Be The Coolest Host Ever With The Best Patio Cooler

Picture this:

It's a warm summer night, and you're chilling with your friends on the deck, serving the ice-cold beer you so desperately needed. The conversation drifts off, you're all talking, laughing, and then you take a gulp of your beer only to realize it's all warm now. Oh man, don't you simply abhor when this happens?

Now imagine another scenario, where you sit there for hours, but your beer remains chilly for as long as you need it because you got one of those awesome patio coolers you saw on Amazon.

So which scenario do you prefer?

Wait, don't tell me! I already know, which is why I created a list of the best patio cooler along with the buyer's guide explaining how to choose the most efficient one!

You're one step away from that sweaty, cold beverage on a hot summer night, make your choice!


Top 3 Best Patio Coolers: Comparison Chart

Best Patio Cooler On The Market: My Top 10 Recommendations

Brace yourselves as here come detailed reviews of the best patio coolers on the market with pro and con features included!

Suncast Resin Wicker Outdoor Cooler - The Best Outdoor Patio Cooler

The first on our list is the top pick itself, a beautiful and functional Suncast Resin Wicker Outdoor Cooler. The cooler comes from Suncast that produces versatile patio furniture and accessories; therefore, you can purchase the entire set and combine everything with style.

For starters, this deck cooler is made of plastic, resin wicker, to be precise, that has excellent properties regarding sun-resistance and water-resistance, which means it will last for a long time and won't fade away. The color of this model is dark brown, which makes it pretty easy to fit.

Now, the model in question is efficient as it comes with a cabinet in the lower part providing the extra storage for drinks and a wire basket where you can put some cups, cans, or accessories.

Furthermore, what makes this cooler extraordinary is the drainage tube that releases water with ease as the ice melts down, while the maintenance overall is pretty effortless.

When it comes to the overall capacity, this model can hold seventy-seven quarts, which are around seventy-two cans or six two-liter-bottles. And the dimensions are 25.5 inches in width and 34 inches in height with a weight of 31 pounds.

Finally, this is a rolling cooler, having two locking and two unlocking wheels for the convenience of the transport and drink serving.

  • Low maintenance
  • Extra storage cabinet
  • Self-drainage tube
  • Rolling cooler
  • High capacity
  • Hard to assemble

UPHA 80 Quart Rolling - Runner Up Best Outdoor Cooler

Next off, we have another exquisite rolling cooler from UPHA, ideal for patio, pool backyard, or whatever outdoor event you have. This model is an oversized version with plenty of space, specially designed for your big parties, barbeques, or gatherings.

Let's start with the materials. On the outside of this cooler cart, we can see a high-quality steel body with powder-coated legs for prolonged longevity and enhanced strength. The next layer is plastic rattan imitation that is available in dark-brown and gray color.

On the inner side, we can find PP lined injection-foam-unitized for excellent temperature preservation for days and easy cleaning.

This oversized cooler measures 31 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 34 inches in height and has the capacity of 80 quarts, meaning it can hold up to one hundred cans and more than fifty bottles.

When it comes to design, the tub has a practical dual lid and a bottom shelf for extra storage. Plus, the patio cooler has a bottle opener with a cap-catch-bin attached on the side.

Finally, the cleaning is ultra-easy with a drain plug that releases the water from the tub.

  • Metal shell
  • Oversized
  • Bottle opener and cap catcher
  • Bottom shelf
  • Wheels
  • Problems with screws
  • May rust over time

Keter Cool Bar Modern Smooth - Cocktail table/Cooler

If you're looking for a slightly more stylish cooler that serves multiple purposes and fits your modern exterior, this is the model for you. Keter Cool Bar Modern Smooth is a round bar table that is available in three trendy colors: grey, teal and coral.

Extremely affordable, this three-in-one patio cooler can serve as a cocktail table, coffee table, and a drink cooler. It has a round, bucket-like, but elegant design, with three legs, and an extendable tabletop that transforms it into a cooler in one twist.

The material this super-functional cooler is built of is heavy-duty polypropylene resin. It is weather-resistant, therefore water-proof and UV-repellent, keeping the same color for a long time without fading.

