The Best Hammock Pillow You Can Buy in 2021

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Camping is fun, but sometimes getting tired and fatigued can ruin the good time you’ve been having. So, when going on a camping trip, that is undoubtedly an important factor to consider.

After a long day of hunting, mountain biking, rock climbing or hiking, a good night's rest in your hammock is a must if you don't want to feel exhausted the next morning.

The question is how to wake up energized when you’re sleeping outdoors, instead of feeling all sore up and in pain?

Headaches and neck pain are not a pleasant experience, but the pain is often when camping. The main reason is that campers usually don’t bring along a high-quality pillow to their camping expenditure.

To spare you all the pain and discomfort we have meticulously reviewed, and found just for you, the best hammock pillow on the market today.

Want extra comfort? Consider buying a hammock underquilt or top quilt as well.


Top 3 Recommendations

At the beginning of this article, we have selected the best 3 hammock pillows from our review. Read about their characteristics in the table below.

Editor's Choices
Original Pawleys Island B-CH-Long Long Hammock Pillow, Canvas Charcoal*
Coop Home Goods The Original Travel & Camp Adjustable Pillow, Small Camping Pillow with Compressible...*
Best Selling
Algoma 137SP-4 Hammock Pillow, Cherry Rave*
Customer Rating's
Best Feature
Best Quality
The Second Best Hammock Pillow
The Hammock Pillow with Rope Ties
Editor's Choices
Original Pawleys Island B-CH-Long Long Hammock Pillow, Canvas Charcoal*
Customer Rating's
Best Feature
Best Quality
Coop Home Goods The Original Travel & Camp Adjustable Pillow, Small Camping Pillow with Compressible...*
Customer Rating's
Best Feature
The Second Best Hammock Pillow
Best Selling
Algoma 137SP-4 Hammock Pillow, Cherry Rave*
Customer Rating's
Best Feature
The Hammock Pillow with Rope Ties

7 of the Best Hammock Pillow of 2021

Original Pawleys Island B-CH-Long Long Hammock Pillow - Best Quality

This Pawleys Island hammock pillow won our hearts for numerous benefits, so let's find them!

We adore it due to its materials! As you will find, the content is full of Sunbrella fabric, famous for the premium-quality particles, the ultimate performance, and supreme attractiveness. This way, the Pawleys Island pillow will adjust to your needs and provide maximum comfort for your body posture.

Moreover, the content includes matchless durability, power, and sturdiness; therefore, the Pawleys Island pillow lasts longer and serves you well, regardless of how robustly and excessively you use it. So, don't worry about it.

In addition, the material is heavy-duty yet lightweight and practical, resistant to mildew, mold, fading, rot, or staining. As you will find, the context includes solution-dyed acrylic blend fabric.

When you want to attach the Pawleys Island pillow to the spreader bar of the hammock, you can easily sew on the reverse side. Thus, you will prevent the pad from blowing away if the weather is windy.

Of course, you don't have to use it alone, as it comfortably fits two people at once. So, you can enjoy and relax with your better half, as the hammock measures 52 inches in length; therefore, you will have enough space for hassle-free relaxation and complete pleasure.

Further, the Pawleys Island unit is eco-friendly thanks to the polyester fabric made of recycled soda bottles. Thus, the water will go through the material and allow it to dry quickly. And, since it's produced in Carolina, you will significantly benefit from the producer.

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Comfortable
  • /

Coop Home Goods Travel and Camping Pillow – The Second Best Hammock Pillow

The Camping and Travel Pillow by Coop Home Goods comes in a rectangular shape and provides top-notch support for neck and head while you’re sleeping in your hammock.

The soft, durable cover is made from Bamboo-derived Viscose Rayon and Poly Blend cover. It is a natural thermos-regulating pillow, which will make your sleep comfortable. If you don’t like to be cold while sleeping on the ground or in a hammock, this is the product just for you.

The Coop Home Goods pillow is hypoallergenic and Dust Mite resistant. It will protect you from allergies, and it’s safe to use no matter the weather. The pillow can be compressed or easily readjusted to the desired shape when needed.

A stuff sack is included with this pillow, which makes it easy to stash your pillow when not in use. Also, you can compress it, so it won’t take up much space in your backpack, or just clip it to the outside of your bag.

The Camping and Travel Pillow by Coop Home Goods is made from CertiPUR-US Certified Foam. It is made without formaldehyde, heavy metals, lead, mercury, TCEP flame retardants, TDCPP, PBDEs, and ozone depleters. It is both environmentally friendly and safe for adults or kids.

Even though this Coop Home Goods pillow may appear small, it is designed for adults and has a very powerful loft. It is as comfortable as the other top quality pillows on this list.

