Hammock Camping in Hot Weather: Yay or Nay? (Best 2023 Guide)

When it comes to camping during hot weather, the best way to get relief from the heat and humidity is by taking a hammock break. But what if you took that one step further and went camping in a hammock? Is it possible and even safe to do so for an extended period when temperatures are on the rise? 

This guide will answer all your questions about whether or not hammock camping is possible in hot weather. We'll share our top tips to help make sure your adventure into this type of camping goes as smoothly as possible!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know before heading out on a summertime camp trip with just you and your trusty hammock!

Take away key points:


- Ensure the temperature is not above 95 degrees for an optimal air breeze and avoid too much sun

- Always wear light clothes to protect yourself from too many heating elements and provide a setup in the shadow of the trees to feel the breeze. It can also help you with rain conditions

- Wear bug net, warmer clothes, and light blankets at night to sleep cozily under the clear sky

If you want to stay warm, hammock camping in tropical climates might be an ideal solution for you.

Unlike hammock camping in cold weather, you don't need any bottom insulation, winter clothing, etc., but you must take precautionary measures as well.

Let's learn them below.

How hot is too hot for hammock camping?

How hot is too hot for hammock camping?

The most comfortable temperature for hammock camp is generally around 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and low 80s at night, but this can vary depending on your surroundings.

High humidity can make temperatures feel hotter and more uncomfortable while being in the water or underneath a shade coverage can make a 95-degree day tolerable. It's important to consider the heat index and what activities you'll be doing for your optimal body heat.

A nighttime temperature below 85 degrees is ideal for sleeping comfortably in your sleeping bag. If the heat index exceeds 105 degrees, it's not safe to go camping due to the risk of sunburn, dehydration, and heatstroke.

Making hammock camping in heat more enjoyable 

Hammock camping can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but when the weather is hot, it can be difficult to stay comfortable. Fortunately, there are several ways to make hammock camping in hot weather more enjoyable.

One of the most important things to consider when hammock camping is choosing the right material for your hammock. Polyester fleece is a great choice as it's lightweight and breathable, making it easier to stay cool. Additionally, you can also hang a tarp or canopy over your hammock for added shade and protection from the sun.

When setting up your campsite, try to choose one with some natural shade if possible. If that isn't an option, you can always create additional layers of shade by hanging blankets or tarps around your hammock area. Additionally, make sure you have plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated and keep yourself cool.

Finally, invest in a good cooler with lots of ice and cooling foods like popsicles and cold drinks. This will help keep you cool while also providing delicious snacks throughout your trip!

Safety tips on how to camp in hot weather

Hammock camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it can be dangerous if done improperly in hot weather. It's important to be aware of the heat index and take precautions when it gets too hot.

Here are some tips for hammocking safely in hot weather:

- Check the heating index before you go out. If the heat index is above 105 degrees, it's likely too dangerous to go hammocking.

- Wear loose, light clothes and use a wet bandanna or shemagh for extra comfort.

- Insulate yourself from drafts with a warm sleeping bag or other insulation materials and accessories.

- Choose a hammock camping spot out of the wind and near a water source, as these areas tend to be cooler.

- Consider investing in heated hammocks or blankets for added warmth and comfort at night.

Valuable tips & tricks making your hammock camping unforgettable 

tips on how to camp in hot weather

Here are additional tips you can take to make the best use of your summer hammock camping in hot temperatures:

1. Stay hydrated

When camping in hot summer, your body will naturally sweat, leading to the loss of both water and electrolytes necessary for maintaining optimal energy levels. On an easy camp, you might lose up to one liter of sweat per hour, while on challenging routes this could be as much as two liters.

Unfortunately, your body will only absorb about half a liter of water per hour, resulting in dehydration even if you drink enough water. To combat this, take small and consistent sips of water and ensure that you carry more water than you think you will require for your planned trip.

The loss of important electrolytes such as sodium and potassium makes camping difficult, but you can consume small salty snacks and complex carbs like energy bars or trail mixes to keep going to the end.

2. Don't use warmer layers unless the temperature drops below 70 degrees

To stay cool during summer while hammock camping, it is advisable to avoid using a thick sleeping bag, warm quilt, or any hammock pads.

If the nightly temperature drops below 70-75 degrees, one might feel chilly, but one can use a hammock liner or soft blanket to prevent cold butt syndrome, which is caused by the wind's updraft. You will stay warm for comfortable sleep.

However, during extreme temperatures, cold butt syndrome shouldn't be a problem. It is still best to carry a thin blanket or quilt in case the temperature does drop unexpectedly.