When it comes to capacity, this cooler can hold up to 7.5 gallons, or in other words, up to sixty cans or forty bottles along with ice, and the drinks remain cold for twelve hours.

Furthermore, plastic is really simple to clean, and with a built-in drain plug, the water release presents no problem as well.

Finally, the table measures 19.5 inches in diameter and 33.2 inches in height while weighing only fourteen pounds and costing twice less than other models.

  • Modern design
  • three-in-one
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • 12 hours of temperature insulation
  • Small capacity
  • No rollers

BELLEZE 80-Quart Portable - The Best Stainless Steel Cooler

From Belleze comes another high-quality drink cooler, this time made of rigid, durable material, built to last long and endure any weather, therefore perfect for the outdoor patio.

This model is one of the larger patio coolers with a fantastic capacity of eighty quarts. Organizing a huge party for all of your friends will no longer be a bother, as this cooler comfortably holds up to 100 cans.

When it comes to design, it features a rectangular tub shape, measuring 36-1/4 inches in width, 20 inches in length, and 34-1/2 inches in height. The material it is built of is premium-quality stainless steel, rust-resistant, and highly durable.

The cooler has a bottom shelf for additional storage and dual lid for easy access. Now, this rolling cooler is extremely easy to move, and as it has two handles, to carry as well, so bringing it over to your friends will not be a problem.

As for the accessories, this stainless steel patio cooler has attached a bottle opener and cap catcher, and when it comes to the drainage, it's no bother with the drain plug incorporated in the tub as well.

Now, as it is made of stainless steel, this cooler is a bit heavier than other counterparts, weighing 44.7 pounds, but it is also more rigid and won't easily break

This stainless steel version is available in three colors: black, gray, and red, furthermore the prices slightly vary between the variants, but overall it is one of the pricey models, but definitely worth it.

  • Stainless steel
  • High capacity
  • Easy to move
  • Heavy-duty
  • Accessories included
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Outdoor 80 Quart Party Cooler Ice Chest - The Most Appealing Patio Cooler

Sometimes we just wish our stuff to be beautiful, and no one is to blame us for so. You like your furniture classy and modern, and your cooler should measure up to the standard, as well.

No problem, here we bring you a high-quality cooler cart with marvelous modern design and heavy-duty construction. Meet Outdoor 80 Quart Party Cooler Ice Chest.

This gorgeous rolling cooler comes in seafoam blue, hunter green, and brown wicker variant. It looks really modern and will most certainly break the monotony of your boring patio, attracting everyone's attention.

One the other hand, it is not just beautiful, but practical as well, having 80 quarts capacity, which means it can store more than seventy cans or fifty bottles. In gallons, this would be a twenty or so gallons capacity.

Now, the external surface features smooth powder-coated steel, known for excellent rust-resistance and exceptional durability. Inside, we can see polypropylene line injection foam insulation, excellent for temperature preservation, and extremely easy to clean.

Removable dual hinged lid provides easy access to the beverage that remains cold for days, and a tray in the bottom serves as an excellent spot for additional snacks, glasses, or drinks to be served.

Additionally, this fantastic model has a bottle opener and cap catcher, two sturdy handles for easy carrying, and multidirectional wheels for effortless transport.

Once again, don't worry about the cleaning as a drain sprout makes it almost a self-preserving product.

  • Beautiful design
  • Large
  • Heavy-duty
  • Great insulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Rollers
  • Expensive


Slowly we've come to the first wooden cooler on our list, and this one is a real treat for the lovers of tradition. Very vintage and patriotic in design, this outdoor cooler will look outstanding on your classic wooden American patio. Brace yourselves and keep reading.

What we have here is a mid-ranger patio cooler with a rustic wood exterior, ornamented with the American flag, and radiating the old-school look. It furthermore possesses a galvanized steel liner, a bottle opener, and drainage spout.

Additionally, the top lid is also made of wood and can be removed, while two metal handles on the sides enable easy carrying and transport.

The interior of this patio cooler is fully insulated to keep your drinks cold for hours while the overall capacity is fifty-seven quarts, which are approximately sixty-four cans.

