How to Select the Best Hot Tub Covers of 2020

A hot tub is one of the last things that many people install in their homes. They are expensive and have a lot of maintenance to attend to. However, one can help to mitigate the maintenance by adding the best hot tub covers to keep them clean. A clean hot tub can potentially reduce infections while reducing the breeding space for things like mosquitoes.

With so many different types of hot tub covers, you must find the one that will work the best with your hot tub. We have done some research, using a few key features to dissect each of the top hot tub covers.

We have also included a thorough buyer's guide that will show you which of the covers are the best.


The 3 Best Hot Tub Covers Available

Editor's Choices
Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover, Large, Patio Furniture Covers*
94 x 94-inches
Customer's Rating
ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover Outdoor SPA Covers 85 x 85 inch*
85 x 85-inches
Customer's Rating
Best Selling
The Cover Guy Deluxe/Extreme/Standard Hot Tub Cover - Custom Made Replacement Spa Cover 5, 6 or 4...*
Custom Size
Customer's Rating

Best Hot Tub Covers on the Market Today

As mentioned, we have used a buyer's guide to help us find the top hot tub covers. The five selected are available in a variety of different colors and sizes, but there are some features that make them stand out.

Before we dive into the mentioned buyer’s guide, here are the top hot tub covers that we could find for 2020.

Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover – Best Hot Tub Cover

One of the unique hot tub covers is the Classic Accessories Square Hot Tub Cover. At 94 x 94-inches, the cover is enormous, making it ideal for most of the typical hot tubs that we have in homes. The Gardelle one fabric system is available in a dark color, offering additional UV protection to the hot tub.

The cover is not standard, like many people might expect. It features handles that make it much easier to install. However, there are also additional vents that have been placed on the cover. These vents are integrated with the handle, but they keep out bugs and allow air to pass through. Rain might be able to penetrate, but they can be closed up.

An elastic hem cord will keep the cover in place, which means that it will not be affected by the wind conditions. While the color might be stylish, we would have loved to see multiple different colors to choose from. Since the unit can also resist heat, it also protects some of the elements inside the hot tub that might perish from heat.

The price of this hot tub cover will vary depending on the size. In general, it is quite expensive, but all of the features are certainly worth it. If you worry about the damage, you might also be happy to know that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, the cover can be used for so much more than your hot tub, including outdoor furniture.

  • Large square design
  • Features ventilation ports
  • Stylish design
  • Offers UV Protection
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Expensive
  • Only one color to choose from

ULTCOVER Waterproof Square Hot Tub Cover – Best Budget Hot Tub Cover

The ULTCOVER Waterproof Square Hot Tub Cover is one of the most massive covers that offer height as well. Made from 600D polyester, the unit is durable against almost all that the weather can throw your way. The unit stands 85 x 85-inches in length and width. However, the 20-inch height can stretch over your tub with ease.

Much like the previous cover, it also features a ventilated port that allows the air to pass through. However, it will also keep out most of the bugs from nesting and reduce the water from rain that can penetrate. According to the manufacturer, the cover is insulated, but in the winter, it might not keep your tub warm unless indoors.

Heavy-duty elastic cords for part of the outer seams. These elastic cords will stretch when it goes over your tub. It will then retract once the cover is placed over the tub. The only downside is that these cords can occasionally snap, and it might leave the tub exposed and even damage the cover itself if exposed to the elements.

As for the price, it is one of the affordable options on the market today. However, the amount will depend on the size that you need. In terms of versatility, the cover does not need to work for your tub if it is not required. It also serves as a top cover for most of the furniture that many people might also have outdoors.

  • Additional height adds protection
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers waterproof protection
  • 3-year warranty
  • Elastic might snap

The Cover Guy Hot Tub Cover – Best Custom Hot Tub Cover

When it comes to most hot tubs, the sizes can often be hard to measure. Once you have measured the dimensions, you might not be able to find the right one for your hot tub. However, the Cover Guy Hot Tub Cover is one of the top brands, with the manufacturers contacting you after purchase for a custom design.

It is made from military-grade vinyl and high-density foam on the inside. The combination of these two materials will keep the heat on the inside of your tub. The benefit of this is to reduce your electricity bill when the water retains heat during the colder winter temperatures. Aside from UV protection, it also offers tensile strength that can hold some weight.

Unfortunately, the set up can be a bit daunting for beginners. Since it does not have any elastic bands that stretch, you will need to use the tie downs provided by the manufacturer. The upside is that once you have tied them down, the chances are far less than elastic bands that the elements will loosen the unit.

One of the minor issues that we have is that prices are not immediately available. You will need to get into contact with the manufacturer if you need accurate pricing. However, another upside is the fact that you have a variety of colors to choose from. An additional 7-year warranty will be handy for skeptics.