However, some users have complained it comes with a strange memory foam smell. But considering all the facts, it is a superb pillow, and you can never go wrong with it.

  • Comes with a stuff sack
  • Naturally thermos-regulating
  • Free from heavy metals, lead, mercury, TCEP flame retardants and many more
  • CertiPUR-US Certified foam
  • Memory foam smell

Algoma 137SP-4 Hammock Pillow – The Hammock Pillow with rope ties

This Algoma 137SP-4 hammock pillow is a popular one among backpackers.

It comes in three beautiful colors and is perfect for head and neck rest. The pillow comes with a soft fluff which will give you the cozy feeling you need for a peaceful night rest. Your sleeping bag or hammock won’t be complete without this pillow.

The Algoma 137SP-4 hammock pillow has a basic design. If you need a simple hammock pillow that will provide adequate support for your neck and head throughout the night, this pillow is worth every penny.

It weighs 2 pounds and is not the lightest hammock pillow out there, but it is a very comfortable one. Furthermore, you will find a rope tie offs that will ensure better organization capabilities. The pillow is made from a warm and soft material which is supple against your skin.

Many campers prefer this Algoma 137SP-4 pillow because of its comfort, size, and its compatibility with hammocks. Your head and neck will get full support, and you won’t feel any pain when you wake up the following morning.

It is compatible for use both indoors and outdoors, and when exposed to moisture, it dries very fast.

The Algoma 137SP-4 hammock pillow is made from high-quality material, which makes it durable. However, it is more expensive than other pillows on this list.

  • Comes in three beautiful colors
  • Comes with rope tie offs
  • High-quality fabric
  • Dry fast
  • Pricey

Hatteras Hammocks Cabana Black Hammock Pillow - Best Design

The following Hatteras Hammocks pillow will wow you since it offers premium content. Thus, you will find the Sunbrella fabric - the most durable and reliable content on the market, so it will last longer and serve you exceptionally.

Meanwhile, the material will provide extreme usefulness, premium quality, ultimate performance, and a great appearance. So, you can combine well and create a comfortable yet attractive atmosphere. Additionally, the unit is stain, fade, mildew, and mold-resistant.

If you want to attach it to the hammock and prevent it from blowing away, you can easily sew the reverse side of the pillow and attach it to the spreader bar of the hammock. Thus, you will tighten it firmly to the unit, and it will remain stable and fixed without any issues.

Thanks to the extra-large size and proportion, the Hatteras Hammocks pillow measures 52 inches; therefore, it's suitable for two or more people at once. So, you can completely relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Due to the content, the Hatteras Hammocks pillow is eco-friendly since it contains recycled soda bottles. Thus, the fiberfill is complete non-absorbent material that allows the water to go through and permits the quickest dry.

As it's manufactured in Carolina, you will get the necessary customer support and warranty period for numerous privileges. Thus, you could replace it or get a full monetary refund if you eventually dislike it. However, we highly doubt so since the unit is an absolute must-have. So, will you do it?

  • Easy to easy
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • A bit pricey

Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow – The Hammock Pillow with Spine and Posture Support

This hammock pillow is one of the top quality products on this list. Don’t miss it.

Unlike the first product on the list, the Trekology camping pillow provides excellent lumbar support. Therefore, if you need a pillow that can alleviate your back issues when camping, you have just found the perfect one.

The Trekology camping pillow comes with several features which make it super comfy for back sleepers.

First, it comes in an ergonomic design that provides optimum neck and back support, while allowing you to feel comfortable whether sleeping or sitting.

In addition to being made from high-quality nylon, it is also layered with a durable elastic TPU material. This enhances the softness and smoothness, while also provides increased head support. The TPU fabric is preferred because of its water repelling ability.

The Trekology pillow has a two Way Valve which allows firm adjustment. You can sleep peacefully at night, as there will be no need to reflate the pillow in the middle of the night. Additionally, it is super easy to let out some air if you need extra comfort or back support.

The Trekology camping pillow is packed with a removable and breathable cotton cover. This enables adequate circulation of air, which prevents the build-up of moisture. This is important because the moisture can make you uncomfortable while sleeping.

The cover of this pillow is machine washable, making this pillow an excellent hammock pillow for every season. However, it comes with a plastic feature on the inside, which some customers do not like.

  • Big and comfortable
  • Multipurpose design
  • Provides excellent back, neck, and head support
  • Back pain relief
  • Compact and portable
  • Some users complain about a plastic feature in the pillow

TK Classics PILLOW-GREY-R-2x Rectangle Outdoor Throw Pillows - Best Performance

The penultimate hammock pillow will astound you due to its numerous advantages. So let's sort them out.