As we have already mentioned, this patio cooler is really ornamental and will look amazing on your patio, but it has its downsides as well.

Wood is tough for maintenance; it is prone to mold and has to be protected during rainy weather. With no wheels, don't imagine easy peasy transport, as it weighs 41.8 pounds.

Finally, the price is very high for the product of this capacity as for the less money you could get plastic 80 quarts cooler.

  • Vintage
  • Beautiful
  • Well-insulated
  • Bottle opener
  • Drainage spout
  • Hard to maintain
  • Prone to mold
  • No wheels

VINGLI 80 Quart Wagon Rolling Cooler Ice Chest - The Best Wagon Patio Cooler

Bring your outdoor party to a whole another level with this incredibly charming Wagon Rolling Cooler from Vingli. It will most certainly not leave a single soul indifferent with its exceptional retro wagon looks.

This fantastic model is available in three, ultimately, different variants. The first one is a black, steel variant, the second is the rattan variant, and the third is a blue suitcase-like variant.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, yet to my mind, the most appealing is the black version; thus, I will review it here.

On the outside, we encounter an iron/steel construction, all-welded, and powder-coated for longer life and more efficient resistance properties. The inner side is made of polyurethane, providing exceptional insulative properties, forty-eight hours of cold preservation, and eight hours of warmth insulation.

What makes this cooler cart unique are its large inflatable terrain wheels, measuring ten inches in diameter and also moving on all terrains, plus with the long handle it is effortless to move.

As for the additional accessories, it includes a bottle opener and cap catcher and detachable pipe for super-effortless drainage.

Finally, the capacity is 80 quarts, and the lid opened from both sides, enabling easy access to your drinks.

  • Retro design
  • All-terrain wheels
  • High capacity
  • Cap catcher and opener
  • Drainage pipe
  • No extra-storage

Best Choice Products 80-Quart Steel Rolling Cooler

Best Choice brings innovation to our list, this time in the form of a luxurious, exceptionally elegant patio cooler you will just love for its amazing properties and beautiful design.

If you're looking for a high-quality product, this is the greatest you will find. From the exterior looks to the insulation properties, this fantastic deck cooler features all you could imagine.

The stylish red metal exterior is actually made of durable steel construction, reinforced with an enamel finish for years of intact outlook and excellent weather-resistance.

However, this model does not just look high-grade; on the inside, you will find the great insulation, ready to keep your drinks fresh for as long as you need.

The capacity of this beauty is eight quarts, meaning it can hold up to seventy cans comfortably, plus it has a bottom shelf for additional storage as well.

High-quality casters make this steel cooler cart effortless to move, and its locking option enables you to stabilize it efficiently.

With a bottle opener, a cap catcher, and a drainage plug, it has no decent opponent on the coolers market.

Hands down, this patio cooler is perfect in every inch of its construction. Due to incredible insulative properties, marvelous design, and heavy-duty construction, this model is my favorite, being worth every penny you pay for it.

  • Great insulation
  • Bottle opener
  • Self-drainage
  • Outstanding design
  • High-grade steel construction
  • /

VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling Cart on Wheels - Elegant

Slowly we're approaching the end of our reviews, but the quality of our products does not degrade at all. Here we have another cooler cart from Vingli, once again pretty elegant and retro and measures up to the standards set by our former products.

This cooler cart is available in four variants, black, red, white, and resin. All the models are exquisite and radiate expensive looks and high-quality construction.

The reason why this model is among the best choice products from its branch is the refrigerator-grade insulation that will keep your drinks cold for forty-eight hours and warm for up to eight hours.

Furthermore, its large ice chest capacity of eighty quarts can hold up to twenty gallons of drink, and the additional bottom shelf serves as a great extra space for storage.

When it comes to material, this model is built of sturdy iron that is pretty heavy-duty, long-lasting, and, most importantly, environmentally-friendly.

Moreover, Vingli outdoor patio cooler has a bottle opener, cap catcher, and drainage pipe. Therefore, no additional gadgets will be needed to get your party started, nor will you need it to clean the cooler afterward.

