How Much Water To Bring When Hiking

Bringing water along when hiking should not be an argument and neither is it an option.

The importance of drinking water cannot be overemphasized; the body needs water to function properly well. Moreover, studies establish that that it is imperative to drink at least 15 cups of water (about 3.7 liters) a day because staying hydrated every time is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

However, when hiking you cannot stick to the normal volume of water intake per day because, your body loses too much fluid that must be refuel and refueling it demands taking along enough water.


Although, bringing along water will add extra weight to your bag but you do not really have an iota of choice unless you want to damage your health because dehydration can lead to high cholesterol, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and possibly heat stroke.

So consider taking enough amount of water as you prepare to hit the trail.

How Much Water to Take When Hiking?

The volume of water to carry along is dependent on how long you plan to hike and the season in which you set out to hike.

#1. How Long You Plan to Hike?

Before you hit the trail at all, intake of enough water during your daily activities will put your body in a proper shape. Nevertheless it cannot be sufficient to take you through the hiking, so you have to go with at least a bottle of water if you will be hiking for about 2hrs.

Hiking for about 3 - 4 hours

A person should go along with about 2.2 liters (9 cups) of water, however, it can be more for a person that drinks water a lot nevertheless, that is the ideal measurement for hiking for about 3-4 hrs

Hiking for about 6 hours

With this kind of hiking, you are already nearing the extreme and extreme hiking goes with extreme water preparation- The ideal measurement is six cups, which is about three liters of water.

Hiking for half a day

Depending on how much you get thirsty, the ideal water to bring along is 6 liters (24 cups).

Hiking for a day (24 hours)

You can’t be lenient any more at this level, you have to overlook the stress or challenge that comes with adding extra weight to your bag because you have to add 12 liters of water (48 cups)

For more than a day hiking

At this level I presume you will need to engage camping at one point however, you can go with at least 24 liters to cater for extra one day and 36 liters to cater for extra 2 days.

#2. Season in Which You Set Out to Hike

The summer is characterized by a hot or sunny day- in this scenario; your intake of water will increase. So, the ideal water to bring along in hot weather for 6 hours hiking is 6 liters (12 hours hiking of a normal weather).