A Super Comfortable Relaxation With The Best Sleeper Sofa

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Do you love sleeping? Do you enjoy taking a nap after a hard-working day, or relaxing for a more extended period? If your answer to all this is "Yes", then you are in the right place. We have a perfect offer for you.

We present to you the best sleeper sofa 2020! With various materials, sizes, shapes, colours, and designs, our best sleeper sofas are a real must-have!

They will provide you with the ultimate comfort, offer you the sweetest dreams, and you'll be full of energy after your sleep.

Therefore, you need to read our article thoroughly, check all the features our sofas offer to you, and choose the best option for your needs and wishes. Enjoy your search!


Top 3 Picks - Overview

Top 10 Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews on the Market

Mid-Century Sleeper Sofa Bed - Remarkable Stability

Our first product is this glamorous Mid-Century Sleeper Sofa Bed! The sofa with sleeping bed comes with two back cushions and an easy-care upholstery, so that you may find the cleaning very easy, and the attractive design will blend in with any kind of decoration in your living, guest, bedroom, or any other room.

So, it's a multifunctional sleeper sofa, convenient either for you or your family and friends. Besides, the padded foam offers maximum comfort, and the hardwood legs and construction provide incredible stability and support.

Moreover, sleeper sofas contain excellent proportions, and they are the following: 87 x 36 x 30 inches; thus, you might find sofas spacious and roomy for everyone.

There won't be any feeling of small space because everyone will have enough space for sleeping or just lying on these sleeper sofas.

Furthermore, the mid-century design and style will be convenient for any kind of room in your indoor areas; therefore, you will love it!

Another reason we love our sleeper sofas is that the assembly is very straightforward, and it won't take more than fifteen minutes to install and place them wherever you want.

However, you can throw pillows if you don't need them and have more space, but they will be more comfortable if you leave pads there.

The producer provides thirty years of free return if something goes wrong. Besides, the manufacturer offers one year of the warranty period. So, make sure you read the reviews and choose our best sleeper sofas today!

  • Easy to install
  • For small spaces
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Great support
  • Poor quality control

Memory Foam Mattress - Extraordinary Comfort

Our next-to-the-top product is our remarkable Memory Foam Mattress! The sofa bed contains the high-density foam, which offers the maximum comfort for your body, spine and neck.

As you might find, this queen-size bed mattress also provides the gel memory foam that contains the highest-quality material so that your body won't hurt, and will adjust to any position you take on the mattress.

Moreover, our best sofa sleepers mattress contains a 2.5-inch foam support base and a two-inch gel-plush memory foam layer for a more comfortable atmosphere, in contrast, with the traditional foam mattresses that contain springs or are only flat mats.

Therefore, the breathable foam that the bed provides will help you stay calm through the whole night. The material will increase the cooling effect and reduce heat. Simply remarkable!

Furthermore, the mattress measures 72 x 53 x 4.5 inches; therefore, it is convenient for standard sleeper sofas, and the soda comes with the washable cover, so the cleaning is easy and quick.

Besides, the foam is a versatile one, and it's a multifunctional one; therefore, you can place it in your living room, guest room, bedroom, camper-van, trailer, etc.

Finally, the producers offer free shipping and the more extended warranty period, so if there is anything wrong, you can either refund the money or change for a new, better sleeper sofa.

Therefore, pick our best sleeper sofa under 1000 and enjoy the maximum comfort that it provides!

  • Excellent packaging
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Remarkable sleep quality
  • /

Memory Foam Replacement Sleeper Sofa - Budget-friendly

The bronze medal goes to our incredible sleeper sofa that we adore because it's mattress fits various standard sofa sleeper beds.

As you might find, the mattress comes with the adjustable foam and material; thus, your body won't hurt whatever position you take while sleeping.

The foam will adjust to your body, and you will have an excellent sleep wherever you go. Plus, it will be a perfect option for your guests to sleep there if they stay overnight at your place.

Furthermore, our sleeper sofa comes with high-density polyfoam for orthopaedic support and maximum comfort, so that you'll be full of energy after your sleep, or nap time.

