How to Choose the Best Patio Umbrella Covers

With the coming of warm and sunny days, you can spend much of your time outside, on the patio, drinking cocktails, reading books, writing, watching favorite TV shows, or just relaxing during the hot day.

So, you’re going to need an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun. But what about your umbrella? Does it need protection? Well, we think it does.

Therefore, we present to you the best patio umbrella covers, for ultimate protection! Since they have various sizes, designs, contents, and colors, it might be challenging for you to choose the right one.

However, you can read our article and then pick the best one for your patio umbrella. You can thank us in the end. 


Top 3 Choices - Overview

Top 5 Best Patio Umbrella Covers for 2020

Nest & Nook Patio Umbrella Cover - Fantastic Water-resistance

Our best pick from the list is this fantastic Nest & Nook Patio Umbrella Cover! The reason for it being the top choice is its fade resistance. Yes, you've heard me well.

The umbrella cover won't fade due to high temperature since it contains fade protection. Thus, it endures UV rays and highest temperature degrees, up to 50+ degrees C.

Another fact worth mentioning is that our cover is waterproof as well. Therefore, it won't soak water or harm during the adverse weather and water conditions since the material is PVC and resistant to high quantities of water. So, your umbrella will remain untouchable, without any scratch.

Concerning the installation and use, the umbrella cover contains a long zipper with tightening cords so that you can simply zip or unzip it to open or close it without any problems. You don't need more than a second for this, so it's an excellent feature.

Considering proportions, we should emphasize that our patio umbrella cover has two types of dimensions. The first one concerns the log cover, with the following aspects: 7 - 11 feet round, and 8 feet square. 

On the other hand, we have the more significant sheet, which measures 9 - 13 feet around and 9 feet square umbrellas.

When we talk about colors, the beige and light blue color will perfectly match your patio, umbrella, deck, or any other exterior area that you want to decorate with our product. 

The last thing is that the producer guarantees to return your money if something goes unexpectedly. So, why wouldn't you get this beautiful umbrella cover? Go ahead!

  • Sturdiness
  • Water-resistance
  • High-quality material
  • Durable
  • /

Shieldo Lightweight Umbrella Patio Cover - Remarkable Quality Material

Another product that deserves to be here is our fabulous Shieldo Lightweight Umbrella Patio Cover. As the title says, it is best for its lightweight; therefore, it won't be hard for you to carry it and place it outside. Wow, such a great choice!

The dimensions are excellent as well since we choose only the best, and they are the following: our umbrella cover suits 9ft diameter umbrellas offset. 

Moreover, the attractive design consists of the heavy-duty elastic straps and clips for a straightforward and effortless installation and setup.

Thus, you won't need more than a couple of seconds to assemble it on the right spot. It will save your energy as well as your time.

It is essential to say that the material is remarkable as well. Namely, the umbrella cover consists of the high-quality 420D Oxford fabrics with PU coating.

Consequently, the cover is a durable one since the material will provide its lasting for an extended period. Thus, it will protect your umbrella from tearing, cracking, and fading.

Also, the wind-resistance is possible as the cover contains the adjustable hooks, loops, and toggles, so when you pin all parts, it will remain firm and stable on the ground. 

Finally, the package contains the carrying bag so that you could store it there when you don't use it, and includes the necessary tools, and a foldable push rod for convenient and easy use.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Waterproof
  • Flaws concerning buckle ends

Modern Leisure 2927 Chalet Patio and Market Umbrella, Outdoor Cover - Best Budget pick

Next off, we have our beautiful Modern Leisure 2927 Chalet Patio and Market Umbrella, Outdoor Cover. Now, this umbrella over is worth mentioning because of its material.

As you might observe, the content contains the 248 GSM polyester. But that's not all since the cover also has the PVC backing for ultimate protection. 

Concerning sizes, you should know that the proportions are excellent as well. Namely, our umbrella over measures 11" x 73", and you will find it spacious enough for your umbrella - large enough not to allow anything to destroy your umbrella. You'll love it, we assure you!

Next, we should mention the installation. As you may find, the facility is a straightforward one, without any additional tools and instruments. All you have to do is to unzip the zipper for the quick installation only.

If you want to close it and store it away, just zip it and place it somewhere indoors if you're afraid of rain or adverse weather conditions.

However, you should know that the content contains the waterproof fabrics; therefore, nothing can harm either the cover or the umbrella, and it will last for an extended period.

Can you imagine having that sort of protection in your home? If you can, treat yourself with the best patio umbrella cover today!

Well, we have not finished praising the cover since you need to know that it won't fade since it endures the highest temperatures and UV rays. So, our cover is the right choice for you.

  • Durability
  • Excellent quality material
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • /

Petask Umbrella Covers - Extremely Durable

The penultimate product from our catalog shows its best features. We talk about Petask Umbrella Covers. We love this cover because it is spacious enough for various sizes.

However, this one fits 7 - 11 ft diameter offset umbrellas. Thus, you choose this cover and protect smaller or bigger umbrellas. Simply the best, don't you agree with us?

You should know that the cover protects the umbrella in the following way: it contains the inner and outer parts with coating and double-stitched bound edges, and they prevent your umbrella from cracking, harming, tearing, scratching.

