Climbing Island Peak Nepal

After some hectic days, you eventually decided to cool off by engaging hike to island peak, and you need all information you can get on engaging island peak-do not worry, for we are here to take you through the exercise with the necessary tips, but firstly, let’s do some introduction.

Island peak is located in the vicinity of Mount Everest in Nepal. It can be seen to be an extension of the Mount Lhotse (fourth highest mountain in the world) and Mount Everest. Island peak is 6.189m or 20.305ft above the sea level.

Getting to island peak require a 19-day hike from the Lukla airport in the Everest region, and you won’t get to sight island peak until day 6 or 7 of your trekking, at Dingbouche .

To climb island peak is not difficult as it seems even for beginner with the few tips we will be dishing out to you as our token to make your climbing worthwhile.



Acclimatization is simply the process to adjust to a particular environment thereby, allows you to maintain optimal performance in spite of several of environmental conditions and it can be achieved within hours or days.

So what does Acclimatization got to do with climbing island peak? It’s got so much to do-to make climbing island peak easy for you.

Spending more days on the trek to island peak, give your body the opportunity to prepare for lower levels of oxygen that while climbing the island peak. And a 14 to 19-day journey to the island peak will do just that.

So it is imperative to plan your journey in a way you will arrive at the island peak in between day 14 to 19. Getting to the island peak at day 10 or less than is not looking good for you, to get to the summit of island peak.

Prepare Physically

Island peak is not child’s play, so you have to prepare yourself physically even before hitting the trail. Do some work out to strengthen your muscles so to keep you fit for the journey ahead.

Obtain the Right Gear

I know before you thought of the island peak, you must have engage nearby hiking in your neighborhood so am going to save you the story of the gear to pack for hiking although, I will be giving tips: when dressing- let wool clothing be your base layer- it can easily adjust to the weather and also, bring along down jacket.

You will also need your tent because there are no lodges around the island peak, as well as your mountaineering boots.

Obtain Qualify Guide

They are readily available to guide companies to help you with your journey however, you have to do some research to get the good one because there are bad eggs among them, who by far are not qualify to carry out such task, in fact they do not have any climbing experience. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hand of such people.

Work on Your Abseiling Skills

You will need to abseil at some point in the trail, such instance is abseiling down the head wall of island peak. So I suggest you undergo training, which will boost your abseiling skills at the same time boost your use of harness