3. Be aware of the weather changes and forecast 

It is crucial to check the forecast in the days and hours leading up to your camp, particularly when hiking near mountains where conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly. Thunderstorms often develop suddenly, especially during the afternoon, and being aware of the forecast can help you avoid such situations.

Additionally, checking the weather can help you plan your camp around the hottest parts of the day to avoid heat exhaustion. It is recommended to complete your hammock camping before 11 a.m. or start after 3 p.m. to avoid the midday heat. By avoiding camping during extreme temperatures and conditions, you can make your trip a more enjoyable and safer experience.

4. Optimize the air flow conditions

To remain cooler while hammock camping in hot weather, it is essential to have ample ventilation. While you cannot control the wind, you can regulate the amount of airflow in your hammock.

Using a bug net with wider holes can allow air to pass more easily, and raising your rainfly or protective tarp even higher can also promote airflow. However, you must ensure that your hammock is still covered if it starts to rain.

5. Use a solar-powered fan or a battery

To make your hammock camping experience in hot weather more comfortable, a portable fan can be a great addition to your gear. When natural ventilation is insufficient, a mini fan can help keep you cool and comfortable.

You can hang the fan from your hammock line or rainfly to direct the airflow towards you. Although bringing a mini fan is not the perfect solution, it is helpful and easy to carry in your backpack.

6. Ensure you get the breathable and lightweight hammock

When hammock camping during hot summer weather, your gear should adapt accordingly for a comfortable experience. Using a hammock appropriate for the season is crucial for temperature regulation inside the hammock.

To keep cool during hot weather, a lightweight and breathable hammock made with nylon or polyester fabric is recommended. In contrast, the gear used for winter camping should be different due to the significantly different climates during that season.

Necessary equipment for the hot hammock camping season

Summer is a wonderful time for outdoor activities such as grilling, campfires, stargazing, and spending time with your loved ones or pets. However, it also comes with a few challenges, including bug bites, high humidity, and difficulties finding suitable bathroom locations while camping in the wilderness.

With some extra upgrades to your hammock gear, you can fully enjoy all that summer has to offer while minimizing these discomforts and inconveniences.

equipment for the hot hammock camping season

1. Portable camp grill

To enhance your summer hammock experience, consider purchasing a portable camping grill. You can cook delicious food such as bratwurst, corn, and grilled vegetables while relaxing in your hammock.

If you plan to hike to your camping site, you'll need a grill that's collapsible or foldable. However, if you're traveling by car, you can opt for a larger and more durable grill that might be heavier but will provide better grilling options.

2. Heavy-duty moving blanket 

A Harbor Freight moving blanket can be a useful accessory to bring on your hammock camping trip for many purposes such as using it for your dog or as a picnic blanket.

It is an affordable option at only $10 and has the added benefit of repelling fluids, dirt, and debris. Additionally, it is sturdy and will not tear or catch twigs and leaves from the ground like other picnic blankets.

3. Anti-itch bug spray

While many hikers pack bug repellent to keep insects away, they often forget to take anti-itch cream to soothe the bites. Mosquito bites can be extremely uncomfortable, and some people may have a harder time resisting the urge to scratch them incessantly.

Therefore, it's a good idea to have anti-itch cream or a special tool such as the Bug Bite Thing that can suction out insect saliva and alleviate the itchiness. Don't suffer needlessly from mosquito bites and plan by including these helpful remedies in your gear.

4. Portable bags and potty

Using the bathroom during a camping trip can become an inconvenience quickly. A portable camping potty is a useful item to bring on your family hammock camping trip or if you want to make things more convenient for yourself in nature. However, this may not be feasible if you are backpacking to your camping destination, in which case it's advisable to carry sustainable bags.


What temperatures can you hammock camp in?

Hammock campers who prefer fair weather typically switch to using a tent at around 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

What hammock for humid weather?

The best solution is the polyester rope hammock.

Are hammocks good for hot weather?

Are hammocks good for hot weather?

Yes, hammocks are ideal for summertime, as you can lie, sit, relax fully, and enjoy warm conditions.

What is the best temperature for hammock camping?

The best temperature is around 20 degrees.

Is a hammock colder than a tent?

No, tents are colder to sleep in during the cold weather and winter months.


There are different setup standards, clothing options, and sleeping units - light quilt, nylon units, etc., to remain cool or warm during summer camping or hiking. You won't be exposed to the sun and can cause a comfier sleep at night.

You can use sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and other units to stay warm and protected during the night. Finally, don't forget food and drink to keep your body optimal and hydrated for the best camping experience.

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