Why Hiking Alone Is Dangerous

In as much as solo hiking is nice, at least, it gives you the opportunity to process, explore and to adopt the knowledge, ideas and skills you know but never have any real chance to internalize them it is also dangerous.

Hiking alone, free you from noise, people, civilization and make you one with nature.

It also brings so much calmness to you and at the same time it gives you the opportunity to thrive well in the face of adversity, grow stronger and make you dependent of no one even in difficult situations- all these are good but it doesn’t come on a platter of gold, it comes with pain, risk, regret, severe injury or death.


However, if you feel like engaging solo hiking, just to have a moment to yourself is fine but make sure is a very short distance hiking and you should inform someone of your location because hiking alone can be dangerous.

And this is not about fear or some old century social norm that needs to be broken; it is reality.

If you come in contact with a dangerous animal or person, who will you cry to? If you are lost in the wilderness with whom will you brainstorm to get back your bearing?

Two they say is better than one. Not just in life matters but also in hiking.

Reasons You Should Not Solo Hike

#1. Security

Security is not guaranteed when you hike alone and when you are insecure, you are prone to attack. There have been cases of attack such as murder or rape on hikers and has made hiking alone to be dangerous.

Hiking is for fun and pleasure, not for death or rape; there is no tangible reason to risk one’s life because you want to do the impossible. It is safest to hike in groups.

#2. Immediate Help

Sometimes when hiking along the trail an immediate help may arise and failure to get that help could lead to severe injury or death.

For instance, consider a situation whereby your leg mistakenly slips of the cliff and you got lucky to get your hand on the cliff but no one to lift you up in a place where no one will easily hear your voice even when you use all of your strength to shout. Think about it.

#3. If You Get Lost..?

There have been cases of

Anything can happen, you might forget to bring along your compass or map, you might even find it hard to read your location but when you go in.

#4. You Can Come in Contact With Dangerous Animal

This is possible when you hike along the forest and at this juncture, you will need protectors even though you are gallant enough to protect yourself.

#5. When You Sustain Injuries

You can get injured along the trail and you will need a second hand to help you with the injury. Although, you are with your first-aid kit.

In conclusion, hiking alone has some good benefits, no doubt, but is not a risk worth taking, sticks to group hiking and still gets the same benefits that come with solo hiking.

However ensure you hike with competent people because is still not safe if you hike with incompetent people.