It measures 36.22 in length, 33.07 inches in width, and 14.96 inches in height and weighs 41.89 lbs.

  • Refrigeration-grade insulation
  • High capacity
  • Elegant design
  • heavy-duty
  • All-inclusive
  • /

Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest - Commercial grade Molded Cooler

Finally, something for the ones looking for a simple yet practical solution that can be used on the patio but in other outdoor conditions as well.

Now you will love this! The construction is made of virtually indestructible Rotomolded Thermoplastic that additionally has Rubber ColdSeal Latches and Exterior UV Protection. This means you can use it wherever you want in whatever weather conditions it will remain intact.

When it comes to the insulation, it keeps the drinks cold for days due to three-inches of commercial-grade insulation and freezer-style rubber gasket!

Furthermore, it has military-grade nylon rope handles, a guaranteed no-leak drainage plug, two bottle openers built-in, and GorillaGrip Non-Slip Feet.

It is made in four attractive variants and has seventy-five quarts capacity, which is almost as good as our stainless steel models, and it is compatible with dry ice.

We do get this model is more expensive than our previous choices, but bear in mind that it holds your drink cool for seven to eight days and features a non-sweat exterior among all the other amazing qualities we mentioned.

  • Indestructible exterior
  • Holds drink cold for 7-10 days
  • Incredible insulation
  • Uv-protection
  • No-leak drainage plug
  • Two bottle openers
  • Expensive

Buyer's Guide - How to Choose the Best Patio Cooler

best outdoor cooler

For all of you who never heard of patio coolers, these are tubs and buckets, just like picnic coolers, but larger and more durable. They are designed to preserve the temperature of your drinks or food for hours and usually come with a lid and storage space.

When it comes to your patio cooler purchase, there are some things you should pay attention to, so keep reading.

1. Capacity

One of the essential things you should look at when buying a new patio cooler is the capacity.

Tubs and buckets come in many different sizes, but the most common has the 80 quarts capacity that can hold around 20 gallons. If you don't need that much space, you can find smaller versions with 54 quarts or less.

2. Material

best rolling patio cooler

Patio coolers are built of different materials, yet the most prominent are wood, plastic, and metal. Now, plastic materials require the least maintenance, and they provide excellent temperature preservation. Moreover, they are lightweight and UV-resistant. The only bad side is not quite an aesthetic look.

Wooden coolers are the most appealing to the eye as they easily fit into the patio decor and radiate the vintage aesthetic look, but are pretty heavy and require a lot of care and maintenance.

Metal models are the most heavy-duty; they provide excellent temperature preservation and last long. They need more maintenance than plastic models but less than wooden.

3. Rollers

A tone of models available on the market have rollers for more comfortable transport and serving of drinks.

The wheels are really of use when you're throwing a party or have some event where you host a lot of people, but for your own needs, they are really not necessary.

Final Thought

So, what is there to conclude? In order to throw the unforgettable outdoor parties, you must get one patio cooler! The best one we selected is Suncast Resin Wicker Outdoor Cooler,


Well, this model is more than easy to clean. It features a plastic resin and has a self-drainage tube. Its large eighty quarts capacity can hold up to one hundred cans, and as it includes a bottle opener, you can fit fifty bottles instead.

If you need additional space, no problem, this model consists of a bottom shelf, so provide whatever you need there, and dual lid cover makes the access super-easy.

Suncast Resin 77 Quart Wicker-Look Outdoor Patio Cooler with Wheels, Java*
  • OUTDOOR PATIO COOLER: Features a decorative wicker design that complements your existing outdoor decor
  • 77 QUART CAPACITY: Holds 77 quarts, 72 cans, or 6 2-liter bottles to keep the party going without constantly refilling
  • BUILT-IN STORAGE: Wire basket and bottom cabinet space allows easy access to everyday essentials
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of sturdy resin which provides years of quality year-round outdoor use
  • IDEAL SIZE: Measures 22" x 26" x 34" for convenient entertaining without taking up too much space

Do you need to move it? A piece of cake! With roller wheels drive it to Mars if you want, no weight is on your back!

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