The Best Poolside And Quick Dry Hammock You Will Fall in Love With

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Taking a day off and spending some time next to the pool is something that most people love doing. Yes, you maybe have a poolside lounge that you can use, but a hammock with water-resistant features and a colorful pattern can make it even better. The best poolside and quick dry hammock is the perfect way to enjoy and relax in the sun.

Most hammocks are made for camping or traveling, but a poolside hammock can be left outdoors and not succumb to the weather conditions.

Since many people find it hard to buy the right hammock, this guide will help you find the ideal hammock. The buyer's guide can also help you understand some of the essential features.


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Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Denim (450 lb Capacity - Premium Carry...*
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Amazon Basics Double Hammock with 9-Foot Space Saving Steel Stand and Carrying Case, 450 lb...*
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Patio Watcher 14 FT Quick Dry Rope Hammock with Double Size Solid Wood Spreader Bar Outdoor Patio...*
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Best Poolside and Quick Dry Hammock on the Market Today

Most hammock features are similar, and you don't need to put much thought into it. However, a poolside hammock is something that gives you comfort and fun in the sun.

The following hammocks are weatherproof, while also holding a lot of weight to ensure that you can enjoy your time outdoors with friends or family.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand – Best Poolside Hammock

Vivere is one of the top brands when it comes to homemade hammocks. The Vivere double cotton hammock features a stylish color combination and large surface area that is perfect for a day outside. The hammock itself features premium cotton construction with the ability to wick away moisture and water.

Instead of finding the right tree, it comes with a solid steel stand.

The stand might be heavy at 31.9-pounds, but it can be folded. Made from solid steel and powder coating, it can be left outside, and the iron won't succumb to potential rust. The Vivere unit is perfect for two individuals, with a capacity of 450-pounds in total.

Polyester fabric is woven into the cotton, which serves as a UV protective coating against the sun. The Vivere hammock in a Brazilian style and forms a cocoon around the user for more comforts.

Additionally, the lightness of the fabric promotes ventilation to allow air to pass through comfortably. The only downside is the weight when moving it around.

For a hammock that includes a stable stand, the Vivere double cotton hammock is affordable. Durable strings tied to each side of the poles and give it additional strength.

ou also have a carry bag that can hold all the components, which makes it one of the top options when you plan to travel or go on vacation with your hammock.

  • Holds 450-pounds
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable
  • Includes the portable steel stand
  • Affordable
  • Heavy

AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand – Best Brazilian Poolside Hammock

The AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock is not made up of one single material type. The unit features nylon, polyester, cotton, and rayon for a variety of different features. Cotton makes up the most significant section of fabric, allowing the unit to be soft and comfortable. However, the rayon stretches for a longer hammock when needed.

The addition of a stand is great for the pool, allowing you to place it wherever you feel the most comfort. The stand is made with solid steel, but a black powder coating finishes up the stand to prevent rust and other deteriorating effects. The AmazonBasics hammock can hold 400-pounds or the equivalent of two people.

Many people worry about the assembly, but the stand can be assembled in just a couple of minutes. No tools are needed, as the poles slide into one another for easy setup. Much like the Viviere, it is cumbersome to carry around when folded. The entire unit weighs around 30-pounds with the stand and hammock.

Fortunately, it won't cost you a fortune, and you can find it for a steal of a price. The AmazonBasics hammock and stand combinations of the top brands can be costly in comparison. Multiple color combinations are available to brighten up your pool.

Additionally, the entire hammock and stand are weatherproof when left outdoors.

  • Foldable design
  • Bright and colorful
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to set up
  • Heavy to travel with

PATIO WATCHER Quick-Dry Rope Hammock – Best Rope Poolside Hammock

The type of hammock you choose for your pool comes down to personal preference. However, many people prefer a rope hammock for the ample space it offers. The PATIO WATCHER Quick-Dry Rope Hammock is one of the best rope hammocks, with easy assembly and the ability to take a lot of water and dry out.

