unique experience.

So, the chair was made from the cedar used in the log home industry, which is a fact that offers a couple of distinct perks. First, all the logs are the byproduct of mass production, so you don't need to worry that some tree was cut down for the sake of your pleasure.

Second, the smell of cedar logs is so pleasant you’ll literally spend hours in the chair just to enjoy this unique aroma.

It is worth mentioning that cedar is also a pretty tough material so you can expect to squeeze a lot of the chair, especially when you consider that the logs were treated with the protection from weather and insects.

So, is there anything wrong with it?

Unfortunately, yes. First and foremost, not all the pieces you can find in the package feature the same quality. Some of them might score unpleasant knots; others will need additional run with sandpaper – it's really a gamble.

Also, putting the whole thing together is much harder than it should be.

Too bad, there are a lot of good things going on here.

  • Nice traditional design
  • The chair is made from cedar wood
  • More comfortable than it looks
  • The scent of the wood is simply gorgeous
  • Not all elements feature the same quality
  • Assembling the chair is pretty hard

BrylaneHome Roma All-Weather Wicker Stacking Chair – The Best Weather Resistant Patio Chair

If the previous product tried its best to bring the authentic logger atmosphere directly to your porch, this neat chair has a similar objective. This time you get the unique flavor of the high-class spas and resorts in the past centuries.

Honestly, it's hard to look at this piece of furniture and not to be transported directly to one of the famous novels by Agatha Christie.

That said, BrylaneHome’s wicker chair is as by the numbers as these products tend to go. The materials are durable and resistant to water but somewhat squeaky, the build stable, but prone to distortion after extended use.

As a matter of fact, we would go as far as to say that the only two things that separate this product from tons of similar offers are the bundled cushions and the unique choice of colors.

Unfortunately, only one of them moves the ball in the right direction. We are, of course, talking about the cushions with removable zipper cover. Wicker chairs are not the best known for their comfort, and these inclusions do a great job of making the package more appealing.

The four available color options you get to choose from are, on the other hand, a completely different story.

People who use wicker chairs usually buy them for their classic, old fashioned look. The stark colors like lemon and pool may find the supporters, but they will most likely turn off the majority of potential buyers.

  • A classic wicker chair for traditional users
  • Solid build
  • Resistant to water
  • The cushions are comfortable and easy to maintain
  • The chair does a poor job finding any relevant selling point
  • The choice of colors is very odd

The Things You Should Consider Before a Purchase: A Patio Chair Buying Guide

best patio chairs on sale

And now that we've covered all of the entries, let us take a quick look at some of the most important considerations you should make before making a purchase. Each customer has unique needs, and what works for us doesn't have to work for you.

Knowing all these things can only help you make a better choice.

1. Material

Based on the material, outdoor chairs can be divided into four groups:

  • Aluminum, PVC, plastic – Rustproof, light, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. Not quite the prettiest option, though.
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    Steel and wrought iron – The toughest material on the market, requires regular maintenance
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    Wicker, rattan and natural grasses – Arguably the prettiest and most comfortable type. The chairs may require additional waterproofing treatment.
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    Natural wood – Beautiful and durable furniture. The material requires regular treatments and UV protection.

2. Weight

best patio chair covers

Is your setup permanent, or you want to be able to move the pieces for different occasions. Heavy furniture will make the latter situation considerably harder.

3. Textiles

Some of the outdoor pieces feature upholstery in the form of textiles. Most of them are rather pretty, fade and water-resistant, and can last at least a couple of seasons.

Still, you have to ask yourself are these upgrades worth the price gap – especially taking into consideration that ordinary cushions have a much better life expectancy.

4. Accessories

Although they are not necessary, they do make life a lot easier as long as they are not overpriced. We are talking about things like glass holders, built-in storage compartments, bundled covers, and cushions, etc.

best patio chair cushions

Final Thoughts

And now, it is finally the time to round our contenders up and see which one of them takes the title of the best patio chair you can currently buy. Honestly, the choice was tough. All these products have their own vibe and their unique, small quirks.

But, we can all agree that comfort makes the most important property of any chair. And when it comes to comfort, Ulax Furniture Patio Recliner Chair easily makes the strongest option on the list.

Ulax Furniture Patio Recliner Chair Automatic Adjustable Back Outdoor Lounge Chair with 100% Olefin...*
  • Reclining lounge mechanism features three angles of adjustable comfort, flexible backrest and footrest for ultimate support and relaxation
  • Heavy-duty steel frame is powder coated to resist rust and weathering
  • Comfortable cushions feature olefin fabric
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Assembly required. Pillow not included.

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