Why Climbing Is A Good Exercise

There is a great possibility you will engage climbing when hiking, however, climbing itself is an exercise on its own that is worthy of engaging and it can as well be engage in the gym.

Whether gym climbing or the outdoor climbing one thing that is certain is, you will work out your muscles to a very great degree and also your body thereby improving your total well being which includes your body and brain.

However, a successful climbing entails having great strength, ability to endure, having agility and good mental control therefore, you have to imbibe the techniques of rock climbing before engaging as a newbie and if you are a pro in it or whichever, let me hit you with some of the reason why climbing is a good exercise


Reasons You Should Engage Climbing

It Strengthen Your Muscles

Several different muscles such as lats, quads, abs, deltoid, oblique, traps, calves and biceps are actively involved in rock climbing. climbing also exercises your forearm muscles thereby strengthens your grip.

In fact research has established that rock climbers have increased hand grip strength.

It Makes You Flexible

Rock climbing often demand climbers to reach out to a foot hold or hand hold, usually away from your comfort position thereby enhancing their range of motion, adaptability and flexibility.

It Reduces Stress

Reduction of stress is one of those things that exercise offers and rock climbing is not left out in this.

Climbing takes you away from yourself by making you so engross with the excitement that comes from having to reach, climb and leap the rock or rope.

In fact you will enjoy it most, when challenge yourself. Study also established that climbing increases the level of nor-epinephrine – a neurotransmitter in the body that helps in reducing stress.

You will enjoy it better if you engage outdoor climbing because coupled with the aforementioned benefits; you will also be exposed to vitamin D.

And study has proved that engaging nature itself brings calmness to your well being and eradicate anxiety – I can relate with this.

It Reduces Fat

If you want to lose fat real fast then engage rock climbing. 

According to the research conducted by Harvard University- a 155-pound person will burn about 818 calories per hour if the person engage ascent rock climbing and burns 596 calories if the person engage descent climbing.

So there is a possibility of burning at least 1414 calories in a single day of rock climbing which means, you have to engage both ascent and rappelling climbing. Study further proved that burning of 500 calories equal losing 1-2 pounds in a week.

It Helps Eradicate Fear

This reminds me of when I first engage climbing. Prior to my first climbing, I feel afraid most times but it stops when I faced my fear by engaging climbing.

Although, it took a little bit of courage and determination but at the end, I found out that have become bold at the same time more confident than ever before.

So if your heart gets prick easily do engage climbing either indoor or outdoor and fear will be past tense in your life.

Moreover, it will help you to stand on top of adversity and difficult situations and there is one thing about fear, once it is conquered, you become fearless.

It Boosts Your Mood

There is feeling of joy, accomplishment and happiness that climbing creates.

For example when you take up the challenge to get to top of the summit-you feel on top of the world, accomplished and even excited. I can relate with this feeling well, is such a good feeling that makes you feel proud of yourself and even make you think and reason right also eradicate anxiousness and worry thereby reducing the risk of hypertension.

Prevention of Chronic Diseases

Study has established that climbing has a lot to do in the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

And this is due to the fact that rock climbing is an intense and vigorous activity that improves your muscles and cardiovascular activity and in turn aids the prevention of these chronic diseases.

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