Besides, the foam is hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria, mould, mildew, allergens, dust, and it confirms the US standards for durability, emissions and performance. Thus you might find this comfortable sleeper excellent for lounging and sleeping.

Moreover, you can place the two or more back cushions on the sleeper sofa bed mattress for ultimate pleasure and relaxation.

The material contains self-ventilation so that the sleeper sofa can reduce the heat and increase the cooling effect.

The mattress comes in a beautiful package, rolled, shipped and compressed. You will also get an instruction manual for easy and quick installation. Finally, the producer guarantees three years warranty periods, so that you could replace the sleeper sofa bed with another one, or get your money if you're not satisfied.

  • Excellent sleep quality
  • Comfortable
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Affordable
  • Minor design flaws

Queen-Size Sleeper Sofa - Fantastic Sturdiness

Another product from our catalogue is our incredible Queen-Size Sleeper Sofa!

Our queen-size bed with seat and back throw pillows is ideal for any room since our sofa features the foam cushions, firm seat, round arms and foam mattress for high comfort. You can pull out the bed with the easy-life mechanism.

Moreover, these leather sleeper sofas contain the corner-blocked frames with loose and tight back cushions with a faux wood finish. The mattress pulls out on a sturdy and robust metal frame.

Besides, the sleeper sofa will treat your guests with the highest quality material since it contains an easy-lift steel frame. Plus, the cushions provide the high-resiliency foam with the thick basil-hued poly fibre with the corded trim.

Furthermore, the proportions adjust to the mid-size space, and they measure 89 x 39 x 38 inches, with 20 inches of height. Besides, the pull-out mattress measures 60 x 72 x 4.25 inches, so that everyone can enjoy the convertible sofa bed.

Finally, we should emphasize that the sleeper sofa comes directly from the manufacturer to your address on time.

Besides, the sofas are already pre-assembled; therefore, all you have to do is to place them wherever you want to for instant use and relaxation. However, these sofas can go through the doorway, which measures 32 inches and more.

So, if you have read all this, make sure you check whether sofas are available and treat your house with these fantastic products for any kind of space.

  • Easy installation
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Great support
  • Sturdiness
  • Minor design flaws

Velvet Sofa Sleeper - Magnificent Design

One of the best choices you can choose from is this beautiful sofa! It takes our breath away for its modern design.

Namely, the shape is rectangular; the design and upholstery belong to the mid-century type; however, the stylish and shiny velvet with metal construction and elements make this sleepers sofa so glamorous! Wow, it's a fantastic ornament to your modern-style living room!

Moreover, the proportions are extraordinary as well, and they are the following: 77.5 x 34.6 x 31.4 inches. As you might observe, this sleeper bed sofa contains extraordinary measures and is suitable for everyone.

Furthermore, it will offer great comfort since it is spacious enough, so you will have an excellent relaxation time full of rest while sleeping or just daydreaming.

Besides, the design is impressive because the aluminium legs with the brass finish and the shiny velvet material provide the beautiful ornament to your home decoration and interior areas.

With the mid-century look, our best sleeping sofa will look glamorous in your guest room, living room, bedroom, or wherever you want to put it.

Finally, the installation is straightforward, you won't need more than half an hour, and all you have to do is to stretch the legs. Amazing!

However, the warranty is of great importance, and the producer provides a one year warranty period with free returns for thirty days.

So, don't waste your time anymore; choose our best queen sleeper sofa and enjoy every moment you spend in it!

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to assembly
  • Excellent support
  • Great for small spaces
  • Minor design flaws

Folding Foam Sofa Bed - Travel-friendly

The next sleeper sofa is this incredible Folding Foam Sofa Bed. It has won our hearts since the sleeper sofa contains the tri-fold mattress.

Thus, you can fold it easily and quickly, and take it wherever you want because it's convenient for any space - you can also take it with you on camping adventures, or to make it as a comfortable seat only.

As you might find, the sleeper sofa is a multifunctional one, perfect ideal for any place! The folding design will provide you with the possibility to fold it and store it away if you don't want to use it.

Furthermore, the design contains the eight inches of multi-layer, 50D foam with the high-density, firm, supportive feel of the super slim rebound sponge. It also includes therapeutic advantages - optimal support for both your neck and back; thus providing a full night of eternal rest and sleep.