As you will find, the TK Classics pillow contains excellent material. Thus, the pad will serve you well and last for an extended period. Moreover, it will not damage or harm so quickly, and you can use it even more excessively. Furthermore, it won't lose or change any of its shape, quality, or performance.

In addition, the content is UV-resistant. Thus, you can use it in extreme conditions as well, and it will remain the same; it won't destroy so easily and quickly. Therefore, you can notice the polyester fiberfill, reliable and solid enough to endure extreme pressure and conditions.

Don't worry about the materials. Although they are imports, they will offer the same or even better quality than the domestic ones, so you can rest assured nothing wrong will happen to the unit. Also, you will find the origin country - China, but don't doubt the maximum quality and performance the unit offers.

Furthermore, the proportions are ideal for more people at once. As you might observe, the dimensions measure 6 x 11 x 22 inches; therefore, the TK Classics pillow will satisfy your needs and offer excellent comfort for you, your family, or your friends at once.

Of course, if you want more stability and security, not to let it blow away, you can attach the TK Classics pillow firmly to the hammock and enjoy more relaxation. But, again, the pad will adjust and follow your body posture.

  • Water-resistance
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Minor design flaws

WELLAX Ultralight Camping Pillow – The Hammock Pillow That Comes with a Sleep Aid and Eye Relaxer

WELLAX camping pillow is highly appreciated in the inflatable hammock pillows category. It’s a kind of a pillow that will guarantee you a restful sleep, especially if you are a side or back sleeper.

Ideal for outdoor napping, traveling, and most importantly, sleeping in your hammock!

Available in four colors, the WELLAX hammock pillow looks as exquisite as it functions. The pillow design is a blend of luxury foam and air insulation that allows easy and full adjustment and provides extra comfort. It is constructed from an elastic TPU fabric, which is durable, secure, and water resistant.

If you need a hammock pillow that has lumbar support, this is your best air pillow. Its inflatable features ensure that your neck, back, and the head is well supported, so you can sleep and wake up pain-free.

The WELLAX camping pillow can be easily adjusted. It inflates in seconds to 16 x 12 x 4 inch, which is the right size for a good sleeping pillow that can offer excellent back support, as well. It folds down into a small sack, and its dimensions are only 5 x 2 inches, which is less than a soda can. You can store it in your back pocket for easy access.

The WELLAX camping pillow comes with a sleep aid, eye relaxer, and sleeping mask. However, some customers complain the pillow might pick oils from your face and hair, making it a little uncomfortable.

  • Elastic TPU fabric
  • Comes with a sleep aid and eye relaxer
  • Provides lumbar support
  • Water resistant
  • Prone to picking oil

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hammock Pillow?

A high-quality pillow is essential for any outdoor adventure. Hammock pillows come in three forms, compressible, inflatable, or hybrid.

We know that choosing the right type for your adventures can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

That’s precisely why we came up with the following tips which can help you select the best hammock pillow on the market.

1. Comfort

It is impossible to have the same type of comfort your bed provides at home when you are out camping. But this doesn’t mean you can't have adequate support required to have a quality sleep and wake up energized the next day.

A high-quality pillow will provide optimum comfort. It can be differentiated by structure, filling, shape, and type. For instance, ergonomically shaped pillows provide extra support to the neck and back.

Hammock pillows provide comfort by even distribution of pressure. This means that the pillow must have a well-defined structure and appropriate filling. Filling gives it an optimal shape, which prevents the concentration of pressure on a specific part.

The best hammock pillows in terms of pressure distribution are made through a combination of highly compressible and relatively hard materials. This brings a consistent shape, which provides comfort to the head and neck.

2. Support

best pillow for hammock

Many campers purchase a hammock pillow because of its support.

The level of support required varies from one camper to the other. For instance, someone with neck or back problems will prefer pillows designed to provide both support and therapeutic functions.

Hammock pillows which provide little or no support can trigger severe neck pain, and you can experience extremely uncomfortable night sleep.

When deciding which one to buy, the two most important factors to consider is the quality of the outer fabric and the thickness of the pillow.

The outer fabric should be supple and smooth so it won’t be harsh to your skin.

The appropriate pillow thickness depends on your sleeping position. If you are a side sleeper, consider thick pillow because it provides neck support and spine alignment. If you are a stomach sleeper, consider relatively thin pillows, and if you are a back sleeper, you should choose moderately thick pillows.

For the ones who regularly change sleeping positions, then purchasing adjustable pillows is the best option. With this type, you can adjust the thickness at any point in time.