Textilene combines with solid wood planks to provide a stretched out surface for taking a nap. The Textilene is a breathable material with moisture-wicking capabilities. Durable polyester ropes will hold the PATIO WATCHER hammock together if you want to set it up. However, you might need to buy a new stand for the hammock.

Since durability is something we all need in an expensive hammock, you would be happy to know that a UV-resistant coating also protects the fabrics.

All the materials and components combine to give you a massive weight capacity of 450-pounds. Since it does not include the stand, the hammock is only 11.55-pounds in total weight.

For a hammock without a stand, one can consider this an expensive option.

However, Patio Watcher is one of the leading brands in the industry and guarantees value for money. The hammock has a creative pattern and style. It is not made for traveling, but with the right trees in your backyard, it offers a lot of comforts.

  • Rope hammock design
  • Dries out instantly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Holds 450-pounds
  • Expensive

SueSport HC011-Blue (16-4020) Hammock – Best Budget Hammock

The rope hammock is the most popular option to use at home. It serves the same purpose as a bed, but only outdoors.

The SueSport HC011-Blue Hammock is another excellent option that can hold 450-pounds with ease and offer you a lot of space. The hammock is also resilient against the weather and even your pets.

A double spreader bar is featured on the ends of the hammock. Instead of using wood, the manufacturer has used plastic. The plastic does not deteriorate, and it is not susceptible to termites or other insects.

With a quilted design, you have a lot of comforts, and the materials offer you much-needed breathability on a hot summer day.

It can be mounted on almost any stand you have and features a length of 14-feet. The SueSport HC011-Blue hammock is similar to the average queen-size bed you might have in your bedroom. Additionally, it has a pillow built-into the fabric. The pillow might be small, but it is still ideal for taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon in the sun.

At 12.8-pounds, it is a dense hammock for one that does not come with a stand. However, it can be folded, which makes it easy to carry. Stains wash out quickly with this hammock, and you don't need a deep clean.

Additionally, it is an affordable hammock with an excellent reputation for some fun outside in your garden.

  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Holds 450-pounds
  • Affordable
  • Tricky to get into

Castaway Living Large Tropical Print Quick Dry Hammock - Best Design

The following quick dry hammock will WOW you since it comes with the most comfortable design you could ask for! Thus, it will increase a relaxing atmosphere and feeling, without pressure or additional issues.

Moreover, the Castaway unit is impressive due to its effortless folding/unfolding design. Therefore, you could effortlessly pack it and bring it with you wherever you travel. Thus, it won't take too much of your space, being a perfect travel companion.

You can lie on the hammock hassle-free since the unit is water and weather-resistant, thanks to the polyester fabric. Also, the polyester material is breathable and adjustable to your needs so that it will be comfortable for long naps and lying sessions.

The Castaway unit includes hardwood spreader bars, so it will dry instantly, without additional problems, so you don't have to wrap in fabrics. Each of the spreader bars is varnished and sanded to reveal the materials and their multi-purposes, simultaneously withstanding the weather conditions and elements.

The Castaway hammock is a double-fabric one, spacious enough to support two people at once, offering a maximum of 350 pounds of weight capacity. All you have to do is to remove the hammock from the storage bag and hang it with the two S-shaped hooks and 1.5 feet extension chain that comes with the package.

Since the Castaway hammock is made in the USA, it meets and exceeds all safety tests and controls. Also, you will get a one-year warranty period for a money refund or replacement if you dislike it eventually.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Design issues

Honesh Outdoor Leisure Double 2 Cotton Hammock – Best Poolside Hammock For Traveling

Most of us can't afford to spend an entire week's salary on something that is only used a couple of times. Fortunately, the Honesh Outdoor Leisure double cotton hammock is one of the most versatile and affordable options on the market today. As the name suggests, it is made with durable cotton and can comfortably hold two people.

It is the perfect combination of the Brazilian style hammock and the rope hammock.

While you won't have any spreader bars, the hammock can spread out if you have two people using it. The total weight capacity is in the region of 450-pounds as well. A single person might find that it sags a little like Brazilian hammock.