  • Available in numerous colors
  • Very durable construction
  • Can reduce your energy bill
  • Custom made
  • Prices can be hig
  • Tough to set up

Porch Shield Hot Tub Cover – Best Indoor Hot Tub Cover

A basic cover is often more than you need to protect the hot tub simply. If you don’t need to retain the heat on the inside, you might only be looking to reduce potential infections and bacteria. The Porch Shield Hot Tub Cover is one of these covers that can just protect your hot tub without any real issues.

Much like the other basic options, it features 600D polyester for the main construction of the cover. However, an additional UV protective coating will keep the lid from wearing out when left exposed to the elements. Two handles are on either side, making it easier to set up, but also offering some ventilation to the tub.

Slider buckles are used to hold the cover in place. They might not be as easy to connect as a simple elastic cord, but they have proven to keep the cover more secure than the flexible counterparts. The average size is around 85 x 85-inches, but those with a more massive hot tub can also find one that is larger if needed.

While the cover is water-resistant, it might not have all the elegant and leading features of many of the top options. However, it is affordable that gives you some peace of mind to test it out against all of the elements. We would recommend it to indoor hot tubs that have a regulator to ensure that you retain heat.

  • Affordable price
  • Secure locking
  • Durable construction
  • UV protected
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Locking is a bit harder than others
  • Not the best heat retention

AmazonBasics Square Hot Tub Cover – Best Basic Hot Tub Cover

The AmazonBasics Square Hot Tub Cover is a wildcard tub cover that we have added to the list due to the affordability and quality. It also features a square design that easily fits over most of your tubs. Made from 100% woven polyester, it is resistant to the elements, and for a light outdoor drizzle, it is also waterproof.

The large size has dimensions of 94 x 94-inches, which fits most of the smaller hot tubs that the average person can afford. The handles make it easier to remove, but these handles can be adjusted to also serve as ventilation ports for the tub. Since the polyester is smooth, one can keep it clean by simply wiping off dirt.

A standard interlocking system will work with the tapered seams to reduce the ability of anything coming inside. Unfortunately, polyester is not the best option when you want to retain the heat on the inside. One of the stand out features is tensile strength that will also hold up well when under pressure from falling snow.

As mentioned, it is an included version that has been very reliable for most people without any flaws. As you might have noticed, the price is not too high, but it offers an excellent investment that you can use over a long time. We would recommend it for the quality and the value that it provides the user in the long run.

  • Easy to keep clean
  • Affordable
  • Set up is very simple
  • Looks great
  • Not the best heat retention

Key Features to Look for in the Best Hot Tub Covers

best hot tub covers reviews

With the top options now available for you to choose, there are a couple of essential features that we used to select these options. Since there are many more options available, we have isolated some of the crucial functions.

These features are the same elements that we have used in the selection of the products mentioned above.

1. Materials and Size

The primary material used for these covers is polyester. The polyester is woven together, creating a water-resistant barrier that will keep the elements out. However, vinyl has better heat retention, making it a more durable option.

Unfortunately, vinyl is also more expensive. You need to look at the size as well, which can indicate how it will fit over your tub.

top hot tub covers

2. Locking System

If you have read all of the reviews, you might have noticed that we place some emphasis on the locking system. Since the cover needs to withstand wind, you will need some sort of lock to keep it in place. Elastic is the most common and affordable.

However, locking belt buckles can hold it more secure.

3. Design

best hot tub cover protector

The overall design works in conjunction with the materials, but if the hot tub is located outdoors, one needs to make it look good. The same goes for hot tubs that are located on the inside of your home.

The material does play a significant role, but frequently, you might need a rounder unit, instead of one that is square.

Which Hot Tub Cover Would We Recommend?

It is hard for us as reviewers to select one that is the best if we don’t get enough time with it. However, the Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover is one that comes with an excellent reputation. It might have set sizes, but many people have used it without any issues, and the lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind.

Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover, Large, Patio Furniture Covers*
  • PREMIUM OUTDOOR COVER: Fits square hot tubs 94"W x 94"D x 14"H
  • OUTDOOR FURNITURE COVER with WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty
  • HEAVY DUTY AND WATER RESISTANT: Gardelle One is a durable woven polyester fabric with an added stabilized coating and a water-resistant 6P-Free laminated undercoating
  • CUSTOM FIT OUTDOOR PATIO COVER: Reinforced padded handles provide comfort when installing and removing covers while double cord closures within specially designed hem tunnels allow easy adjustment resulting in a custom-like fit
  • DURABLE COVER WITH ADVANCED FEATURES: Gusseted self-supporting vents keep weather out while providing maximum ventilation & minimum condensation, engineered seams and double top-stitching at the most demanding joints provide strength, durability and style


No one needs to endure the constant cleaning of a hot tub or to see the mosquitoes and other insects nest inside the hot tub. A top hot tub cover will make it possible for you to avoid these situations.

Let us know what you think, and which hot tub covers you prefer as the best.

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