The thickness of inflatable and hybrid pillows can easily be adjusted, campers are only required to pump the appropriate level of air, or reduce pressure by letting the air out.

3. Size of the Pillow

You need to consider pillow size before and after packing. The dimensions before packing will give you an idea of how comfortable a pillow can be.

The most important factors are your sleeping habits and types of pillow you are most comfortable with. Also, the packed size of a hammock pillow affects its utilization of portability and space.

Hammock pillows that pack down small will occupy a small space in the backpack and are more portable.

​4. Weight of the Pillow

best pillow for hammock sleeping

This is a critical point to consider if you want to go backpacking. 

Backpackers carry all their gear in their bags. Your backpack shouldn’t weigh more than one-third of your body weight, especially if you are embarking on a long distance hiking trip.

Choose a lightweight pillow that will take up little space in your bag.

Consider an inflatable pillow, which, when folded, is almost the size of a book. This is the best bet, you only need to compromise that extra comfort a compressible, and hybrid pillows offer.

​5. The Ease of Use

Outdoor activities require a lot of energy.

When the day is over, and you need to set up a resting place, it should be simple and fast. A right hammock pillow should be easy to set up and fold after use. A hammock pillow is not worth buying if it frustrates you instead of giving you the needed rest.

Also, hammock pillows that compress well are very easy to carry on any trip. They pack down into small bags and fit well in a backpack.

It is essential to consider this feature when making a buying decision.

6. Durability

If you regularly go on camping expeditions, replacing camping gear for every trip can be expensive and time-consuming. It is crucial to buy a durable hammock pillow that remains relatively new after repeated use and wash.

Purchase a product that promises to last long. Most pillows with thick, high-quality materials last longer than others. Note, a higher priced pillow does not necessarily mean durability.

​7. Pillow Type

best ultralight hammock pillow

Hammock pillows come in various types

The different models have their own specifications and advantages, and the price varies significantly.

Hybrid pillows are the most expensive, followed by the compressible pillows, and then Inflatable pillows. Hybrid pillows come in feature-rich designs, and that is why they are more expensive.

Choose the right type of pillow from these categories that will suit both your preference and budget.


Do you need a pillow in a hammock?

best pillow for eno hammock

No, you don't need one when in a hammock. However, if you want better body support, more relaxation, and complete rest, you may want to use one in your hammock.

This is crucial for those who cannot find the proper angle in the hammock, so they need pillows for better body posture and support to release stress and pain.

What kind of pillow for under legs for a hammock?

Well, it should be a quality and comfortable one, to reduce the pain and stress from your legs. And also to improve blood circulation.

So, it should keep your legs up or in the same line with your body and offer a comfortable and soft touch-skin or more relaxation and pressure-free atmosphere.

You can find various options here in the list above, so try them and select the best one for your needs.

What is the best pillow for hammock camping?

The best one is undoubtedly the fantastic Original Pawleys Island B-CH-Long Long Hammock Pillow, as it offers the best performance, quality and design.

However, it also delivers maximum comfort and relaxing feeling, increases softness, and reduces pressure, so it's the ultimate winner.

How do you sleep in a hammock overnight?

best hammock camping pillow

Follow these steps:

  • Use a hammock to support your neck
  • Wrap yourself in a large, cozy, soft, and comfortable blanket
  • Lie diagonally inside the hammock to create more space and a relaxed atmosphere
  • Add a rolled-up blanket or a pillow to support your legs and knees, and provide more support for your body


We're finally here! So, let's revise! The best hammock pillow 2021 is the one and only Original Pawleys Island B-CH-Long Long Hammock Pillow, thanks to the numerous benefits it offers to users. Try it and see the results!

If you find any other pillow that deserves more to be on the top and meets your preferences and a budget, please let us know using the comment box.

Original Pawleys Island B-CH-Long Long Hammock Pillow, Canvas Charcoal*
  • Sunbrella Fabric: The best known high-performance outdoor fabric on the market today with an unmatched history of quality, durability, and attractiveness. This heavy-duty yet lightweight solution-dyed acrylic blend fabric is resistant to staining, and fading.
  • Hook-and-Loop Fasteners: Sewn on the reverse side of the pillow to attach to the spreader bar of the hammock. Ideal to prevent pillow from blowing away
  • Extra Wide Size: Hammock pillow meaures 52 inches long, perfect for two people.
  • Eco-Friendly: Polyester fiberfill filling made from recycled soda bottles is found inside the hammock. The fiberfill is a nonabsorbent material allowing water to drain through and provide quick drying.
  • Handcrafted in the Carolinas: Manufactured and assembled in using the finest parts and industry leading techniques.

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