The idea of this Honesh hammock is for traveling and camping.

It features long and durable polyester strings on either side. All the knots have been premade to make it easy to tie up around a stand or a tree. Unfortunately, it does not come with a stand, which might be a little tough for many people without hammock setup knowledge.

The upside is that it is the most affordable camping hammock you will find. The UV protection is integrated into the fabric, and the design looks like something you would use next to a pool.

With such an affordable price, one can easily buy their hammock stand. This Honesh hammock is recommended for camping and poolside use.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to set up
  • Lacks accessories

What You Should Look For In A Quick Dry And Poolside Hammock?

As mentioned, hammock features tend to be pretty similar. However, we have looked at some of the highlights related explicitly to the poolside hammock. These three features will ensure that you find the right hammock to use next to your pool.

You can also use it elsewhere if you need to reduce the effect of the weather on your hammock.

1. Weatherproof

best quick dry hammock

A weatherproof hammock is one of the most important features you can have. Instead of continually folding the hammock, you can set it up and leave it outdoors.

Cotton can dry out quickly and provide ventilation, allowing you to jump right into the hammock once you have gotten out of the pool. It is vital to consider a powder coating to prevent rust on the stand, as well.

2. Does It Have A Stand?

Most hammocks are easy to set up. However, not all of us have trees that can hold weight or have the right space in between them. A hammock with stand is a great asset to have when traveling, as well.

However, the stands can be found separately if your favorite hammock does not include the stand. We recommend looking for a portable stand.

3. Weight Capacity

best poolside hammock reviews

If you live on your own, it can be helpful to have a small hammock. However, friends, family, and pets might want to join you on the hammock. A weight capacity in the range of 400-pounds should suffice.

However, you should look for a hammock that has a more substantial weight capacity than you tend to place on it.


Do quilted hammocks dry quickly?

Yes, they do, since they contain polyester fabric, which is prone to quick-dry. Moreover, the polyester is water and weather-resistant, so you don't need any protection if it starts raining, for example.

Also, the wood spreader bars will help you quickly dry your hammock.

What is the best material for a poolside hammock?

best poolside hammocks

Polyester is the top choice for these kinds of hammocks; however, it does have a drawback - its color will fade over time.

The best weatherproof models are DuraCord, Textilene, Sunbrella, and Olefin since they're heavy-duty synthetics.

These materials are UV, weather and water-resistant, and quick-drying, so their colors won't fade away so quickly.

How do you get into hanging a hammock over the pool?

Well, you have various options.

The hammocks come with a piece of complete equipment, so make sure you prepare everything for a correct setup. You can use trees if you have some near the pool, or the hammock's frame can offer various designs.

You can also stick two poles into the ground, or again use a wood frame to help you - a four-point one will be awesome. You can use a pergola as well for more shade.

What Is The Best Poolside And Quick-Dry Hammock Available Today?

Since most hammocks are predominantly made of cotton, there are many different alternatives you can choose. However, the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand has a comfortable Brazilian style and offers a massive weight capacity.

It comes with a stand that is easy to set up and travel with. We recommend it as the top option on this list.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Denim (450 lb Capacity - Premium Carry...*
  • Vivere combo, the double hammock with stand and carry bag is our top choice for combos. The double hammock is tightly woven with high quality cotton thread resulting in a heavy, durable fabric.
  • The hammock stand is constructed of heavy duty Steel and assembles in minutes without any tools.
  • Vivere hammocks have pure polyester end strings that will last longer than traditional cotton end strings
  • The larger of our Brazilian hammock combos is great for sharing a snooze with a friend
  • Stunning colors make this hammock the highlight of the yard


We all need to take a break sooner or later, and the hammock is the perfect way to imagine you lying on the beach. A poolside hammock not only looks great but can be more comfortable than a lounge. It is one of the best ways to spend a Sunday afternoon and recharge your batteries.

However, there are much more available, and we would like to see which options you desire.

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