When Is Spearfishing Season? What Time Best For Spearfishing

Actually, there is no specific season for spearfishing. However, spring and fall seems to be the best time for spearfishing. For instance, water is less tense during spring which makes it excellent for spearfishing.

There is a wide variety of fish around the river to catch at the season of fall which makes spearfishing easier. Also the temperature falls during this period and the night becomes longer.

Spearfishing is excellent in the afternoon to early evening, but, poor in the late morning to early afternoon, and the winter is not your best spearfishing season, unless, it is ice fishing and it is quite different from other seasons for it demands different techniques and spearfishing gears.


Spearfishing Season

Consider the tides also when spearfishing. Spearfishing is difficult when there is low and high tide, which depicts low water movement, but spearfishing is however great when there is an incoming tide which makes prey fish available for coastal fish to feed, which in turn gives you the opportunity to spearfish your favorite game.

Whether you would be spearfishing in the summer, winter, autumn or spring you have to consider the time of the day for fish are poikilothermic, so the temperature around them is a major factor that determines their activity. Their activity is relatively low when it is cold and they move to deeper areas to cool off when it is hot.

Spearfishing in Summer Time

The best time for spearfishing in the summertime is before sunrise to before mid-morning, also when the sunsets until dark, because the cool water around this time allows the fish to rise from the depths.

But is not the best time in the late morning to afternoon for the fish around this time have migrated to the deep water to cool off, however, you may try your luck and if you are an experienced angler, you should be able to go home with smaller bass because smaller bass have high tolerance for warmer water compared to bigger bass.

Spearfishing in the Winter

Winter is not the best time for spearfishing unless you would be engaging ice fishing, and that is a different ball game entirely for it requires specialized skills, techniques and equipment compared to other periods of spearfishing.

Spearfishing in the Autumn Time

The dusk is a great time to engage spearfishing in the fall time, for the water is warm at this time, and the fish are hungrier in this period due to the food shortage of the winter period so fishing bait will be excellent in this period.

And the fish don’t bite much in the early morning to the early afternoon, but, spearfishing around this time may not be a bad idea you will still have opportunity of catching some games.

Spearfishing in Spring

Fish don’t do much in the early morning of the spring, because bugs are not much active in this time. So try spearfishing in the dusk time when they are feeding.


It is not enough to get your spearfishing gears to go spearfishing without first considering the best time for spearfishing. It is an excellent time to engage spearfishing in the summer when the sunsets until the dark and winter is not a great time unless you want to do ice fishing which requires different technique and equipment compared to other seasons.

Inevitable you will need a few equipments for spearfishing as fins, knife, buoy, float line, gloves, snorkel, speargun , spearfishing wetsuit.

And the dusk time will be excellent for both spring and fall. However, you may choose a different time as it suits you, based on the logistics of life, you may favor a different time to catch some game, but is not likely it will be worthwhile.

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