Moreover, the sleeper sofas contain removable, washable covers, and you can keep them clean easily and quickly. That way you won't have any trouble concerning cleaning and maintenance.

Additionally, the multifunctional sleeper sofas are excellent for children rooms, kids areas, etc. since they provide a lightweight and easily foldable design.

Finally, the foam has a US certificate for CertiPUR for robust physical performance and safety material. Therefore, hurry up and pick these sleeper sofas for ultimate pleasure both for you and your kids!

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Great pain relief
  • Minor design flaws concerning material

Convertible Sleeper Sofa Bed - High-quality Material

Another product from our list is this incredible Convertible Sleeper Sofa Bed.

We had to put it on the list since our best sleeper sofa for small spaces contains high-quality material, and that is the ultra-suede material, which will provide you with maximum comfort. 

So, if you feel tired after a long and hard-working day, you can sit in your chair and relax. Wow, the warmth has never been better with this small space bed.

Moreover, the proportions are magnificent too, and they are the following: namely, the chair contains 29.3 x 29.4 x 23.9 inches, and the sleeper sofa has 79.52 x 29.4 x 5.2 inches dimensions.

Thus, you may observe that the bed is roomy enough for everyone, and everybody can relax there comfortably.

Furthermore, the various colours, such as grey, blue sapphire and brown will add more to your interior decoration since the sleeper sofa fits all types of furniture and other elements in your rooms.

Also, the convertible bed doesn't require any assembly - you can simply order it and enjoy relaxation time.

Therefore, you can choose our sleeper sofa for any space today, and spend much of your time there happily; we can guarantee you that!

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • The sofa might need a handle

Loveseat Sleeper Sofa - Incredible Durability

The next product is our excellent Loveseat Sleeper Sofa. As the very title says, the sofa is ideal for two persons, especially for romantic couples.

Thus, if you want to spend much time with your better half, this is a perfect choice for you. 

This way, you can enjoy relaxing with your loved one, reading a book together, playing games, watching movies and TV shows with popcorn and various kinds of beverages.

Furthermore, our sleeper sofa provides an easy installation since it requires no additional tools, and you can effortlessly install and place it wherever you want.

Also, the material contains plywood frame construction for maximum stability and durability, with the faux wood legs. Besides, the mechanism offers the possibility to make a bed out of the sofa.

The upholstery contains a high-quality polyester, for the maximum comfort for you, your friends, family, or whoever wants to stay at your house during the night.

Moreover, these sofas are very easy and quick to clean, and you won't have to spend too much time and energy on cleaning it.

Finally, these sofas contain significant dimensions, for any kind of space, and they are 57.1 x 30.3 x 33.9 inches, with the maximum weight capacity of 125 lbs

Thus, you will find it comfortable and excellent for everybody since everyone can easily use it.

Besides, our sofa comes with a one year of manufacturer's warranty, so if you're not satisfied, you can refund your money or replace it with a new product.

  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy
  • comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Minor design flaws

Sofa Futon Bed - Powerful Strength

The penultimate bed from the collection is this magnificent Sofa Futon Bed. Our best sectional sleeper sofa contains the efficient cleaning upholstery, which you can easily clean with wipes.

Thus, you might find the cleaning and maintenance straightforward and effortless since you won't need more than a few seconds to clean it. Therefore you won't have to spend too much time and energy cleaning it.

Moreover, the cushioned back is rubbed tufted for maximum comfort. So, if you lean on the back, you will feel relaxed, and your body and spin won't hurt.

Moreover, the wooden legs with the slanted oak colours will provide additional support and stability so that your sofa will remain fixed and immovable. Besides, the sturdy wood frame construction adds more to durability and sturdiness.

The material is significant as well, and we talk about foam filling and polyester, for greater pleasure. The dimensions the sleeper sofa contains are the following: 70.5 x 43.5 x 16 inches.

Therefore, the sleeper sofa is an excellent choice for everyone; it's roomy and spacious enough for everybody.

Therefore don't wait anymore. Pick our product and enjoy this beautiful bed.