Furthermore, you can place your umbrella outside during the whole year, the weather-resistant material will protect it from any weather conditions, and it will last for an extended period.

Next, it is significant to highlight that the content is a breathable one; thus, it will allow airflow and circulation for better ventilation. It will also reduce the heat and increase the cooling effect so that you won't feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, the material is lightweight for quicker installation and placement. The water-resistant Oxford fabric, PU coated, will protect your umbrella from adverse weather and shrinking so that it will be indestructible. 

The comfortable fitting and robust content will make the umbrella cover stable and reliable, so it doesn't move around.

Moreover, this is particularly important since our cover is a wind-resistant one, so it won't harm when the strong wind blows.

In the end, we can only add that the rust-resistant heavy-duty content wipes with a clean cloth and soap. You can let it dry until you use it next time. 

  • Weather-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Excellent quality material
  • Might be thin

Classic Accessories Ravenna Patio Umbrella Cover - Incredible Sturdiness

As you can see, we have come to the ultimate cover from the list. Our incredible Classic Accessories Ravenna Patio Umbrella Cover won our hearts because it can reach feet up to 11 ft diameter umbrellas. 

Therefore, you might observe how spacious it is - even if you have smaller umbrellas, you can use this cover to protect them. Thus, it's a multifunctional umbrella cover and serves as better as possible. 

Further, you need to know that the patio umbrella cover also contains the double-stitched seams that contribute to an attractive and stylish design.

Besides, they also increase the strength so that you will find the cover strong to resist all adverse conditions. But, those zippers make the assembly and use very easy and quick - just zip or unzip it if you use/don't use it.

Concerning the protection, it is essential to say that only one of these buckles will keep it safe and stable on the ground. They protect it from all weather conditions so that it will last for an extended time.

Imagine how much stability all the buckles provide. Moreover, the elastic hem cord slides contribute to the tight fit. 

The producers offer a four year warranty period of replacement so that if you have specific issues concerning the cover, you can replace it for a new, better one, but we doubt that would be a problem.

Moreover, you should know that the manufacturer offers a limited warranty concerning the very cover. So, if you have read the reviews, don't waste your time anymore! Choose our cover and enjoy your patio adventure!

  • Durability
  • Sturdiness
  • Great material
  • Affordable
  • Flaws concerning drawstrings

All You Should Know About The Best Patio Umbrella Cover - Buyer's Guide

Selecting the right patio umbrella cover may be a challenging job for you. Since there are many products available, it might be difficult for you to choose the best outcome.

You might find the similar yet different, and be indecisive. So, that's where we jump in! Read our comprehensive guide, pay attention to our guidelines, and then choose the best cover for your needs. OK?

1. Material

best outdoor umbrella covers

When choosing the best patio umbrella cover, the first thing you should take into consideration is the content. Why is this important?

Well, if the content contains the label of the high-quality material, then your choice is an excellent one. The high-quality material won't easily harm, crack, break, or fade; therefore, your cover will last for an extended period.

You should select the high-quality polyester since it has the best features, and will provide maximum protection for your umbrella. 

2. Durability and Sturdiness

Another critical characteristic you should pay much attention to is whether the cover is durable and sturdy enough. That being the case, then you can stop searching.

Namely, the durability will provide maximum protection from various adverse conditions, as well as from extreme ones, and nothing can harm the cover.

On the other hand, sturdiness will contribute more to the cover's stability and strength, so it will remain immovable on the ground, with the full capacity of covering umbrellas. 

3. Water and Weather-resistance

patio umbrella covers amazon

This characteristic can narrow your search since you should avoid umbrella covers, which are nether water, not weatherproof.

This is highly significant because if the cover contains these two features, you can leave it outside during the whole year, and it will be untouchable, regardless of the seasons and adverse conditions. It won't soak, crack, or tear apart due to water, snow, or rain.

However, if the cover doesn't have these two characteristics, you shouldn't opt for it because the protection might harm easily. 

4. UV Protection and Ventilation

Finally, when choosing the most suitable umbrella cover, you should look for those that show maximum UV protection and provide enough air-ventilation.

If the cover has the UV-rays protection, it means that you can lie or sit under the umbrella for hours, even in the hottest sun, because the material will protect you from the skin-burns or other harms. 

Moreover, if the content is breathable so that it allows air flow, circulation, and ventilation, you can sit there continually because the cooling effect will increase, the heat will decrease, and you will feel comfortable and relaxed for ultimate pleasure. 

Final Thoughts - Summary

We can conclude that the best choice form the collection is our fabulous Nest & Nook Patio Umbrella Cover!

This is our best pick because it contains the highest quality material - the durable one that will last for an extended period. Thus, it will save your money from replacing it with another product unnecessarily.

Besides, the UV protection will save your body and skin from burns and other health issues, and the breathable material will provide the cooling effect for ultimate relaxing time and pleasure.

Moreover, the fade-resistance will save it from fading and give resistance to the highest temperatures.

Finally, the effortless installation and use will satisfy your needs as you won't need more than a couple of seconds to place it outside and enjoy your outdoor adventure.

What else could you possibly ask for, when you have all that you need here?

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