  • Easy installation
  • For small space
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to fold
  • Comfortable
  • Minor design flaws

Micro Suede Sofa Sleeper - Excellent For Children

Last but not least, the sleeper sofa is this remarkable bed. We love it so much since our sofa contains excellent proportions, and they measure 47 x 30 inches

Thus, you might find the couch very spacious and roomy enough for everyone. With this bed, you won't feel any pressure or have a feeling of a small space since they are significant for everyone.

Moreover, this sleeper sofa contains the removable upholstery; therefore, the removable cover provides natural care and maintenance. Besides, you can easily wash and clean it if the cover gets dirty, for instance.

Thus, you will save both our time and energy since the cleaning and maintenance are so low, almost none. What a great feature!

Furthermore, our comfy product comes in various colours so that you could match it with several types of furniture in your rooms. They will be the perfect ornaments to your home decor.

The material is vital as well, and the bed contains the high-density polyester and cotton for maximum quality. Moreover, it also includes high-density foam cushions for better comfort.

Finally, you can fold it in and out, according to your wishes, when you want your children to play there. Thus, you will observe our sleeper sofa is a multifunctional product!

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy assembly
  • /

What are The Best Sleeper Sofas? - Buyer's Guide

best sleeper sofa mattress

Choosing the best sleeper sofas might be difficult for you. Since there are many variations on the market, with multiple features, it may be challenging to choose the right one. 

And yet, we are here to guide you and help you in your search. Read our guide and then select the right option for you.

1. Sturdiness and Durability

When choosing the right sleeper sofa, you should pay attention, whether it is sturdy, stable and durable enough.

This is important since these features will provide your sofa a long life; therefore, it will last for an extended period. Nothing can destroy it.

2. Material

best sleeper sofa sectional

When searching for the sleeper sofa, you should always check whether the content is of the highest quality. This way, your sofa won't harm easily and will last for an extended time. 

The content will protect it from various adverse conditions, and it will be good looking and healthy for a longer time.

3. Warranty

The last thing you might check is the warranty period. The longer the warranty, the better the quality that the sofa contains.

Therefore, you should search for one year warranty periods and longer so that if something goes wrong, you might be able to refund the money or replace the product.


1. What is the Best Quality Sleeper Sofa?

best sleeper sofas 2020

The best quality sleeper sofa is the one which is comfortable, durable, reliable and sturdy enough. If the sleeper sofa contains all these elements, then you can say it's the best.

Thus, your body won't hurt, and the sofa will last for an extended period. It will save you money, and you'll feel relaxed and full of energy.

2. Is a Sleeper Sofa Worth It?

best sleeper sofa amazon

Of course! The sleeper sofa is an excellent choice if your family and friends come to stay overnight at your home; therefore, they can sleep there and feel comfortable.

They are great if there is a larger group of people so that everyone could have enough space.

3. What is the Best Pull Out Couch?

The best one would be the couch which contains enough space and room for people who sleep on it.

If the installation is easy and the mattress contains excellent foam, then the sofa is the best. Also if the sofa can fold and pull out quickly, it is the best.

Final Thoughts - Summary

The best rated sleeper sofa is our fantastic Mid-Century Sleeper Sofa Bed!

Amazon Brand – Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch (86.6"W) - Dark Gray*
  • This sleek, mid-Century inspired sofa is designed to impress. A tufted bench seat cushion, plush back cushions, tapered wood legs, and tidy bolster pillows provide just the right mix of comfort and contemporary edge.
  • Dimensions: 86.6" W x 36.2" D x 30.3" H | Seat Height: 17.7" | Seat Depth: 23.2"
  • Solid hardwood frame, tapered wood legs and foam padding with fabric upholstery.
  • Back cushions are removable and reversible; bench seat cushion is fixed to the base for secure positioning.
  • Assemble in 15 minutes or less.

We love it so much since it contains the highest-quality material and upholstery that you can quickly clean and maintain.

Moreover, the modern style and design will provide a perfect ornament to your home decor. Besides, these sleeper sofas will provide a mid-century look great for any rooms.

Furthermore, the straightforward installation and one year warranty make these sleeper sofas excellent for your needs. So, what could you additionally ask for?

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